Denervation with Dr. Parekattil at PUR in Clermont


I think @RingoStar made an excellent point here. Thanks for pointing this out in this thread, and also others in the forum. It’s all about informed decisions, and as Ringo says, we are all biased some way or the other. We all would like to have absolute certainty, or know the absolute truth, but reality in life is, all decisions, really all, are made under uncertainty. The key is capturing the probabilities of possible outcomes that one has to consider, and here it gets really complicated, for us vasectomy victims, as we are all lacking good, valid statistical input data (we all read stories on this site, some also read the articles, but no one really knows what the odds are), and on top of that each one of us is different. What might work for one, might not for the other. So, I think, as long as every one knows what c o u l d go wrong, and h o w b a d it can go wrong, that’s fine - at least an informed decision.


I can relate this forum very much to the back-pain forums I participated on in the 2011-12 time frame. Most people there are decidedly anti-surgery and talk about how spinal fusion is a 50/50 venture with many getting worse. And, spinal fusion is VERY invasive.

I did my own homework, saw three different surgeons, and took the forums’ points as just that, points, not the entirety of my research. I was fortunate to end up very well following back surgery. No more leg pain and very little, intermittent back pain remaining. I’d say 95-99% improvement with no symptom being made worse.

We all need to recognize (and just about everyone here does) that we’re statistical outliers. Most don’t have issues with vasectomy, though “most” is a widely varying figure.

The corrective surgeries have checkered results. Very hard to know how well they work.