Difficulty passing urine


I’ve found this forum and am hoping like minded people can share some advice.

I’ve had a vasectomy about 1.5 years ago and until 6 weeks ago all was fine.

I’ve now started having pain passing urine and the flow is all over the place.

It seems as though the tip is almost closing up too.

Does anyone know if this is related to the op, or something else?


You sure you don’t have a stone?


Yeah, not sure. Went to the Dr 2 weeks ago who prescribed antibiotics and did a test; all clear.

It got better but came back over the weekend.

Doing another sample tomorrow and hope for some good news.

It’s not excruciating pain, more a pain in the arse having to sit down to pee and it going all over the show.


Perhaps a urinary tract infection?

I know when I hit my '40s my stream got weaker just from prostate aging, but I’ve never had any pain associated with peeing.


Yeah, perhaps. Strange the first test was clear though?

Had a bath tonight and it looks as though there is something black in there. Maybe a stone, like suggested before?

Jeez, never thought I’d be describing my personal bits in such detail!!


Well, experience will change what things will make you blush. I’ve also been a nudist which gets you talking about all kinds of stuff with people you just met. :slight_smile: