Constant abdominal ache


sorry to hear things haven’t improved yet.

I gave only ever tried amtrypiline and did nothing for me either.

I’ll be very interested to know how you get on with gabapentin…hope it’s brill!!

I’m going to either do denervation or epydimitus (Howe we that’s spelt lol) removal.

good luck on your next step(s) mate


Cheers yes will do… which way are you leaning at present?


changes day by day lol. I asked this Dr P from pur clinic what I should do (messaged him and got a reply). he recommended nerve blocks to check if denervation would help. sounds like that’s what your doing.

I remember Dr Harriss URO from Nottingham that did my reversal that I should have eppidimity removal and could be done by nhs.

so I guess nerve block is my next step. I’m still trying to work out who to do it in the UK (preferably Midlands). I don’t fancy flying to Florida just for an injection


Just remember if getting a block it must guided by ultrasound. Some people on forum dont agree on this but i know of people in Australia that had vein damage and hematoma, done by useless doctors. Only get it done by skilled surgeons because trust me it can damage you.


Hi all update now i am over 3 months post my redo of vas… still have the abdominal pains and left scrotum tenderness… i am booked to go back to my urologist in London on 26/9 where he may do a cord block. I went back to my NHS GP and said i was willing to give Lyrica a shot (had an awful time with amitriptyline last year) but you know what? It has REALLY helped.:slight_smile: i’m in a better space but best of all pain is significantly better and i have only been taking for 5 days


I did not expect it to help… problem is whether i stop taking temporarily so that we can get a true diagnostic result from the cord block whilst i am on no drugs??


I’m also going to try something - Lyrica/Gaba/Nort/Cymbalta that all seem to work for nerve pain. Curious how it changed you on the pain scale. I’m a 4/5 at worst and have some infrequent shooting pains, but mostly 3-4 constant ab and left scrotum ache . I’m crossing my fingers it knocks the pain down 2/3 levels. And happy to hear of your improvement!


I would talk to the doc but if it’s helping i would stay on it for a little while. May just give your body some time to calm down. If nothing else, at least it will give you some mental relief for awhile. I don’t think it’s a problem to stay on these meds for a short period of time.


@ShipofTheseus i have peaks and troughs of pain depending on my activity level… my worst seems to be driving, which is normally 5-6 but my drive in to work this morning was 0-1. I took my 3 under 6 kids swimming yesterday which would of been agony but was now perhaps 3-4 at its worst… i would say on average my pain levels have gone down 2-3 levels. I even wore jeans on saturday, still unbuttoned at the top but nonetheless it felt good


Lyrica helped me for a bit, but I’m not sure if it was a placebo effect or if I improved somewhat. Towards the end when I stopped taking it, I think it was actually making my pain worse, which is actually a common side effect of Lyrica.

Be careful about long-term use:

It’s not as safe as they say, and I’ll tell you this, my brain did not work the same while I was taking it. From brain fog to memory loss, I think it’s just a bad drug. Try it for a while, but get off of it as quick as you can.

@vasregret the broken record here: I take alpha lipoic acid 600mg per day for neuropathic pain and it helps way more than these drugs do. No side effects, other than some nausea if I take it in the morning, so I take it before bed. Not trying to sell you BS supplements or anything, but there is strong research on ALA for neuropathic pain - it’s a first line treatment in Germany and the Netherlands for diabetic neuropathy (you know, in countries where drug companies don’t give doctors perks for prescribing their drugs, or send them to fancy conferences with free meals, drinks etc. it’s wrong)


Thanks @vasregret useful view on cons of taking Lyrica. Certainly makes me think. As i’ve only been taking low dose of 150mg for 5 days i wonder about placebo effect too… as i have seen before like when my mind played the trick of pain dropping down low prior to my vas redo… the mind is amazing when it comes to pain. At the end of the day its hard though, its been over a year of trying multiple different pills and treatments and this is the first to significantly help which kind of defeats the placebo argument!


I think it takes about 3-4 weeks to see a benefit from lyrica. It really has to build up.

I know what you mean about the mind playing tricks. As long as I kept myself really really busy or was doing something that I enjoyed, my pain levels dropped off. This is a common occurence amongst chronic pain sufferers and that’s why pain doctors will recommend resuming whatever activities you can to get your mind off the pain.


If im feeling even better after 2-3 weeks ill be delighted!


Memory loss is a common but undisclosed side effect of anti-epileptic drugs. These and other symptoms are the dirty secrets of the epileptologists just like PVPS is for urology. I was actually scared for society at large when drugs like gaba were approved for non-epileptic use as pain killers. General practitioners prescribing drugs that can cause epilepsy is too risky in my opinion.