Erectile Dysfunction treatments


Going out on a limb here for only my second post in the forum, but hey…

The most overwhelming problem I’m having now is not getting erections. It takes a LOT of physical stimulation to get it up; visual just doesn’t cut it anymore. I may feel a slight surge of blood in my penis with visual stimulation but that’s it. I have to be stroked for a good while before it gets up. Plus I’m having NO morning wood. I feel like I’m not even a man anymore because of this, and it’s torture. Have any of you guys had the same issue, and if so, what has helped to make you horny again?

Sex is still possible, and feels good, but I feel like such a wus when my wife and I try foreplay because it takes so long for me to get hard.

Thanks for your help guys.


Hi, @earthenjar. I haven’t been on this forum in a while and I owe everyone an update in my thread, but your ED post caught my eye and I thought I’d respond and try to help. I read your other posts to catch up - you had your vasectomy around the same time I did. However, I never got a reversal so we’re kind of in different boats.

I’ve certainly encountered serious sexual issues but this has improved and I’ve learned to live rather happily with the differences (reduced penis sensitivity and orgasm) post-vasectomy. I’m nervous about a potential complete collapse down the road, but for now I’m continuing to have essentially the best sex of my life. This is important because I’d thought on multiple previous occasions that my sex life was completely done for.

Remaining positive and having as much fun with sex with your wife as you can I think are two very important things. My situation is somewhat unique because I’ve had some rather unstable relationships since my vasectomy (divorce, and now my follow-up longterm relationship is under serious stress - completely unrelated to sex - it’s arguably the greatest thing about our relationship), but I’m pretty obsessed with my partner sexually. I’m unbelievably attracted to her and we are great at talking about sex, trying to new things, and, uh, having sex. This kind of openess has helped me drastically. Cialis helped me get my confidence back. I would not be scared to talk with your doctor and try an ED drug in your situation; I think you are about a year younger than I am and maybe there’s some hesitancy because of that, but it may help. I think it’s important to note that I only use Cialis occasionally now - I no longer need it. This is probably TMI but I guess I mostly use it now to enable myself to have sex multiple times in a shorter period of time.

When you mention not getting morning wood, that makes me think there can be ‘phases’ to all of this. Like… and this is the most unscientific prediction ever… but I bet that’s gonna come back for you soon. You also talk about requiring a lot of manual stimulation. I feel like I used to back when I was really struggling but because I’m at my mental sexual best (gosh, that sounds stupid) it’s helped me? I’m doing a lot of rambling, sorry.

I’m painting a rosy picture but things aren’t perfect… but they have definitely come a very long way from where they were. You mentioned being extremely depressed in your previous post and I was, too, but I sure am glad I didn’t do anything drastic/terrible during that time because I had those thoughts.

PS - Don’t feel like a wuss. Your wife no doubt understands what you’re going through. I’m sure she doesn’t think you’re a wuss.


@earthenjar I’d have a look at your hormones. Urology is in denial but there are still plenty of doctors out there that will recognize pituitary dysfunction as a side effect of this procedure. Testosterone peaks between 5-6am. I used to wake up throbbing pre vasectomy and usually left work with a pissed off wife because I had to fix the morning wood. If it wasn’t a dream that got you up, it was your hormones.

There’s been plenty said on this forum about hormones. I’ve been on testosterone injections since July and while it hasn’t fixed all my problems, libido and ED are no longer one of them.

My sex life has completely changed and I think it’s the meds. With injections, things are no longer cyclical. I don’t get “as horny” anymore but my baseline libido is much higher. There’s days I’ll have sex 3-4 times and it’s not enough. Before the vas I would be raging horny then get over it. Not sure if that makes sense. I personally attribute it to the non fluctuating nature of the testosterone I’m taking.

@tlbtb How long ago was your vas??


@Choohooo, it was November 2014.