DRG stimulator for CRPS (RSD)


Finally at the end of the road in treatment options. I had a dorsal root ganglia stimulator installed temporarily today. They put it in at the level of L1 nerve root I will let you guys know how it goes. It is a relatively new treatment for CRPS (RSD) or whatever you want to call it. :crossed_fingers:


Scott, I hope and pray you get some relief. You’ve had a long road and have still found the strength to help a lot of us. Best wishes.

Where’d you have it done? Guessing these aren’t available just anywhere.


You and me both this is the last chance at some sort of normalcy.


Good luck man. You’ve been at this far too long and have suffered immensely. I hope it works.


Any luck with the drg stimulator? Iam considering it after 10 years of pain.


So far so good I can tell a difference with DRG in place pain goes from a constant 10 to a 5/10 but I still get breakthrough pain that I have to take meds for.


Not happy you’re at a 5 but happy your pain levels sound like they’ve been cut in half. Half a loaf of bread is still bread.