Cord Pain - nerve pain?


My husband is still suffering at almost 8 weeks post vas. He doesn’t seem to have any congestion as his testicles and penis are fine. He is still is a lot of pain when lifting and when he is sitting. The worst is the sitting for him as his left side constantly aches and he needs to move around
What exactly is chord pain? Is it nerve related?
I still think he has an entrapped nerve or a nerve was knicked during the surgery. His pain is still in the same place, runs from the top of his left groin by his hip and runs straight down to his scrotum. I asked if he pushes in anywhere along there if there are specific areas that hurt. He said he can’t feel it but rather it feels better when putting pressure.

So one of my questions are if it’s an entrapped nerve, why can’t they just go back in and release it? Is that just to good to be true?

Secondly, I would be opposed to him getting denervation as I feel like it has made matters worse for a lot of people. Even cord blocks scare me.

Has anyone had an issue like this where there isn’t congestion, just nerves?


The nerves in the scrotum are about the size of a fine hair, perhaps even smaller. Dr. Jarvi told me there are so many nerves that they just can’t see. Problem is, even if that nerve is entrapped in scar tissue, going back into the scrotum and trying to remove a hair-sized (or smaller) nerve from scar tissue is very risky and pretty much impossible. If the nerve itself is damaged or has a lesion, neuroma, whatever, there’s not much that can be done except for resection of the nerve up higher or perhaps a bunch of blocks and maybe botox or steroids. It’s a crapshoot.

Cord pain is probably nerve related. It could be referred from the testicles, or it could be damaged genitofemoral or ilioinguinal nerve fibers. No one really knows to be honest.

I get right sided cord pain all the way up into my stomach and right flank. Comes and goes throughout the day and has been that way since pretty much day 1 post-vas.

I thought I had congestion and nerve pain, but I think it was all nerves, considering the reversal did nothing for me.

I realize that you’re scared of your husband getting a cord block, but to be honest, lots of guys here have had cord blocks and were fine afterwards. They can be a good diagnostic tool and have given long-term relief to a few people (that’s rare). There are a few guys who developed a hematoma or had an increase in pain after a block, but done by an experienced doc (you’re seeing Jarvi right?) then you should be okay.

Besides, I believe @acschiro mentioned something about blocking a damaged nerve early on can be very beneficial to break the pain cycle and hopefully reset the nerve.

Even still, 8 weeks is early and it’s possible that whatever nerve is affected could heal, improve or maybe it’s just inflamed.

Definitely see Dr. Jarvi and let us know what happens.


It really sucks how little research has been done about this. Had I known any of this pre vasectomy I definitely would not have done this to myself. Im sorry to hear about your husband.


My belief is that men who develop pain from the beginning have nerve problems, not congestion. I guess it’s possible to become congested early, but it seems unlikely to me.

Don’t be too afraid of nerve or cord blocks. I’ve had several and don’t believe they made me worse. In fact, I doubt that any surgeon will operate without first seeing if a nerve or cord block blocks the pain. That’s the diagnostic value, to find the right nerve or nerves.

Given that his pain is going down to the bottom of the scrotum, it sounds more like the GF than the II/IH or posterior scrotal nerves. I would absolutely consider a block to verify.

Lastly, in addition to seeing Dr. Jarvi, I’d look into a peripheral nerve surgeon. I’ve spoken with Dr. Eric Williams in Maryland twice. He’s a protégé of the famous Dr. Dellon who pioneered a lot of peripheral nerve surgery. I have found Dr. Williams to be very compassionate, smart, and a good diagnostician. Each consult cost me $100, but it was well worth it. If my problem isn’t resolved soon, I’ll be going to see him.


I had a closed ended vasectomy, and was leaking on my left side around 30 days post vas. I was leaking bilaterally by month 1.5-2. I certainly don’t fall into your theory.

I beleive I had 3 different things going on back in my early days. Nerve pain, congestive pains, and varicocele pain.

That was to much to decipher back then. I was just another new guy that didn’t know much. It took a lot of trial and error to come up with a diagnosis for myself.

Like I’ve said before, I have proof that I was leaking bilaterally as well. Leaking is a sign of congestion, especially beins I had a closed ended vasectomy.


@raising4girls, Also, according to urology themselves, congestion is listed as a common risk for men from week 2-12, but is said to “usually” resolve itself in time.

Note the word “usually”.


@Worriedwife1, all testicular pain can creep up the spermatic cord and become what many refer to as “cord pain”.

From purely neuropathic pain, nerve damage pain, congestion pain, varicocele pain, you name it. All types of testicular pain can become “cord pain”.


@RingoStar would you say this could be referred pain if there isn’t testicular pain?

When he sits, it’s not his testicles that are sore, it’s his groin area. From the top left downwards in what seems to be where the cord is. He has to extend his leg down and open up his pelvic area


If I had to guess what’s going on, I’d still be leaning toward nerve damage here.

I have, and still do experience “groin pain”, and it’s not because I was injured in the groin. Its nerve damage, nerve hypersensitivity, etc, etc.

A damaged nerve doesn’t have to hurt at the site where it is/was damaged. Like a chain reaction, nerve damage, and nerve hypersensitivity will travel and make other areas hurt.

Pain, which is all created by nerves can do this anywhere in the body. This isn’t to be confused with what many commonly refer to as “nerve pain”. All pain is nerve pain.

Damaged nerves, and angry nerves can take all kinds of different pathways such as, ilionigual nerve pathway, genitofemoral nerve pathway, pudendal nerve pathway, other pathways, etc, etc.

I’d be a bit surprised if he doesn’t have some pain at the end of his vas, or somewhere within the anatomy of his bad/worse testicle. Perhaps he doesn’t, idk.

I actually get pain/s in many areas, and sometimes I don’t have a lot of pain, or any pain directly somewhere within the anatomy of my bad side (known hot spots). From groin pain, hamstring pain, buttox pain, cord pain, etc, etc. I do experience this myself.


Yeah, same here, I was actively leaking from the vas tips when I had my reversal. Congested? Not sure. Maybe the leak reduced the congestion? Hard to know. At some point, though, yes, you and I must’ve been congested else we wouldn’t have sprung a leak, I surmise.