Excercise helps


diet going well. I’m 5ft 11inch tall. was 14stone 6lb. down to 14stone in 10 days. although certain exercises are not great pain wise (squatting mainly) light weights seem to be ok.

from cardio point of view I’ve noticed that using a cross trainer works wonders. I’ve done 5 sessions 45 minutes each so far. each time gets more pain relief the following day. I guess it has something to do with blood flow but so far so good. pain down from 8 to 4 out of 10.

might be positive thinking (placebo) but have to say it’s great to have the PAIN level lowering.

good luck on the PAIN fix journey guys…


I have often heard that endorphines can help


what kind of exercise? In my former life I ran and biked frequently. I just dont think I can do that without significant discomfort currently. I miss exercise tremendously though.


I would not be able to run and thought of biking sounds painful.

I use an elliptical trainer, they don’t cost too much. I’ve got it set up in living room. I simply set myself 45 mins and make sure there is something to watch on tv. usually a half of footie lol.

feel much better. you sort of have to go through a little pain and the worry of damage to feel great benefits afterwards. hoping if I keep it up somehow the oxygen/blood flow will help repair pain issues. a long shot but worth a try.

hope your pain levels decrease it time…


@Pvps75 If you want to continue to test your oxygenation theory, try hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I’m about a month away from my first dive.


interesting choo. let us know how it goes. I will look into it. cheers.


Exercise is always important. Pvps or no. I swim. A lot. I can run but choose not to. Biking is a distant memory. I will never bike for exercise again.


good point Mike, excercise being important for anybody. In my case it feels more important than it should lol. I’m 42 reasonable health but am sure my new excercise regime will help and feels good (endorphins). I do have a lot of close friends that are much heavier and do not excercise that can walk without having to put up with nerve twinges though. jammy buggers!