Doctor visit after 3 weeks and 2 days post vasectomy


Dude, your vas doc is an ars for telling you you are stuck with this for life, or anything like you speak of for life, especially if you have epididymis, which is treatable.

You are way too early to be making assumptions about long term disability, you will never get better, etc, etc.

You probably also experiencing some hormonal imbalance, which several of us have experienced ourselves in our early days.

Try to stay positive I know it’s beyond difficult, and your pissed, but it won’t help you, and will likely compound your suffering 10 fold. Been there, done that.


This is not what i wanted to hear.

I’m starting to second guess taking on this new job that is more physical than my desk job. I am set to start in 2.5 weeks and now I’m nervous about it.


Even if somebody had told me it would be two weeks to heal…I would never have done this.

I am still waiting to hear about people that got 100% better after 3-4 weeks of this.


@bobgio90, There’s not that many active posters here brother, or not all the time anyway. You will be waiting a long time for someone to chime in if that’s what your waiting for.

Sounds like you got duped, just like the rest of us. Some got duped worse than others, and it sounds like you got duped something like I got.

My vasectomy risks and side effects paperwork clearly stated some risks, but my vas doc downplayed them all. Like you, I wasn’t familiar with the terminology, etc, etc. Like you, I didn’t know any better. In my case, I expected a swift recovery based on my verbal consultation, and what people were telling me.

Sorry you are here, and welcome to the club. With any luck, you will make some progress faster than you think.

Get back to your doc when he has time for you, which is bs, I know, but it’s all you got other than people online to talk to in the meantime, which is probably more helpful than you even realize at the moment.


My doc never game me any literature on the risks…only said something can go wrong with 2% of people.


Yea, that’s really messed up, and I don’t blame you for being upset. I don’t understand how vas docs are getting away with selling vasectomy the way you describe, it’s beyond unethical, and it’s quite common.

Don’t blame him tho, it’s your CUA to blame. I’d consider finding a better urologist to work with if you can. Find someone that takes things seriously, which shouldn’t be that difficult. Your current guy sounds like a real ars.


If you really have epididymis, it’s actually quite common. Theres quotes from vas doc’s on this site that claim 1 in 4 will get it. You can find statistical data online elsewhere far as how often it happens, treatment, etc.

You might not have bacterial epididymis, perhaps purely congestion? Some of both? Epididymis is a funny thing (not really), it has several avenues far as the cause, and can most definitely be related to congestion.

Given where your at in your timeline, I’d guess you have a bad case of congestion, but you need to get checked out, and do what your uro tells you to do.

Google the word epididymis.


I did see my urologist today…he just said my epididymis and that I will have it for good. He felt my testicles and my left.side is tender. He explained how it inflamed my testicle.and.that was.the source of the discomfort. I asked if it could go away and he said no. I’m hoping my body may adapt and the papaya seed powder will as well. I am.more than upset… I truly feel I elected to screw my life when the procedure was really not necessary.


@bobgio90 where in Canada do you live? Are you close to Toronto?


I live in Niagara Falls… about an hour away.


he just said my epididymis and that I will have it for good

This is the part that sounds “off” to me. If you’re only a few weeks in, there’s a very good chance that you’re just taking a long time to heal, just like my co-worker who took a month. I’m at the 3-week point myself, so believe me, I’m trying my best not to freak out and panic.

I’m just thrown off by the doctor basically telling you to give up all hope this early in the game.


@bobgio90 there is a pvps doc in Toronto named Dr Jarvi. He may be someone you want to see.


