Extreme pain left testicle


I’ve never used a forum or blog but I’m in so much pain I could definitely use some feedback from people that have undergone this and understand the effects of the surgery. I got my vasectomy last Wednesday. I was told I would be okay by now I am actually in more pain now than the first 3 to 4 days after the surgery and today is day 7. My left testicle has pain all the time hurts when I walk and feels like somebody is squeezing it with a lot of pressure. I have no ice in a lot taking some ibuprofen and tylenol love the suit to help I even then got an extremely high opiate and that’s not even helping with the pain I just feel the high / side effect of that instead of the actual pain going away. I don’t know if there’s a tumor or something that feels like it’s tied or in a massive knot it literally feels as if somebody’s kicking me in the crotch every 20 minutes


Sorry you’re here. The whole 7 day thing is B.S. a lot of guys take a long time to heal and some do get better

Best I can say is rest, ice, take anti-inflammatories and hope for the best.

Definitely get checked out to rule out infection. I highly doubt you have a tumor. Your testicles are being backed up for the first time ever and they’re pissed off, and rightfully so.

Good luck and any questions, ask away.


Hey man thanks for your reply I’m 11 days out from surgery and I thought
the first four, 5 days would be bad but over the past five days I have had
a large growth over my left testicle. It is extremely painful and feels as
if someone is simeone is squeezing it with is almost the same
size now as my testicle. My doc isnoit if town and called in a antibiotic I
started taking today,but my gut tells me that something is twisted in there
and growing. Do you recommend I get am ultrasound? Or have any other
reccomendation? Thanks your help is greatly appreciated


Yes, I’d definitely recommend an ultrasound. Could be a hematoma or inflamed epididymis. Might be a granuloma. Could be an infection, too, but why not rule out the others?


. Yeah thanks for the response really appreciate your insights. I’m on a
antibiotic right now but it doesn’t feel like this is something that’s
going to help it what would that entail going back in and getting it cut or


@chris_k, You need to follow up with your urologist when he/she gets back into the office ASAP.

My guess is you have a hematoma, but you really need to get a physical examination by a urologist to figure this out.

I suppose it could be an infection, but that would be worse case scenario IMO.

I’m not thinking you have a varicocele all of a sudden, but idk.

Far as draining, cutting, etc, let’s figure out what this is before you get yourself all worked up about any of that.

Keep us posted.


That sounds brutal I’m not even sure what a hematoma is but the pain is
unbelievable the lump is almost the same size as the testicle. Is there
anything else I can do in the meantime besides ice and taking my
antibiotic? When can this lead to long-term damage or one of the severity
is worst case scenario? Thank you very much for your help I appreciate all
of you


@chris_k, Google search, “vasectomy hematoma recovery”.


, been almost 4 weeks. Day 6 started getting a lot of pain and swelling above left testicle. Went to the er twice and got 2 ultrasounds . They keep telling me it’s normal but I can hardly walk. The lump is bigger then my testicle’s . They put me on doxacyline in case of infection but all the ibuprofen Tylenol and oxy, still doesn’t subdue the pain


I’m guessing you didn’t have a hematoma.

Did anyone have an explanation for what’s going on with you?


No they just said that there is blood backed up in there that is causing