Epididymectomy is an effective treatment for scrotal pain after vasectomy


Most of Europe is in a similar place with debt levels unfortunately:

It’s interesting that Epi is suggested elsewhere , though newer literature points to reversal for pain as more successful.

On the Epidymectomy front, I don’t think it looks all that good, except when repeat reversals, nerve blocks, nerve freezing, denervation and absolutely all possible conventional and neuropathic pain medication options are exhausted myself.

This chap, who I suspect posts here, had one and didn’t have a great outcome from what I remember, but the post is now gone from his site:

I think epidymectomy is the 100% last stop before possibly resorting to an orchi.


He is a member here. I don’t feel comfortable mentioning his username tho.

Anyone can always send him a message via his blogger account. I’ve messaged with him before.


You mean the army guy?


The UK isn’t really Europe :slight_smile: For what they pay for a week of food, I can buy 4. The EU was a good thing, they just didn’t want to embrace it.


Yeah, I wish we were staying in myself, but it seems the people have spoken…



I suspect I know also, but I’ve probably been invasive enough already referencing his blog


No, it’s not him. As I said, I don’t feel comfortable posting his username. I would do the same for you, or anyone else.


I don’t believe in Belgium either. I hope one day I can see an independent Scotland, Catalonia and Flanders do better.


Belgium has some epic levels of political complexity for a population of 11 million


yes and all because of one loser that needed a kingdom in 1830… Nothing against the Walloon’s but this clearly doesn’t work so I’m in favour of an independent Flanders. At some point local government will be replaced by the European government anyway.


I have only spent a couple of days inter railing through, so just quickly visited Brussels and Bruges like a good tourist. I’m ignorant on the full complexities but 5 years ago it was in the news quite a bit with the gov formation probs.

As expected the beer and chocolate were pretty good as I recall, and I found the hostels some of the best I stayed in during the month travelling, I know that those may not fully compensate for the other issues. :slight_smile:

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No worries about that. Our bankers and military-industrial complex will invade any nation that refuses to take our monopoly dollars. Look at what happened to Khadaffi and Saddam when they tried selling their oil in Euros…invaded and assassinated. Prior to Breton Woods, Britain had the job of being the banking cabal’s enforcer, now it’s the US. Eventually Americans will figure this out.


On a serious note, I think the reversal vs. denervation vs. epididymectomy debate exposes the importance of trying to pinpoint the pain generator. I know that my back surgery was successful because 3 surgeons independently concluded my facet joints at L5/S1 were shot and simply removing the disc or bone fragments would be insufficient.

I’ve had a reversal already and my only SA in the last year showed 10MM. All 3 uros and my GP assume that’s enough at my age of 52 to assume I’m patent. I DO think I have nerve pain, but want more concrete evidence that I’m not congested on one side. If I am congested, I think I’d opt for a re-do reversal vas-to-epi rather than epi removal.

I DID have a positive reaction to Dr. P’s nerve block (at least 50% pain reduction for 3 months), so by their logic, I’m a good candidate for denervation. Again, I want more evidence.

Sometimes I think I should just get it over with and have my left nut removed. Cut right to the chase, pun intended.

With respect to epi removal, what happens to the sperm produced by the testicle now with no outlet. Does it spill out in the open? That seems like a problem waiting to happen.

I’ve spoken personally to one guy who had an epi removed. He said it helped, but he was almost immobile from pain pre-surgery. He’s still in a lot of pain, just not debilitating pain.


To me the approach to take was to work through the available treatments from the most conservative to the most aggressive until the options are exhausted, or the fix is good enough to get by and live a pretty normal life.

Each surgical option as it becomes more aggressive seems likely to be more disruptive to tissues and nerves and so possibly more risky.


I would still like to hear from people who have had it done and have a good or bad experience with it. I am not at all convinced it is a good alternative, but as I said before, I hope I’m wrong.


Here is what the British Association of Urology Surgeron’s has to say:

For comparison this is what they say on vasectomy:


“Scarring of the epididymal remnant
resulting in reduced fertility”

What the hell do they mean by that? Your damn epi is gone. Game over. There is NO fertility in coming out of that testicle anymore.

That seems like candy coating to me.


“Troublesome chronic testicular pain is reported in up to 15% of
patients and can be severe enough to affect day-to-day activities in
up to 5%”

This is a good clear warning that all men should get prior to vasectomy. The problem is most men don’t read and the doctors lie/exaggerate anyway i.e. “Oh, I’ve never seen this problem before…you’re the first person that has complained… (much later) it always happens to the nice ones.”

If the lying co**sucker that did my vasectomy had told me those numbers instead of his made up bullshit I never would have gotten a vasectomy.

Thanks a lot Robert J Sher.


Hi Mike,

I think the British Association of Urological Surgeons do not underplay risk as they are generally all going to be working in a non profit driven state organised health system in the UK. They are not potentially thinking of a new Porche when writing about surgical risks where a private for profit organisation might be, and law suits will usually pass to the state systems liability not their own in the UK.

Here is another one from their site, interesting for the lead title:

I thought that their Epidymectomy patient leaflet was interesting and should likely not undercall the pitfalls given what their vasectomy one states.

I think Epidymectomy is a surgery close to last resort anyhow.


Hey AC, I couldn’t agree more on the public vs private thing regarding vasectomy risk and the upselling that may occur in a for profit system.