Doctor visit after 3 weeks and 2 days post vasectomy


So, I seem to be feeling decent. Some mild discomfort (1-2 out of 10) mostly on the left side. The doctor checked me out and said I appear to have healed well. He said the discomfort is from a swollen epididymis and that I was in the 2% of people that suffer from this. He said I will most likely have a sensitive left testicle with mild discomfort for the rest of my life.

I am having a very hard time accepting this. He told me it will probably be something I just need to get used to and deal.

Please, please, please…somebody tell me this can go away.

This is by far the biggest mistake I have ever made!!!



Try to remain optimistic. You basically just had the operation. Most men get better with time and I feel like you can and probably will. I would suggest conservative measures like ibuprofen and hot soaks. I’m surprised the doctor did not recommend a course of anti-biotics and anti-inflammatory meds.

A lot of guys have had success with Papaya seeds. You may want to try that as well.

Can you give us some more information about where and when you had your vasectomy and what type of procedure (no scalpel, bilateral incisions, midline, clips vs sutures etc.)? Can you also share with us your informed consent information? Were you told the percentage and likelihood of chronic discomfort/pain etc…



I did go on cipro for 7 days. The surgery was the type where they cauterize the tubes. The urologist stated at my pre-op visit that there is a 2 percent chance of chronic pain forever. He also said today that he does two of these surgeries per week and every six months has one person that ends ups with chronic pain. Nothing further was ever discussed about potential post procedure issues. I just ordered poppy seed powder from ebay. I am so disheartened by this and would love to have thrown that doctor out the third story window. I just want my life back. Even though the pain level is not debilitating, I find it very difficult to go to work as I sit at a desk all day. I am going to monitor this but if it does not go away I may need to contemplate LTD.


You’re still early in this. Very similar to what I’m dealing with. I got on the papaya seed powder around my 3rd week and I’m far better than I was back then (week 8 now). A jock strap and hot tub/baths also help. Start something to try and help then get off of here for a bit. A big part of the battle is mental. Once I found something that worked, I tried to stay away from the forum as it would send me down a negative path thinking of what COULD happen rather than what was happening. It’s a double edged sword though because this forum is a tremendous help to myself and others. Just don’t let your mind wander too far. A mild 1-2 pain could be worse.


You have a good doctor. That was responsible of him and if nothing else you can know you went in with your eyes wide open and I think that helps a lot. I bet he would be open to HRT to reduce sperm production if you suggested it but if I were you I would consider trying papaya seed first. Stay calm too. You are very early on and these things can get better with time. I had epididymitis at year three with horrible swelling (the size of a sharpie) and it went away completely with time.


A mild 1-2 pain for the rest of my life for a surgery that I elected to take. Furthermore, 3 days prior I was going to cancel as I just didnt feel right but my wife encouraged me to go. It’s hard for me not to blame her…if she just said “Don’t go if you aren’t feeling it”…I would have cancelled.

I just don’t see a lot of posts of men who got 100% better after the three week period. Are we just kidding ourselves? I keep looking for guys that got 100% after 3 - 4 weeks but do not see any.

The urologist stated that this is not healing from the surgery…this is the mess we are left to deal with. I would like to remain optimistic but do believe this is not going away.


Three years!!! Please show me the bridge and I will jump. I can’t even begin to think of this going on for 3 months let alone 3 years.

This surgery should be banned.


You don’t see those posts because those guys leave and never come back.


My urologist gave me zero hope of this fixing itself. He said I will likely be stuck with a sensitive left testicle with some discomfort forever.


A lot of guys never find the forum or never look for it. I’ve seen stories on guys recovering fully at 6 months or a year. Also, men by nature don’t like to talk about these things. Believe me, we all know what this feels like. The regret and anger can be overwhelming. If it’s truly congestion of your Epididymis, finding what works to drop your sperm production may be all you need. It took about 1 week with papaya to see a dramatic improvement of my 1-2 pains.



You are in the early stages here and your feelings are fairly typical.

Some venting is understandable but you’ll find it does not do anything to get you better. You also had a very responsible doctor who provided good informed consent so it should be easier for you to avoid the pitfalls of blaming others for the situation you find yourself in (which also does you no good and in fact does the opposite).

The most important thing is you basically just had it done less than a month ago. Time is on your side in healing/adjusting.

I suggest you channel some of your feelings into doing the things you need to do to get well and starting with conservative measures first. There is a lot you can do.

I’m saying this with zero judgement over your anger or any of the other things you said because I have been there many times.


A co-worker of mine said that he was sore for a month, but it eventually went away completely and he’s been 100% pain-free ever since.

I have read quite a few stories on here where it cleared up completely. I don’t think that 3 weeks or a month is some line where you’ll never get better once you cross it.

The thing to keep in mind that a lot of people seem to disappear from the forum. I’d like to think that a majority of them are people who just finally got better and never bothered to return.

Be careful about blaming it on the wife… that could cause unneeded damage to the relationship, which surely would not help your mental state. My wife could see that I was a nervous wreck the day before the surgery and she DID say “don’t do it then” but I did it anyway since she’s been on birth control for 17 years now and we REALLY don’t want a baby at this point (38 and 42 years old now.). ALL of us who had this surgery done have to accept the fact that it was ultimately our decision, regardless of any encouragement, threats, or ultimatums we were facing.

My bitterness is towards the doctor who made it sound like the chances of long-term pain were so remote that it was silly to worry about it.


I’m just curious if your pain or anyone that’s reading for that matter, is constant or none at all when you wake up then throughout the day gets worse especially in the evening. That seems to be the case with me I wake up thinking oh man today is the day I feel great, now I’m icing my balls and popping ibuprofen.


That’s somewhat accurate for me, though I’ve also had the same thing in reverse where I wake up in pain but get better throughout the day.

More often, it’s similar to how you describe… I wake up thinking “SWEET! I’m finally recovering”, then within hours I’m brought back to reality (or sooner if I touch it or walk too fast.)


Yes, within the recent few days I wake up feeling 100% thinking that maybe it is all better. As the day goes on it feels worse. Goes from a zero to a 2 by night. I am not icing it as it is tolerable but I cant handle this. I honestly think we are going to endure this forever. My life was too perfect…I had to screw it up. I am going to start some serious prayers cuz I really cant live like this.


I cannot either. And it really pisses me off when the doc “can’t squeeze me in for 3 more days”, yea cause you already took the money to be made from me.


Honestly, they are not going to tell you anything that will help. I live in Canada…free heath care. The doctor told me today that this will be with me for life. I wanted to punch him in the face. If it doesnt I will look for options to take legal action. My life is essentially screwed. I was into fitness and worked out daily…I am not sure if I still can and I hesitate to do so.


I am still waiting for people to come on here and said they had epididymtis and it went away.


I’m not even sure if I have one. It’s very tender to touch that area but I have no visual swelling. I’m not sure how big it was before the procedure I didn’t check my nuts out to often.


I am not swelled to the eye…it is in the sac.