Depression from vasectomy


Iam on trt for 3months now feel some what better but Ed is still A problem and depression, anxiety, ocd. I was feeling slightly depressed before I had surgery but after surgery all of it took over. Crazy thoughts ,uncontrolled crying you name it I had it.


You’re not alone. Most of us have been there. Your testosterone levels are a joke and you are right to supplement


Thanks I thought I was the only person like this despite feeling a little better and still having no feeling s towards my wife it sucks will this ever end or any kind of hope


It gets better. I had never had depression of any sort. 2-3 weeks post vas I was seriously contemplating suicide. I asked my urologist if this was normal and was immediately labeled a mental health case.

No one really understands the mechanism behind it but ironically many of us suffer from some sort of hormonal imbalance. Maybe it’s the answer, maybe not.

Regardless, things have gotten much better. Fear turns into depression turns into regret turns into acceptance turns into relief. I’m not without my struggles but I’m much better than I used to be. You and your body will find a way through it.

We’re all on this island together and you can always come here and reach out to anyone if you need help.


Well said @Choohooo very logical this is definitely a journey with a roller coaster of emotions and sadly alot of those emotions are tied to how your feeling that at least for me that’s how I feel.


Far from alone.

I’ve had many many times of just random crying. I never had depression issues before my vasectomy. Never had any of the issues I currently have before my vasectomy. In the last 5 years, i’ve had strep 8 times. before my vasectomy, for that 39 years, i had strep 3 times. in 39 years. VS now, after my vas, 8 times in 5 years. I get sick much quicker now. I used to get sick maybe once a year if that. Now, after my vasectomy, i get sick 4 or 5 times a year.

i’ve brought these things up to doctors, the therapist, my wife. they say i am full of it or it’s just a coincidence.

Dude, you aren’t alone. Bring your questions here. guaranteed someone has had the problem and might have an answer.


I definitely think this is a midlife crisis of some kind and we find out who we are some sooner than others but it Will never be the same. This is the hardest thing i ever to deal with .


Maybe not entirely related, but back in 2013 I have developed a terrible Tinnitus, which was caused by stress ( thanks to my ex). I thought I’d never live as I did before. But slowly and surely I overcame depression and anxeities associated with it and lived life to the fullest. 5 years on, I’m on a different forum, searching for answers to different issues. Additionally, I have been diagnosed with small inguinal hernia, which is very painful. Mentally, I’m in the worst place I’ve ever been, based on experience I know this is a long journey to recovery, but hang in there, take one day at a time, we will eventually recover form this and life will be the same.



Does your tinnitus ever make weird sounds? Pulsin, whooshing, anything like that?


Choohoo, quick question have you ever attempted the “epley manoeuvre”? Vids are on YouTube.

I discovered it in Feb, turns out the remnant balance and headache thing I had for years from the year I got shafted by pvps and inner ear damage was BPPV and that helped hugely. Only takes about ten mins per side to try.


Nothing but weird sounds. Use to be high pitched whine, like the sound that turbo makes when spooling. Now mainly hissing, doesn’t bother me much, can barely hear it now.


@SomeGreyBIoke Nothing but weird sounds? Do you mean it makes weird sounds? I’ve got a full pressure feeling in my ears then it’ll whine or hiss for 10-15 seconds then stop. Not completely stop but change pitch.

@atlanticcoast I have tried a lot of those maneuvers but each time I’m tested for BPPV I don’t get nystagmus. I was eventually diagnosed with 27% hypofunction in the right middle ear by an oto-neurologists. After months of vestibular PT my therapists didn’t think it was going to get much better with the damage already having been done.


There is no separating a man’s mental health from his sex drive/sex life/libido.

That’s why vasectomy is so damn foolish. It is sold as a benign procedure and catastrophic pain or even chronic pain is not discussed. If it is discussed the odds given are often no based in any sort of research or reality. There are strong denials out there about the impact on sexual sensation and libido as well.

Many of us have seen with our own eyes the level of denial out there about this. It’s genuine denial. I’m convinced most of these providers with bad outcomes truly don’t believe it. They can’t. The implications and cognitive dissonance would be too great.

But yes, you need to get yourself hormonally as good as you can get. Try to get those natural feelings back and the rest will take care of itself.



I don’t seem to have nystagmus either , I was told it was vestibular migraine from the balance damage through a severe ear infection.

I tried the Epley out of curiosity/desperation having read about it and ‘magic’ seemed to happen for me. Crystals/Detritus must have moved out of my gravitational system years ago during the ear infection. I always think of the guys on here who also have ear issues when I make a discovery.

Sorry if you have exhausted this one already.


Use to be all sort of noises, now just a gentle hiss. Mine is 24/7 but most of the time I don’t hear it. Pitch does change sometimes as well, doesn’t bother me anymore tho


@Choohooo , @SomeGreyBIoke

Given that autoimmune often comes up here in discussions, due to how vasectomy breaks down the related immune privileged blood barrier, have you ever read much auto immune ear disease material e.g. :

The aural symptoms described sound somewhat similar.



With the vestibular PT, I did the BPPV maneuvers over and over but it might be worthwhile to revisit.

I have been tested for some of those autoimmune disorders already. The only thing I haven’t ruled out is neurolupus and neurosarcoid.


I had tinnitus before vasectomy, saying that, I have developed alopecia areata last year and also got a nail fungi which I never had before. Prior to vasectomy I was one of the healthiest guys, still so angry at myself :frowning:


When I got really hammered for health after my surgery in 2013 I just couldn’t get well. Being up loads at night with having young uns didn’t either though.

The last part of the balance and headaches I have only got rid of pretty recently. It’s been quite the journey unfortunately.


Has anybody here been able to recall there past more clear and pick every detail from being kid and past and present relationship after vasectomy?