Hey man, just wanted to give you some more background on my process and hope it helps. I think you’re in a similar spot that I was in. At 2 weeks out, I was told I had congestion in my Epididymis (epididymitis) plus 2 granulomas. Dr said “usually clears up in a month or so.” Like you, I was in a very dark place mentally. I hated life. I hated myself for not doing more research and opting for a completely elective surgery. I had been lying around in bed every day just scrolling through sites and this forum trying to find peace. It never happened. I waited a few more days and decided to order the papaya seed powder. I also decided to keep up with a jock strap. So at day 21 or so, I started the papaya. The jock also helped a ton. I then decided to try some activity to see if I could do it. I went for a jog. It felt good. I felt relief that I could still be active at least in some manner. After about a week of papaya and jock, I felt mostly 0-1 pain. It’s now 5 weeks on papaya. My congestion pain is a distant memory. I still feel some random aches and pains here and there but it’s sporadic and it doesn’t restrict me. My guess is it’s scar tissue or something like that related to the surgery itself. Although I still regret getting the surgery, I have a much better attitude now which has worked wonders. I also know I could have ended up far worse like many others on this site. I can work out like I used to, play with my son, run, etc. I’ll likely wear a jockstrap if I know I will be doing something that’s strenuous, but that’s a small price to pay. Hang in there and good luck!


Before I saw the doctor today i called around to another urologist. I asked them what the average healing time is for a no scoupel vasectomy. They more more honest than ive heard from most saying they tell patients 7 to 10 days and some have discomfort lo ger than that, today is day 10 for me so I was relieved.

So I saw the surgeon who did this to me this morning. His background in schooling is as follows; After earning his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, Dr. $@#$&#$* graduated from the Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1979. Completing his general surgical training at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio in 1985.

Although the news I got there was not what i wanted to hear “your symptoms are absolutely Not normal” I was instantly displeased. He did elaborate a bit stating that I’m likely feeling discomfort due to a type of “chemical inflammation” and told me to take ibuprofen for 10 days and call him if it doesn’t improve. I asked about the possibly of nerve damage and long term chronic pain and he was confident that I would not have long term pain. He stated that the abdomen, groin and rectal pressure would not be related to the vasectomy and that I disagree with.

Upon my arrival home from my exam I felt absolute relief of pain in my testicles, no pain or discomfort I don’t know if the boys are in shock from being probed or what but I’m not getting my hopes up yet. I also had a massive dookeyectomy which relieved some of the other pressure I was having.

Having said all that I feel much more optimistic about my situation. And am hoping for the best.


Thanks so much…I will definitely keep Dr Jarvi on my list.

And thanks to everyone here for their experience…please keep it going.

I have ordered papaya seed powder and will let you know how things progress.


I’d add that it should improve for you and coming off of a 1-2 baseline you don’t need much to be mostly OK. I went from a 4-6 over a few months down to 1-2 now (9 months) - close to OK, but not there yet. Papaya powder for 5 months. Nsaids for a bit as the discomfort ebbs and flows. Expect to improve more and maybe enough to be mostly fine (defined as I don’t notice it most days)


How did you get on @bobgio90 ? I would be interested to know if you are now pain free and what helped other than time? I share your anxiety of the lack of blokes on here with pain at 3 weeks plus with any sort of success story.


I am 100% better. I work out daily and have sex regularly with no discomfort. I feel exactly as I did pre-surgery. I took 6 weeks in total to get to this. I never ended up taking the papaya seed powder even though I did purchase it.

Stay calm and give it time. As long as you are feeling micro improvements week to week, do not feel that you will not make a full recovery. Because chances are you will!!!

Please feel free to ask any questions as I will be more than happy to share my experience.


I find that the standard story doctors give is that this the world’s easiest and safest procedure. You’re in and out in 15 minutes and you’re back to work in 2 days! Less than 1% of patients have any problems at all – ever! It sounds like a miracle. It’s when you start having problems that you’ll get a different prognosis from every doctor and you feel like you’re the only person in the world who made a mistake.

I think one day this procedure will be viewed as somewhat risky, but right now I don’t think anyone is trying to gather real data on the outcomes.


Well said Bry. However, I believe that once new birth control options are available vasectomy will be cast as the barbaric procedure it actually is.