? for Those with Abdominal Pain


I get abdominal pain off and on all day, but it’s very specific. It feels like where my spermatic cords attach to my obliques and it’s a small but achy spot, kind of like a pulled muscle. Comes and goes and sometimes is accompanied with stabbing pains.

So to all the guys with abdominal pain, do you get it all across your abdomen or localized like mine, or what?


@vasregret My sounds similar to yours. It’s very specific, feels like my ab muscle on the right side where the damage is. It will occasionally move over to my flank. The nerves in your cord snake through your abdominal muscles and supplement them as well. Transverse abdominal, rectus abdominis, piriformis, psoas, iliacus, its all there. When these go out, their antagonist muscle groups struggle to keep us upright. Hence, the high incidence of low back pain.


My abdominal pain only occurs during intercourse. It is localized to one spot, low in the abdomen below my belly button. During intercourse my testicles and abdomen will flare up with pain at the same time.

I think it is congestion, as the epididymis is trying to push the sperm along but can’t. Not sure why this would cause the pain in my abdomen, but it correlates exactly with when my balls hurt. The pain in my testicles comes from the back side of them, which is apparently where the epididymis is located.


Yes, I get the flank pain too. It’s mostly right sided, which also happens to be the epi/testicle with more pain.

I also started getting these awesome stabbing electrical shooters from my right ball up my cord and into the right side of my stomach over the past couple weeks.

It’s actually bad enough at times that I have to walk funny and grab my stomach in pain.

Fucking sucks. I hope the reversal can take care of that symptom too, but I really have my doubts.


I get the same thing during sex, but it’s more of a fullness sensation across my stomach and pubic bone.

Makes sex like 75% pleasure, 25% pain.


Fortunately, I dont get pain during sex but erection quality is at an all time low. My pain is at the pubic bone (cord) and spreads up abs, flank, down inner thigh, and I get an occasional electrical shooter into my rectum.

I wouldn’t bank on the reversal fixing it but you never know. Sometimes the sutures or cautery can catch nerves in scar tissue. The vas ends “clean up” prior to suturing them together to can help this but it’s a crapshoot at best. This is a densely complex area and frankly medicine doesn’t know what to do or how to fix it.

I also walk funny. Right hips are shot, right arm doesn’t swing natural in stride and I hunch to the left. This is all new from the vas. Muscles and nerve injury can do funny things to the body.

Good luck.


I have same as you guys but directly above pubic bone in that abdominal area cramping continious. And all the testicle bullshit.


Why don’t they deworm before surgery. So sad no one will believe it or know how to treat them.


@Rim, mate you need to get with it.We are suffering PVPS not worms buddy…


@Rim = Troll or Loon.


@Choohooo, @vasregret
I have similar pain/uncomfortable sensation in lower abdomen/pubic bone area. Had my vas done on 6/7/2018, so only 6 days out right now. Anybody have any suggestions that helped? Any improvement as the days/weeks go on after the procedure?


Rest, ice, warm baths with epsom salt, don’t be too active.

I may be jumping to conclusions but it’s very common for these nerves to refer pain into your abdomen. It’s also possible for these nerves to cause muscular dysfunction in your core as a result of the damage and this could be what’s cause your pain. Is it the nerves themselves or is it the nerve damage being translated into muscular pain? The difference sounds subtle but the consequences and treatments are much different.

Let me first start by saying you cant fix a nerve. It’s posisble for it to heal on its own so patience is your friend. However, there’s no single procedure or surgery that will “fix” it. No matter what the doctor tells you, he cannot “fix” it. He can cut it out, do ablation, all sorts of things in hopes of stopping the pain but he cannot fix it. Often times they just Rx pain meds or nerve agents.

If the muscle begin to atrophy, I’d focus your time and money on a good physical therapist. I’ve lost my low back, hip, and knee to this crap. My papas, QL, hip flexors, and adductors are about 30% strength and I’m struggling to walk.


I’ve had some Ab pain feeling like a tightness connection from my belly button running down towards the chords on either side. Felt like a really tight muscle or tendon connected to my belly button. One evening I tried stretching it out with some upward dog type stretching and that seemed to help. I think it caused some scrotal bruising the next morning. Previously I had stabbing pains on either side but thankfully not in a month or 2.


ok strange, Had my Vas Thursday last week. Had pains midnight and thought it must be something to do with Ulcers. Right in the stomch and it was very specific and at specific times. But now it in the abdominal area, I stopped the anti biotics. It now just hurts around 5am.

Not sure what it is yet


My abdominal discomfort is around my navel… imagine the feeling if you had done way too may sit ups. half reclining is bad for it, as is bending over picking up toys/emptying dishwasher etc. Exercise makes it slightly worse short term but gives huge benefits in how i feel generally so is worth it. I also struggle to wear tight trousers especially jeans as it causes the sorness in my abdomen to flair due to the pressure on my waistband. I also have some lower back pain. Pain specialist believes it is the Genito femoral nerve and i am awaiting a nerve block on the NHS


@ljtomono1 Hi Lee. I’m currently seeing a pain management doctor. have put me on gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day building up to 600mg 3 times a day. he has offered the option of nerve block. I think I have similar to you on the stomache pain. I think it’s the GF nerve. let us know how it goes. hope it helps!! cheers. Rob


@Choohooo i have been to see a physio today funnily enough who specialises in chronic pelvic pain, i was very impressed with him and his level of knowledge. He was discussing very similar issues you mention above including weakness in the Psoas. He has given me some light exercises to try over the week until my next appt on the 9 July. The massage/troubleshooting of my abdomen/Pelvis/Pereneal area was very sore and he said i have significant amounts of tension in all these areas and slight weakness on my right side hip down to my knee (incidently i think the nerve damage is located on the right side GF Nerve).



Definitely stick with it. Body professionals (PT’s etc) can typically spot a problem pretty quickly whereas physicians seem to be dumbfounded. My damage and pain is right sided and I’ve spent months trying to strengthen my abdominals, psoas, etc. Last month I started with a pelvic floor therapists and she can feel a big different in my pelvic floor muscles transrectally. Right side is significantly tighter. Kind of interesting paying to see a nice lady who sticks her finger in your rectum and pushes on muscles until you cry.


Hi All, i have been going to the Pelvic floor specialist for a month now (3 sessions)… He does not claim that he knows the answer but believes that freeing up my pelvis and abdomen and also techniques to release any tension could help. I reserve judgement at the moment but so far it ‘feels’ like it is helping. Despite a part of my brain saying this is a nerve related issue i am trying to buy into what he is doing, i think the breathing exercises he has given me are helping me manage flare ups and my abdomen/pelvis are feeling the benefit of the massage. I am still running and both my times and recovery are improved since i started the therapy. We are coming up with plans on what to do about Lyrica usage and use of the scrotal support whilst exercising. So despite the cost (£75/session) i am going to continue as i think it is well worth it.