Cymbalta (duloxetine)


I’m going to start on Cymbalta tonight and see how it goes.

Glad to hear it helped you.

My family doc prefers it over lyrica and all the other nerve drugs.


I am on Lyrica and Cymbalta at the same time… its helping massively BUT i still get dizzy every now and again/brain a bit foggy and i have experienced a significant loss of libido… i mean i can still do it but i am not as keen as i was. Overall i am glad of the relief from pain for a while but its certainly not a long term option for me


How long before you noticed any results on the cymbalta?

I can almost guarantee the lyrica is causing the dizziness. Super common side-effect of that garbage.


I have been taking Lyrica for 7 weeks now and yes i agree most if not all are from that… i am on 300 mgs per day. The Cymbalta i only started taking a week ago and its only small starter dose of 20mg/day


One week and you already have some improvement from it?

Cool. My GP prescribed 30mg to start, upping to 60mg’s.

I really, really hope this helps and maybe I can avoid rolling the dice on more surgery.


I went straight on 60mg cymbalta from day one. noticed pain levels slowly increasing over first few weeks. each day you wake up hoping the pain levels will improve. and they did for me massively. it was about week 6 where all the pain and depression was lifted fully. My advice is hang in there and be patient. most advice is it works within 2-4 weeks but I think you need 6 weeks. good luck.


Is that a typo? You meant decreasing right?

I’d hate to have another gets worse before it gets better scenario


lol. yes. decreasing. :grinning:


I was only on Lyrica a few weeks. Didn’t seem to do anything for me, I don’t recall that there were tons of symptoms either, nothing compared to Nortriptaline and Busbar for me. I probably should have waited longer. That being said, I had a totally different type of pain than I do now.

I was told to do Tizanidine for a week then start Cymbalta at 30mg and then the week later go to 60mg I think. I talked to a friend who is a Pharmacist and she didn’t seem too worried…idk. I guess we’ll see, everyone is different.


Fingers crossed for you mate. Be interesting to see how you get on…


@Pvps75 any side effects with Cymbalta? With Lyrica i have the fogginess/dizzyness, increased appettite and loss of libido (although it has helped to significantly reduce abdominal discomfort. I have just started taking cymbalta in parallell (only 20mgs per day) so i am wondering if i slowly come off Lyrica at the same as increasing cymbalta


Odds are Cymbalta will further reduce your libido and ability to orgasm. How cruel is it that many of the anti-depressants out there have that side effect. It’s Faustian. Kind of like the promise of worry free sex but chronic pain that makes it no fun/removes desire.


First week few side effects. foggy head, wake up slightly groggy. on the whole barely noticeable in my case. Increased libido! please make sure you get advice from a doctor on dosages, tapering off etc.


libido/orgasm will never be the same as pre vas but ive had an increase in both since being on Cymbalta. So far so food. I was seriously looking at denervation and going to a private pain clinic before this.


Increased libido is a good thing. If that’s what’s happening with you that’s good to hear.

I know it’s harder and sometimes impossible for some men to climax on many of the SNRI’s and SSRI’s.

This from wiki on Cymbalta: Metabolism-Liver, two P450 isozymes, CYP2D6 and CYP1A2

I have almost no CYP2D6 activity so unfortunately this drug probably would not work well for me.


Thanks Mike. Sorry to hear that don’t work for you :persevere:


Well I’m 5 days into taking this stuff and side effects so far are as follows:

Mild nausea throughout the day and decreased appetite - this has been improving yesterday and today;

Mild constipation - a bit better today and yesterday

Minor insomnia (just taking a bit extra time to fall asleep

Delayed orgasm (that’s not always a bad thing!)

As far as pain relief, I don’t really have any yet. I’ve had a bit less stabbing pain up my right cord, but I’ve also been on naproxen to tamp down any inflammation, so that might be doing it. Hopefully it actually does something for my nerve pain.

This stuff has definitely improved my mood over the past 2 days - much less catastrophic thoughts, better outlook, more positive demeanor - enough that my wife and family members noticed it.

So hopefully I get pain relief from this too and maybe I can stave off more surgery.


Fingers crossed for you. pain continued to slowly reduce over 5 weeks for me. you have a long way to go before you get the full benefit.


@vasregret thanks for the update. I’m thinking cymbalta might be my next step if I keep on yoyoing like I have been. Stopped Lexapro about 6 weeks ago and I can tell my mood has gotten a little bleaker. If I need a SSRI again, might as well try one that’s supposed to help with pain.


@kyvas I think it’s actually an SNRI or an SSNRI, but yeah luckily for me it’s been pretty tolerable so far. I know it’s too early to tell, but I really, really hope this one gives me pain relief since I tolerate this one quite well.

This one is commonly used for neuropathic pain, so it’s worth a shot.