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Epididymitis or Congestive Pain


Good to see an update from you but too bad you’re still in this predicament. Such a difficult decision to make. I’m similar in that I had bad pain for a few months and then saw big improvements but not exactly where I want to be. I’m usually pretty good if I don’t move around a ton, don’t sit for too long or have sex. So I’m not near where I want to be but if I avoid triggers I can go pretty close to pain free. However, after reading some stories on this board from denervation to reversal, there is a real risk of making things worse. At this point I’m not willing to take that risk but I’ve also not had to deal with this shit as long either. For me I had vas last March but pain didn’t start until August. Such a difficult choice that every man has to make for themselves.


“Still dealing with left leg issues, my Uro and doc don’t think it’s not vas or nerve related but am pretty adamant it is related.”

Hi, I feel issues down my left leg as well. Source of pain is my left epi, but nerves run through testes through lumbar and into leg. Tight jeans make it worse when they run against back of my left thigh.
Also, my gait was off from favoring left side due to pain. Chiropractic adjustment, massage, and heat pads has definitely helped me there.


Yup i hear you @worship01 am the same way. Appreciate the info going to look educate myself about gait. Left epi issue that radiates into the groin and i have tight adductors and hamstrings with weak glute and hip flexor… the sad part is my left upper body are worse than my left leg… seeing a doc next week who is a registerd chiro/osteo plus she is a level 3 nkt therapist. I hope she can figure out what is going on and help…