Epididymectomy is an effective treatment for scrotal pain after vasectomy


I had a left sided epididymectomy done about 6 month after my vasectomy due to left testicular pain. At that time it was treated initially as epididymitis, and by the time the surgery was scheduled the dr was actually expecting to find a spermatocele or something. He ended up removing the epididymis, said that there was a fire nodule at the head that he couldn’t explain. Several months later, I began having the same symptoms on the right side. I believe now that this was all due to congestion from PVPS. However, the urologist did not want to perform an epididymectomy on the right side because this would eliminate any possibility of reversal in the future. I ended up having denervation done, and it was the worst thing that has happened over the last few years. The pain from the denervation/neurolysis procedure has been terrible. Constant burning pain that ranged from uncomfortable to unbearable. I’ve also tried cryoablation and even did the 5 day trial for a spinal cord stimulator, which didn’t work. Lost my career, and although I’m physically able to have sex, I never have the desire due to the pain. As I said on another thread on here, it gives me some comfort to read that other guys out there are experiencing the same pain I am. I find myself explaining it over and over again to friends and family, but nobody really “gets it”. I’m truly sorry for anyone else out there going through this. It’s no way to live.


Thank you for posting your experience. There has been a guy on here that regrets doing denervation as well. Testimonies like yours has me believing denervation is the most risky procedure that can be done for pvp. The other guy regrets not doing an orchiectomy instead which he believes would have cured him. Looking back on it now would you have done orchiectomy instead?


@chronic_nerve_pain, believe me we get it. I totally get it. If we serve no other purpose on this earth, by documenting our stories here, we validate the feelings other guys are going through. You do get tired of explaining and you will get angry to the point of severing ties with anyone that thinks it’s “in your head” etc… I had one best friend I don’t call or try to stay in contact anymore. I got tired of him trying to tell me how he was “strong” and if he had problems he “waved his hands” and they cleared up. No one that does not have chronic pain, truly debilitating chronic pain, is capable of understanding this. I like the dispatch idea. You have a passion for what you do and I think that could be a good way to keep that in your life.

But yeah, losing desire to have sex due to pain even though the equipment works is hard. I hope you are able to figure out some way to get some relief.


I can’t say that I wish I would have done orchiectomy. I honestly haven’t done enough research to say whether I would have been better off going that route or not. It seems like when it comes to neurology, or how nerves behave, it’s pretty much a guessing game. Which is why it’s called “practicing medicine”. Sucks when you become the ones they practice on. If I could do it all over again, I would definitely do more research before making a decision. However, when you are in pain and the Dr. offers up a solution to possibly eliminate the pain…no matter how small the chance, it’s hard not to jump on it. When I was having testicular pain and the denervation was an option, I realized that there was possibilities of a complication like with any surgery. I thought maybe slim chance of being numb in an area, or infection from surgery. I never thought that I would be in worse pain in a different location of my groin.


I had my epi taken out about a year ago. I still have terrible pain in my right testical and up my right lower stomach where the epi tube ran. Also, pain across my lower stomach. My job is lawn care and landscaping. With all the lifting, digging and riding mowers, I can’t take much more of the pain.


That’s pretty bad. What’s your next step?


It’s just one mutilation after the other as an attempt to stop the pain. I trust doctors as much as I trust bankers and politicians.

I referred this forum to my former GP and shrink. They’re still in denial. Apparently bad procedures are the patient’s fault, not theirs.


We are going to change that. We lose this argument one guy at a time in isolation. Our failure to change attitudes relies on us to being silent and accepting the chronic pain we experience as our responsibility and our fault. You have to put yourself in the providers shoes. Vasectomy is an income stream to them and we are a direct threat to it. Many genuinely believe it is not due to their actions in any way. I suspect others suspect or know it can mess guys up at some level but are in denial. They repress what they suspect is true because they can, without consequence, and keep a clean conscience and access to that stream of income. The messed up part is they see us as a threat to their livelihood when the possibility of crippling chronic pain makes this the other way around.

Tell us his name if you like and please quote the informed consent you were given. He had a bad outcome. It happens. He should not have a problem with a patient that asserts this.


Fortunately the doctor who performed mine is not butchering anybody else since he’s fighting cancer now. Lung cancer that metastasized to his back.

I’m not explicitly saying his name since because, as I said, I referred this forum to my GP and former shrink. They’ll know it’s me because the cancer information is pretty specific. And I don’t know what could happen. These people are organized. But I’m doing my part discouraging every men who say they’re curious about the procedure.

I’ll try to get ahold of my consent. But I’m sure there was nothing there about complications and in any other written material.