Dr. Werthman, in LA, California for denervation?


Maybe he was good at one point and maybe he just burned out. Treating PVPS sufferers can’t be very rewarding, I mean a huge portion of us (probably 30-50%) just don’t get better, or get somewhat better but aren’t pain free and aren’t satisfied with their outcomes and a small portion of us get worse after treatment. I think as a doctor trying to help patients, it would be pretty mentally draining when a whole bunch of your patients just didn’t get better and there was nothing more you could do.

Sure, the patient is living with the pain, but the doctor (I like to think anyways) has a conscience that will weigh heavily on him/her.

I’m not bashing him or sticking up for him in any way, as I have no experience with him, so I can’t comment on him as a doctor, but I do like some of the research he has on his website, specifically timelines as to when PVPS symptoms developed. You don’t see stuff like that anywhere else unfortunately. PVPS is so poorly understood, hardly researched, treatments are a gamble, yet it’s alarmingly common.

Edit: I should also add to this - I think the same goes for any doctor trying to help someone in chronic pain that doesn’t get better or gets worse and all they can do is sit back and watch. It’s hard on the patient, but I suspect it’s hard on a lot of docs too.


I think this is important. You can condemn certain behavior without condemning the man himself. There is no need to throw the baby out with the bath water. It is useful to document outcomes and instances of unsavory behavior as passively and objectively as possible.


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I think there should be a pamphlet that is regulated and must be provided by all doctors performing a vasectomy that has this info it in. Even though it is still under reported in terms of the numbers and the risks are downplayed, it is better than what my husband got or what many of you got in terms of complications. My husband’s paperwork said if you have excessive swelling or pain call and you’ll be better in 3 to 4 days. That’s it.


I’ve posted the same thoughts in the past on several occasions.

Urology is a self serving, self regulated institution far as vasectomy goes, and by law, they aren’t required to tell their clients much of anything at all.

I personally think it should be illegal to sell a vasectomy on anything less than the cold hard facts, the potential risks, side effects, and treatment options for pain/pvps should all be properly discussed with clients before hand.

This crap I keep hearing about has gone on long enough.