Do i have congestion ?Advice uk


Ok so im looking for some advice i am 5 months post Vasectomy in the uk via Nhs.Op went ok i felt few niggles few weeks after and a couple of lumps.

Went to hospital told they were cysts and they wouldnt go one was low one high uo in groin.They have now completely gone but while there was told i had varicoles aswell.Having never been told this before as i have had other ultrasounds there i can onlt presume varicoles is a result of the op ?

Anyway fast foward now i was due to go back to hospital to get results of ultrasound from the gp but missed apointment.Still havent has all the results.And in mean time hospital have lost my semen sample so no idea if op was sucessful.

Now i seem to have what i think i see other have here is cogestion.Had sex with wife and had a small tender lump for few days.

Again just last night had some release and now a ache only on my left side like im in the uk and was keen for the papya powder but no one seems to sell it here.

Quite frustrated right now still cant have sex with my wife as not sure im sterile.And now im sacred to have a orgasm if this is future of pain the day after.

Any advice is welcomed.


Hard to say what you’ve got going on, sounds like you might have several things going on all at once. Obviously, keep working with your urologist, doctor, etc. That’s a no brainer right?

Far as the varicocele’s go, an ultrasound will give you a definite answer. Theres people on this site that were misdiagnosed as having a varicocele/s with the good ole manual by hand method by qualified urologists, and/or doctors.

The idea of could a vasectomy cause varicocele/s isn’t a new one. I’ve heard many guys wonder, or suggest the same question, including myself, and I have no definite answer either way. Best I understand things, 1 of as many as 4-5 blood supplies is cut during the procedure, but urologists will tell people that it doesn’t matter, makes no difference, etc. Hard to say who’s being completely honest, or who knows what their talking about as many of these people don’t seem to know what their talking about in many cases.

Do you suffer from congestion? Once again, hard to say. A few tricks, conservative treatments, or uro/doctor visits ‘might’ help you narrow that question down.

You can definitely get papaya seed powder in the UK, Europe, etc. Try eBay, and other online sources other than bulk supplements. Far as I understand things, bulk supplements will not ship to your area. In all honesty, and I understand many people claim to have had positive results from their product, but it’s a product of China, it’s a GMO product as well. You can definitely find higher quality products if you search for them.

Type the word papaya seed powder into the search bar on this site. Lots of posts, and threads will pop up. There have been many suppliers mentioned on this site, and there’s definitely many suppliers mentioned in the original papaya seed powder thread that titled “congestion pain cured with papaya seed powder!” That thread is an easy find, and one of the longest threads on here.


this is best papaya seed i found out of the different ones I got delivered to uk…seemed to mix the best, takes about 2 weeks to arrive


Mind you, you won’t get much for a tennor, you’ll need to buy much bigger bag around £40 worth


I’ve tried this stuff myself, and had decent results with it. The best stuff I’ve ever tried was ground shortly before I received it. It was soft, fluffy, and had a distinct nutty flavor.

Thanks for the link @1986raz, I generally don’t post links to products, or doctors as there’s been accusations that some of us are in cahoots with corporations, doctors, etc, which is completely out of line, and nonsense.


Think first time when ordered it was 1/2 oz, I had to reorder right away incase it worked.

Sometimes I wonder can you trust a powder arriving in the post from india without any branding etc but it seems good.


Yea, I hear you. The best stuff I ever tried was unbranded as well. I bought it on eBay, and it came from seller in South Florida.


Thanks for all the advice chaps.I have orderd from the ebay seller.I did find a uk seller selling the actual seeds gmo free was wondering of worth blizting my own.

Hoping this will help really frustrating as i have been fine up to now would rather try these measures first before serious action.

I will be posting back when i have some news.


I would definitely consider that option. That route, and it’s pros and cons have been discussed here before. The upside to that would be ruling out the possibility of contamination, mold, etc, and guaranteeing the freshness of the final product.

In some general discussions regarding papaya seed powder, I know I’ve wondered if the effectiveness of the product is, or isn’t indicative of the freshness of the product. At this point, I have no idea. You’d think a simple coffee grinder would do the trick.

Good luck


Also, regardless of what happens, and after you conclude whether or not it works out for you, if you have any side effects, etc, you should also post a blurb about your experience with the papaya seed powder in the original papaya seed powder thread I mentioned above one day.


I most certainly will.Have to say this has come out of no where as i had been symptom free and not avoiding sexual release to be able to provide my test sample that the hospital have lost.

But this weekend has been the the worst i wouldnt say the pain is on a high level its a ache.But what concerns me is i have pain almost sciatic on my left calf and foot same side.

Trouble is i already have herniated discs in my lower back so just know the docs will say its that and not linked to the vas.

This is a new pain not experinced as yet but worried its linked.