Finding relief after 30 plus years of pain


I been in pain since 1996, Going through 3 surgeries to stop the pain. Also seeing Dr P in Winter Haven at one point. Found something to help ease some of the pain in the groin. Started Cannabis in oil form. After getting pass the head in the toilet. it seems to ease some of the pain. I am still testing it and somewhat nervous about taking it but any relief is welcomed.


Marijuana helps me with my neuropathic pain tremendously, much more so than lyrica, nortryptiline, tylenol, aleve, etc etc ever have, and it doesn’t mess up my stomach or turn me into a zombie. I don’t even have to be ‘high’ to get relief, if I have some before bed, I sleep better, and feel better the next day, and I’m reaching for the painkillers a lot less.

Amazingly, if you even mention getting medicinal marijuana to a doctor in Canada, they act as if it’s some crazy hardcore drug that won’t do anything but make you depressed and inebriated. Even though there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary.

In fact, my doctor would sooner give me a huge script for oxycodone, which will destroy my gut, plug me up, get me addicted, and eventually stop working, rather than a script for marijuana.

Fortunately, marijuana will be legalized for recreational use in Canada starting in July 2018…Now all I need is patience.


That’s 20 years dude.


@wonnut, that’s pretty crazy that the cannabis oil made you throw up. I got nauseous, cold sweats, made me feel sick the first couple times I used cannabis eon’s ago. I’m guessing you are using a blend of CBD, and THC?

Glad to hear it seems to be helping. I’d give it a fair shot before you give up on it.


Thank you, my marriage is 30 yrs, The pain is 21 yrs, I got the 2 confused. I stand corrected.


No worries. In 10 years, assuming I’m still alive and still married, I’ll be you.

It’s amazing how time goes by living with this condition. I remember when I was a newbie on the yahoo board. Seems like yesterday.


Yes, THC Yellow. It is or was stronger than what the Doc prescribed. But it was easier in price than the suggested CBD Blue.


That sounds odd. I’m surprised they didn’t start you with a 50/50 blend, or perhaps a 75% CBD/25% THC blend. I’m not sure what’s available in your state/country/etc. I’m not sure the price difference, etc, etc. Based on what you said, I’m guessing it wasn’t available.

I will say, given everything I know about this subject, I think it would’ve been better to start you out on one of the blends I mentioned above, and gone from there if it were possible.

In many cases, if not the majority of cases, having these two compounds working in conjunction is very important, if not critical for pain relief. Everyone is a bit different, but there’s a lot of truth in what I just said.

Perhaps this is something you can look into. Not sure if this is of any help to you or not.

Good luck


Hi all,
Update: In Feb 2018, I over Dose on pain pills. I did not plan to but was desperate. That pain along with arthritis and other joint pain had me in it grip. After a stay in the ER. I found out (which confirms my suspicions) that the pain meds in the past and present sent my kidney function down. So I am sharing this to say WATCH WHAT YOU ARE TAKING AND MAKE SURE NOT TO TAKE YOUR KIDNEYS AND OTHER PARTS TO THE SEWER.



Glad ur still with us. What kind of pain pills?

I know NSAIDS candy damage the kidneys and acetometaphen the liver.

I’m not worried about opioid overdose because I have always found them impossible to get.