Doctors underplay it - don't do it!


I always knew I never wanted kids. And I was lucky enough to be in a long-term relationship with someone who shared the same view on family size. The right number for us was zero, no doubt about it. So we were always extra cautious until - after another of too many trips to the hospital - we found out she couldn’t take hormone contraceptives anymore. We spent a certain period of time discussing our options, and I decided to have a vasectomy.
I have relatives who have done it and they never complained. So I assumed this was the best decision. Only a quick snip to the sack and in no time I would be able to enjoy life no longer fearing any unexpected pregnancy.
Then I decided to check whether my long-time GP would do it. He said it was best to see an specialist and referred me to this sort of big-shot urologist in the area. He had over 30 years of experience, was the chief of the local Urologist Association and also a college professor.
At first he refused to perform the procedure because, according to him, the chances of young men regretting it some point later in their lives were too high.
But I remained solid with my decision and two years later - and after seeing other doctors to gather more information about vasectomy - he finally accepted it. (Bear in mind that I’m from Brazil and the legislation here requires that vasectomy candidates must be 25+ or have two living kids.)
I never regretted being sterile. But after one year of the surgery, there is not a single day I don’t regret going under the knife for it.
I noticed a hard lump under my left side incision (this was a bilateral incision vasectomy) around three months after the surgery. But the stupid urologist told me it was probably only a granuloma and that I should not worry since I felt no pain.
The lump never went away, and I also found out it formed an adhesion between my scrotum wall and the point were the left vas was cut.
I checked with other doctors. All of them told me this was unusual but not at all abnormal and the best I could do is leave it alone since it could get even worse if I decided to have any surgical intervention.
This procedure killed my self esteem. It is impossible to not notice this gross scar every time I go to the bathroom or when I take a shower. I’m on antidepressants now and doing my best to not ruin my relationship which was severely impacted.
Physical pain is not the only chronic pain a man can feel. There’s also emotional pain when you see how your body can negatively react to an allegedly “quick, safe and simple” procedure.
Whatever doctors tell you about vasectomy, they completely underplay it.
Rely on condoms and don’t do it!


Amen brother, amen…and then add on constant unforgiving pain and the world changes.


I know it sounds I’m bitching about nothing but nobody should go through a “safe” procedure with lumps, adhesion, big-ass scars, chronic unforgiving pain.
I read the stories of men who are seeking orchiectomy and thinking about suicide.
Nobody should experience any of that, specially because doctors usually don’t talk about any of these issues, minor or severe.
I hope everybody finds the comfort and health restoration they’re looking for.


It’s genital mutilation. If you get through it without pain, which is the majority of men, then it’s fine. The number of men that have issues is downplayed “for the greater good”. When it happens to you (bad outcome) you end up in a world where no one, NO ONE, can really tell you exactly what you need to do to fix it.

We are trying to decide here how to move forward to call attention to this problem. Men need to know that there is a significant statistical chance of lifelong chronic pain and in your case disfigurement.

We are here for you. If your pain is not bad count your blessings. You can get some help and learn to forget about it. I’m confident you can. I’m at work right now uncomfortable as usual but moving forward. Yes, vasectomy can fuck your life up pretty bad.