Feeling Optimistic


Several have PM’d me about updates lately. I’ve “taken one for the team” a couple of times in the last 2 years including Dr. Parekatill’s mega block with botox in late June.

Since mid-July, I’ve had a noticeable and enjoyable drop in pain. In the last week or two, I e barely noticed any scrotal pain.

I believe it’s mainly the result of the steroid and botox, but also wonder if it’s the 5 consecutive months of Lyrica and/or the two supplements I’m taking that supposedly help reduce nerve pain (Nerve Shield) and inflammation (Zyflamend).

Regardless, I’ve just finished 2-3 of the best weeks I’ve had in 2+ years.

As the old saying goes, Your Mileage May Vary, so please do your research with my experience as one data point.


That’s brilliant news @raising4girls, how long does the block tend to last for? From what I remember you haven’t got congestion and inflammation?


its frustrating that there are so many “anti inflammatory” options out there. Do you take Curcumin? How is Zyvlamend different?


I believe curcumin is an ingredient in zyflamend.


great to hear! glad you are experiencing relief


Not sure. With botox, could be permanent.


@raising4girls is the block and Botox still helping with back pain?


Yes, haven’t had back pain lately, either.


Is there any localised numbness as well?


Not really. I wouldn’t say numbness.


Glad to hear you are feeling relief.
I had the Botox from Dr P and 6 weeks later I got progressively better and have been without pain ever since. In the prior 10 months I had had a reversal, spermatic cord denervation, multiple nerve blocks, and cryo-ablation. I’m not sure which one did it, but everything is worth a try.


Good to hear you’re recovered but, good God, you’ve been through a lot. I had a 10-year respite from procedures post-reversal in 2006. I appreciate Dr. P. trying botox with me before SCD or cryo (although I had RF ablation here at home).

How long has it been for you since you attained pain-free status?