Does just TIME ever help?


I’m browsing through all the great threads here on this forum, and I feel like we’ve struck gold, in a weird way. :slight_smile:

I’ve contacted our specialist a couple times via email (he’s 400 miles away) and while he’s sympathetic, he just says “time will heal this”. It’s starting to feel like something he has to say because he can’t say anything else.

Has ANYONE seen significant differences simply because enough TIME has passed? Feels like a put-off to me. Michael isn’t working. His job is safe through the end of 2018, and then things may change dramatically. It feels like it’s time to start making some serious changes, especially if TIME isn’t the magic cure-all.

Jenn & Michael


Jenn, i am past 5 months of horrible pain and i pray that time may heal me but its been a challenge to stay positive. I will give mine till 9 months and then start more operations as i can not live my life like this. I hope time may help Michael but you’s have been fighting this a long time already.


I remember a wife of a pvps victim that used to post years ago. His story was a lot like your husband’s, reversal and all.

I won’t go into details here, because thats not what I’m about. I can say that I kept up with his story for several years off, and on. It’s been years since I heard anything far as an update. I do wonder myself. Last I knew, he was unable to work, and was basically a stay at home dad.That was around 4 years ago.

I will see if I still have their contact information, and try to get an update.

Do I think time can heal some men? Yes, I do. I’ve read many stories about guys that made headway by doing nothing. The vast majority of them had a reversal, and some of them moved on to de-nervation as well.

There are a few stories here where guys managed to make very slow progress by doing nothing at some point. I would include myself in that group.


Some get better, some don’t.

When I met with Dr jarvi last week, he said that in his experience, if you don’t start improving by 6 months, you probably won’t get better without surgical intervention.


I had my open ended vasectomy in Nov 2015 and time has certainly lessened the pain. I had acute epididymitis a few weeks after surgery, followed by several months of low grade pain that became intense after ejaculating. I tried Lyrica, anti-inflammatory meds, steroids etc. and found that steroids were the only meds that worked. However, the steroids caused serious gastric complications which led to me discovering I had Auto-Immune Gastritis.
Now, the pain is primarily triggered post ejaculation or sometimes when becoming erect. I can control the pain by ejaculating less frequently (every 6 days which isn’t great to be honest) and am currently on 20 mg of Cialis to assist me to be able to ejaculate more frequently without pain. The Cialis was prescribed by a urologist who diagnosed epididymal swelling. Fingers crossed but I’m not suffering any post ejaculatory pain when taking Cialis thus far.
In short - the pain has lessened gradually over the past 15 months.


After my reversal my right side was my bad side. It took over a year but that side is now my good side with my left side (which was my bad side before reversal) becoming my bad side again. I used to get pain at a level of 8-9 every night on the left before my reversal and I would wake in pain (nocturnal erections which men can’t stop is the reason). It was hellish.

So yes, time can help.



Vasectomy recovery is typically 5 months on the outside. If you aren’t getting better by month 6 - you probably need some kind of intervention.


@ImTheMissus The time thing is kind of a gray issue.

I had mine in May 2015. Had some issues shortly after and still continue - mild to moderate discomfort. I followed up with the original uro several times and he said to wait and give it time. First, he said it can take at least 3 months to heal / adjust and sometimes up 6 months.After that window closed he then started to say it could be pvps but said to keep giving it time. There was minor improvement but nothing drastic. I eventually switched uros because the original doctor did not perform vasectomy reversals.

After switching to my current urologist - a very experienced guy that does a lot of reversals - he was critical of the wait and see approach. He said if the prior urologist had been aggressive in treating the lingering pain he could have gotten ahead of things. He believes much of my pain is nerve related and said that you have a short window to deal with that until the nerves and receptors get into a more permanent cycle. He put me on some meds that did help some (Lyrica) but didn’t relieve everything. I’m having a reversal in few weeks as I just want to undo it (as much as possible).

The takeaway, switch urologists. Find a local person that does a high volume of reversals - even if you don’t think that’s something you want, those guys are the more skilled of the urologists. Ball pain is something all urologists see daily so you don’t necessarily need a specialist, just someone that is informed and able to provide a full range of services. He should get your husband on prednisone (not just a short dose, but for a month or so) and then try lyrica. In my case, I waited too long to start a prolonged prednisone does and the urologist thinks that’s contributed to much of my nerve issues.



I just saw your other post with more info. Have you seen a pain management physician? My urologist recommended that. It sounds like much of your husband’s issues are nerve related so the options are limited unfortunately. Short term - I find hot baths help alot. When I go more than a week without taking one pain seems to get worse.


