Epididymitis or Congestive Pain



You mean there’s an honest urologist out there somewhere? Wow. Hang on to him.


My decision was easy. While I was having something done for the pain, I was also pretty convinced that my low T and high PSA were due to sperm being outside the reproductive tract. I wasn’t sure that reversal would fix those problems, but I was more sure that an open-ended conversion would not.

IIRC, Kevin Hauber’s book on his own experience cited his open-ended conversion as an unnecessary and wasted step.


thanks @raising4girls did you read the book?


Yes, it’s old but I think every PVP sufferer should read Kevin’s book. Not the gospel but pretty close.


@NC79, another obvious thing to consider should you choose to have a reversal is just having one side done, assuming your pain is unilateral, which it seems it is.

I know bilateral reversals are very common in the pain world, as are bilateral open ended conversion’s, but there’s at least one guy on this site that a unilateral reversal would’ve likely changed his everything. I’m speaking of @jsh.

I don’t recall anyone I’ve ever read about having a unilateral open ended conversion, but I’m not suggesting it’s never been done.

Just some thoughts.


assuming it didn’t trigger pelvic floor issues, maybe.


Yea, I figured it would be good to get your input here, that’s why I tagged you.

It’s pretty crazy to see guys having reversals on this site, seeing all the different recovery’s, outcomes, etc. Guys that you’d think would have a bad trip don’t, guys you’d suspect wouldn’t do, and everything in-between.

There has to be some sort of balance when we are warning people. Guys like me don’t want to scare the crap out of anyone, but all at the same time, I’m going to be straight up with them.


thanks @RingoStar as for the open ended conversion i will need to confirm if it would bilateral or unilateral… I was under the impression it was just on the left side but this is a huge assumption i would need to confirm. As for reversals i would assume it would be bilateral as well but will get his input on one side reversal and if this is even recommended. @jsh i assume your’s was a full reversal both sides


The One-Side vs. Two-Side debate is interesting.

My reversal uro insisted that bilateral was the way to go primarily because of my PSA and T issues outside the pain. I agreed even though my pain was at least 95% left back in 2005-06.

Fast forward to today, and PM and Uros are only treating my left side.

Hard to know which way to go especially on reversal if self paying. They don’t charge half price for one side vs. two.


I was open ended from start. Its same shit just different name to sugar coat vasectomy, i have suffered extreme pain. Been reversed over 12 months now, still not well. But if you going to get opened up dont bother with open ended crap just get reversal this is my opinion.


Thanks @Loz am under the same gut feeling if am having another surgical procedure it should be a reversal at least i know i put myself back the way i was intended to be and faithfully i can recover fully. But am still in the wait and see phase as am not doing anything until at least 1 yr. My doc thinks if not fully recovered by 9 months post VAS should look at surgical intervention.