Cymbalta (duloxetine)


@MikeO there is a newer SSNRI drug, called Pristiq, that doesnt use the CPY2D6 pathway, but acts on the same receptors. Fyi


Thanks. I’ll check it out.


doc gave me duloxetine (cymbalta) today, wasn’t sure how easy would be to get in the UK but I requested and was given no problem :grinning:. 60mg per day. I’ve already got the placebo effect from 1st tablet (possibly from my subconscious knowing that something is being done and nerve pain has subsided a lot. fingers crossed it kcks in over the next month and a can get back on track mentally. cheers guys.


Nice one… good luck, let me know how you get on, good to know we can get it in the uk


wow. so far so good. got almost immediate nerve pain relief. on day 4 now and feel normal for the 1st time since I can remember. 60mgs per day.


Great news. I’m surprised actually.

Any side effects?



not really any side effects so far. a little queasy first couple of days.


That’s great news. Makes me want to try it again. Have you noticed any sexual dysfunction. I have extreme difficulty climaxing on any antidepressant. Just doesnt happen.


I haven’t got a partner so can’t comment on dysfunction. I’ll take no pain for now :laughing:


You don’t need a partner for that man. Lol.


good luck to ya…i have had no luck with AD’s…i have such high expectations for them & then they never work. They all make me angy and more depressed. When a doctor tries to get me to take one now i say …i said i’m in pain doc, I’m depressed because i’m in pain …not the other way around! I had one good day on Zoloft once…the next day i was suicidal. I am ok with narcotics (as long as i keep them to a low dose) and Gabapentin (but i cant exceed 200 mg or i loose my balance a lot) …but gaba really helps at night. Now that we have an opiate war in the US , i could loose those even though 10 times as many oeople die a year from cigarets…but they’ll just have their war and then end up raising the prices after they see that all they’ve done is increase the heroine problem. Good luch on cymbalta…it didn’t do anything for me except make me more depressed!


day 7. nerve pain completely gone from 60mg per day cymbalta. still have a small amount of discomfort in the stomache (feels like ibs). I have a feeling that as I suffer with depression/anxiety and have done for many years before my vasectomy, the antidepressants work well for nutters like me.


You sound like me. Usually they try to blame that on the patient too. If ADs don’t work for you then “you didn’t take enough”, “you didn’t take them long enough”, “you’re bipolar”… or something along those lines. Most of us were fine before we developed chronic pain in our balls that made work extremely painful/difficult/stressful and screwed up our relationship with my wives and pretty much every aspect of your lives. I’m okay with narcotics too but they are impossible to get a hold of. I took myself off of benzos 2 1/2 years ago. I don’t have an addictive personality that way. I also take gabapentin at night about 2 -3 times a week and it makes me dumber than a box of rocks even at 300mg. I wish I could get a standing prescription for some opiates to use as a break glass kind of thing for pain but all the junkies out there have made that impossible.


nearly 2 months taking cymbalta (duloxetine) pain level down very low now. For those that may be suffering with depression/anxiety I recommend see a doctor and trying antidepressants. I chose this one as it also treats pain


this sounds right up my alley. Now the challenge is getting someone to prescribe it to me…



You won’t have any problems getting a script for that. Even GPs hand out ADs like candy. They are preferred to any sort of narcotic pain or anxiety medication in fact because they are “non-addictive”…

Be careful with them. Some people don’t tolerate them so make sure you are aware of that when you start them.

I don’t metabolize most ADs because they require enzyme activity that is non-existent in me. I am a poor CYP2D6 metabolizer. It’s genetic. For me I tend to get all the side effects and none of the benefit.


Great news. I had major problens with Cymbalta. Might be like MikeO, don’t know, but I couldn’t get out of bed. Had real dark thoughts and gave up after a week.

Good to hear it works for some. Restores faith that my doc was reasonable prescribing.


I went from 2 months ago constant nerve pain in groin area and stomache aching every second of every day. I was looking into getting in contact with pain management company for nerve blocks to now extremely low pain. Happy for the first time in years.


I’m happy for you @Pvps75, and a wee bit jealous.


@MikeO and @raising4girls. Pristiq is in the same SNRI class but not metabolized by the cyp2d6 pathway. May help avoid the side effects. It was offered to me when i felt like some of the meds weren’t working. I passed at the time and don’t need one now, but was nice to know there was a similar but different option. The psychiatric NP i was seeing said it’s cleanly metabolized by more than 99% of the population vs about 90% that rely on the cyp2d6.