He does hot baths daily, sometimes twice daily, and it helps a little. We saw a pain specialist at OHSU, and he was the one who suggested trying the different anti-depressants. We were hoping he’d be a little more out of the box, and the meds he suggested didn’t do anything.

Our biggest improvement has come from a doctor that is in the Boise, Idaho area. He spent 30 years as an anesthesiologist, and when his wife started having nerve pain, saw a huge need for non-pharmaceutical pain care. He opened up a pain care clinic that is strictly non-pharmaceutical. He’s licensed in a couple different types of acupunture, he’s on several boards, and most importantly, does this technology out of Italy called Nerve Scrambler. He’s one of a handful of providers who do it, and the idea is the locate the nerve that is sending false pain signals, interrupt the channel, and retrain the nerve to fire properly He has little patches, electrodes, that he moves around, and then tweaks the strength of the electrical pulse. Michael says when he’s dialed in properly to the right nerve path the pain goes away completely. The idea is that the doctor doe daily treatments for several weeks, and ideally, each time a treatment is finished, it should take longer and longer for the pain to return, until it stays gone for 48 hours. We’ve never hit that goal, but when Michael started the therapy back in September, he was on Norco, Gabapentin and one of the anti-depressants. He was a mess - slept all the time, barely worked, and looked terrible. Within a week or two of nerve treatment he was off the gabapentin and norco, and weaned himself off the other one. So, it did make a difference. We recently found out that Oregon Medicaid may start covering the treatments!! We had to take a break over December/January because we had terrible weather, and because we couldn’t afford it! The first couple of months the sessions were $300 each, and the doctor knocked it down to $150. Even so, it was expensive. GREAT, great doctor though - the first one to take time to listen to Michael’s symptoms and really try to trouble shoot and solve the issue! -


I have known people in real life, not on this board, who have improved at 9 months and one at almost a year and half.


Is Michael still having Scrambler Therapy treatments? How is it going?I thought that 10 treatments was generally the max to start? I am looking into this for my son who has been in pain for two years post testicular torsion surgery. I am looking at going to either Charleston, SC or Richmond, Va. where they have just started new practices.


Hi there,
No, we decided to stop treatments. What Michael found was that the effect
was temporary. He had to take about a 2 month this winter due to the
Christmas holidays and an incredible stretch of bad weather. In that time
the pain, which had minimized quite a bit (he says it went from a 7 to a 2)
came roaring back to where it had been before starting.

Also, treatments were hard. He had to drive over an hour each way to get to
treatment, five days a week, was gone over 3 hours every day, and the car
ride undid a lot of what the therapy fixed. When we stacked up the cost,
the travel time, the time having to sit in a car…all for something very
temporary, he decided it wasn’t worth continuing.

Now, I will say that my husband’s body is just weird. Going to the dentist
requires extra numbing because he feels everything, and in general he just
reacts poorly to medications or procedures of any kind. The poor guy reacts
negatively to just about everything, even before all this started.

Taking all that into account, I do think treatment could be successful for
this kind of pain, and his doctor was really surprised and puzzled as to
why Michael didn’t respond to it. It’s spendy, $300/session and insurance
generally doesn’t cover it. The doc said the typical treatment lasts 2
weeks…Michael went for 3 months.

Hope that helps!



I am so sorry to hear that this treatment didn’t help him more. I guess we would like to try it over the summer. We have just spent a fortune on an attempt at pelvic floor massage therapy for the past 3 months , and so far it has gone no where. Thank you for your answer.


I TRULY hope it helps! This pain is such an awful beast to manage. Best of
luck!! :heart:


Thank you! It is so difficult to see someone you love in this kind of pain. :cry:


I’m nearing 18 months since the vasectomy, and I continue to make VERY slow progress. Since about month 3 I get about a 5-10% improvement every couple months. It’s subtle, and I usually only notice it by how long I go without thinking/noticing the pain. I would have reversed at 1 year if not for the continued steady (but ridiculously slow) improvement. I just had my best week ever after almost 18 months, so I think there’s still a chance I could get out of this. I also started the papaya seed powder about 4 months ago, and I think it helped.


My name is Michael and I am the same way with pain meds. Even with more meds, it doesn’t work with me. My Uro used 250ml of Lidocaine for my Vas and I felt every second of it. And i’ve been prescribed a ton of different meds to try and help out. Nothing has worked. I am 4 1/2 years out from my vasectomy. I keep trying to tell my wife I wasn’t broken and definitely didn’t need “fixed” even tho she pushed me into it.

I am glad you are involved in this. My wife, she is far from supportive. In fact she doesn’t talk about any of it, EVER! She still believes I am fine and just making it up. So good on you for helping and supporting him. Cause if you ask around, not many wives do.


@Tempe5 thanks for the update. Its good to hear someone making progress even if it’s slow.