Constant abdominal ache


There’s really only so many things it can be. I’ve had so many different theories since this all began. Fortunately, with my insurance situation, I’ve been able to pursue most of them. The problem with each of them is they could explain certain aspects but not others. Why would a nerve in my pelvis given me a headache, etc. Another thing that bothered me is how stark a contrast it is between happy vas guys and us. It’s either “no big deal I love life” or “holy crap I want to die yesterday.”

Several months ago my wife had a vascular surgeon work on some vericose veins. Naturally they started talking about pelvic arteries etc. This doc talked about the pelvis like it was forbidden territory. Said multiple times she’d operate in the skull before the pelvis, talked about the pelvic floor. Just had a lot of interesting things to say. It was eye opening. If only urologists had the same level of respect.

Most guys on here have a traumatizing story to go with their vasectomy. Couldn’t get numb, etc. This sounds so nerve related. My nerve damage has spread to my leg. I saw a therapist this afternoon and within 2 minutes she concluded I had a neurological injury.

It’s unfortunate, it sucks, I’ll live a life of regret, but it’s my life now. I wish medicine had a better answer for nerve related problems. Maybe someday.


Yea, mine is in my left leg, and hip as well. Mostly where my butt cheek meets my upper leg, but I get weirdness in my hip, hamstring, and the front of my left leg as well. Weird stuff, like worms crawling around in it, pins and needles, pains, just weird stuff. I’m 100% sure it’s related to the vas. I had severe pains, and electrical discharges/high voltage running down the back side of both hamstrings in my beginning months. My left side was the worst.

I guess I’m lucky to some extent, my pains have tapered off to more random, and related to ejaculating, or something rubbing the back side if my left boy. This is better than all the time, and constant as it was years ago. Two reversals, a varicocele embolization procedure, and 7+ years later that is.


Has anyone had issues with the Psoas muscle suggested to them or considered it? Vague possibilitiy as the Genito-femoral nerve passes through… ??? My issue is more in the left thigh & teste area but thought this might relate to abdominal issues as where this nerve travels?? Just a thought…


@jimbo, I’m curious to know if you are talking about nerves/arteries/veins being a source of pain, or just nerves here.


Sorry ringostar, my typo, I did mean the Genito-femoral nerve passes through here. Basically I had a nerve block in the spematic cord a couple of days ago which had little affect on my testicular pain, my compounding issue is a sensation of pain an numbness in my left thigh. My doc is suspicious now if the pain is referred from somewhere else along the nerve path. Seeing a Physio next week to pursue this theory… cheers.


Just wanted to follow up with what I said about my wife getting white fillings to replace her cracked silver/mercury. In regard to the whites having BPA in them, my wife paid more for the BPA free type.

They may not be superior to the silver/mercury far as several things, but some people like non toxic if they can get it. I’m pretty certain mine have BPA in them.

Just getting this out there incase someone else stumbles across it. I could move onto root canals, but this is probably enough about teeth in this thread.


For the record, non-BPA fillings should be cheaper as the cost of them is less. Reason being, they typically only last 3-7 years then they’ll need to be replaced. Hence the dental insurance rule that you can replace a filling every 3 years. Amalgam fillings typically go 20-25 years for comparison sake. Charging more for “non-BPA” is just marketing.


Go figure on all that :frowning:

Thanks for the follow up chooo. Somehow I knew you would have some more input :slight_smile:

Something tells me you could put on a strong argument in regard to root canals as well.

Thanks man


Great knowledge and research Choohoo.It explains why I had radiating abdominal pain and strange discomfort in my guts.


Had the op to resolve the suspected vasitis nodosa yesterday. Surgeon said the vas ends were a real mess and are now tidied up… he seemed confident that this was causing my abdominal issues so fingers crossed, still pretty tender and on cocodomal and tramadol so hard to tell, will keep you updated with any improvement


It’s simple for the urologists who make good money in about 30 minutes. If they had to roll the dice with their patients, I doubt these idiots would still do it.


Hi all recovering well from the redo of my vasectomy/tidy up of vas ends, no external infection or haematoma thankfully. Scrotum tender, and abdominal pain still there but early doors, just on paracetomol now, planning to back to work on monday. Doc says it will 4-6 wks till we know if the surgery has resolved my abdominal pain. Hystology of the chunks of removed vas today both sides confirming inflammation and sperm granulomas. So time will tell!


3.5 wks post surgery… still recovering i think, intermittent pain in left nut and vas end still swollen. Still wearing scrotal support at work. Still have abdominal discomfort. Surgeon said it will be another 2.5 wks before we will know if my abdominal issues are fixed.


Hi all 4 weeks post surgery… over last 24 hrs discomfort in stomach has got significantly better… not sure if its temporary but positive. Also left teste less sore. Strange thing is on both sides the epididymis is hard, not sore but a new thing. I am wondering if perhaps when the vasectomy was redone did they properly seal it this time? Perhaps now no sperm is leaking which means it is not causing nerve irritation or auto immune response which means abdominal issues are slowly easing? But of course sperm could now be backing up in epi.


Hi Lee if you get this again apologies. But if you could let me know your consultant that would be ideal. Cheers Phil


David Ralph in Harley st


Went to see doc for first post op appt yesterday in London… discomfort in abdomen still present he was disappointed that i had not improved after the 7 wks. He wants to give it another 2 months as i still have a lot of hardened scar tissue. It was very sore when he manipulated the vas ends and i am very sore in abdomen today. If after 2 months no improvement he said he would try an anaesthetic injection higher up i.e just above the scrotum. At least he confirmed that i do not have aswollen epi, it is just scar tissue


Hi all 9 weeks post redo of Vas… left teste tenderness seems to be improving. No such luck with abdominal discomfort which is still present and was/is the original problem… in 3 weeks it will be the one year anniversary since my life got messed up. How i wish i could go back in time and have a serious word with myself!


hi Lee.

how is the stomache? any more consultations due?

hope your on the mend…


Almost 3 months post vas redo… abdominal pain still worse than pre vas redo… plus still have the additional tenderness in left testicle. I had my first session with a pain counsellor on Friday, not sure if it helped but will keep going. Currently contemplating going back to my NHS GP to try Gabapentin, not sure as amtriptyline was useless when i tried it just after xmas. Going back to my private urologist end of Sept for diagnostic anaesthetic shot… he seems to think denervation is the next step i’m not convinced! I dont think i would have any more surgery for at least another 9 months anyway.