Constant abdominal ache


So the past 3-4 days I’ve had an awful upper left abdominal ache. It won’t go away. A pain pill relieves some of the pain for only about an hour, but that is about it. Generally, I’ve been in more pain ever since my doctor took me off clonazepam, but I’ve been back on it which has helped. Anyway, I was doing a little better for about a week, but this pain I have now will not go away. My family and I went to a few amusement parks for a couple of days so I don’t know if that started this pain or what? My body was thrown around some, and I’m sure caused my core muscles and neck (herniated disc) to do more work than they have done in a long time. But wow, nothing seems to relieve the pain or settle it. I can’t even describe the frustration right now. I swear I feel like I’m doomed. Life is so hard to enjoy. How can this simple procedure completely change and ruin your life?


I’ve got a lot of stomach pain as well. Starts in the lower right abdomen and can get over to the right side flank almost under my ribs. No one seems to have a clue what it is.


I seem to have similar issues in abdomen 5 months post vasectomy did you manage to find a resolution for this?


I am 10 yeas post vas, 4 years post reversal and with my new bout of pain returning also have abdominal pain.


Golf or Choohoo did you have any luck… any progress with your abdominal issue?


I haven’t made any progress on the abdominal front. I’m beginning to wonder if I have pelvic splanchnic nerve dysfunction and its a motility issue. Anyone looked into that?


Sounds like me. @Choohooo did reversal not help with abdominal issues at all?


I have not pursued any surgery since the vasectomy including reversal, denervation, etc


Your stomach hurts because you’ve lost some of the motility in what’s known as your hindgut, the area that’s innervated by the pelvic splanchnic nerves. It’s essentially your transverse colon all the way down to your rectum. If there’s any damage to a nerve they happens to be part of the inferior hypogastric plexus, you’re going to lose parasympathetic tone to this area. This includes peristalsis in your gut, bladder control, prostate function, urethral sphincter, even erection.

Damage to a parasympathetic nerve can cause all sorts of nasty stuff including imbalance of your central nervous system. That’s why you see so much anxiety and depression amongst patients with PVPS.

“Sympathectomy and parasympathectomy leads to the hyperfunction of the serotoninergic system and pathology. Disturbances in brain serotonergic systems result in a range of phenotypes such as depression, suicide and anxiety disorders.”

You can’t “reversal” nerve damage. Nerves can’t be fixed. Guys that complain about stomach problems and blame sperm, autoimmune, meds, inflammation, IBS, are slightly mistaken. While parasympathetic nerve damage can increase systemic inflammation, it’s the change in motility of their hindgut that’s created the problem. Erectile dysfunction, prostatitis of nonbacterial etiology, its all the same cause. Nerve damage to a high value nerve.

Every single issue on this forum can be explained by nerve damage except for congestive pains. The only remedy medicine offers for nerve damage is more nerve damage (neurectomy). I don’t believe in fixing nerve damage with more nerve damage. You may remove pain for a few years but you’ll never restore function. Everyone with systemic issues is stuck with meds and the creativity of their primary care doc.

Stomach issues are essentially surgically created Hirschsprung’s disease.


@Choohooo, you are a super smart dude, and I have a ton of respect for you, your input, and advice. I have a hard time swallowing the quote above, but I’m doing my best to digest it.

I’m sorry that you are here, and have suffered the consequences of a supposed safe and simple procedure at the lengths you have. Your advice, knowledge, participation, and point of view is greatly appreciated.


I’m still trying to digest that first part, but this quote has weighed on my mind heavily as well. I do not know of any indisputable proof of “ok” for everyone in regard to autoimmune symptoms, blood testies barrier being broken, etc etc.

Everyone isn’t the same. Our immune systems are a bit individualized as well IMO.

Here’s one for you, I understand you are a dentist, and far as I can tell, a very smart one at that. My mother became very ill eon’s ago, and nobody could figure it out. After much BS, appointments, being referred to as crazy, in your head, etc, etc, etc, she came to the realization that it was the mercury fillings in her mouth making her so sick.

She had the fillings removed, and replaced with the white type, and in a matter of months, she was back to her old self.

As for myself, I have no mercury in my mouth, as I am so much like my mother’s body type/system.

Anyway, I don’t have all the answers, and don’t know of anyone else that has all of them either.


There has been some on this forum cured of abdominal pain with reversal i have read this here and thats a fact. I can’t remember who it was but they went back to 100% normal function. You are a smart man and that is all plausible what you say.


I think most people that benefit from reversal are benefitting from the removal of the cauterized ends that have likely entrapped a nerve or rub up against one. I know two very well respected urologists mentioned on this site feel this way as well. In certain cases, Marks doesn’t even care about patency when doing a reversal for pain.

The only thing I can contribute to sperm is a possible reaction to the high protamine content. There’s research to support it. If you don’t like the thought of sperm floating around, papaya or testosterone will fix that. Try it. You don’t need to drop $10k to answer that question.

I used to prescribe to the autoimmune/systemic/allergy/“my sperm is killing me” theory as well. Don’t forget, I’m the guy that got almost complete relief from taking daily shots of Benadryl shortly after my vas. I could’ve sworn that was it. I’ve even seen an immunologist at the university and rheumatologist. Ive probably donated a 5 gallon bucket of blood for testing. I’ve simply seen enough, learned enough, asked enough questions, been through enough to answer a lot of these questions for myself. You are correct, everyone is different. However, I have a hard time believing the harder to explain theories when the obvious one makes so much sense. I can explain every single one of my issues and every issue on this site with nerve damage. IMO, it’s surgical error (negligence), plain and simple.


Odd how silver fillings keep coming up on this site. I’m not sure how to this question without sounding like every idiot doctor that I’ve met over the last two years but here goes nothing.

According to every research article ever published since the 60’s, there’s no issue with amalgams. Now…pre vas that would’ve been the end of story from me. Obviously my personal hardship has changed my viewpoint. I’ve come to learn that there are millions of questions in healthcare where the right answer isn’t “no.” The right answer is more likely “we don’t know yet.” Most docs aren’t humble enough to admit that. I think it’s nonsense to claim we know everything when we understand so little about the human body. Which brings me to my next point…

I have 6-7 silver fillings in my own mouth. In fact, one just chipped and I will be having it replaced with silver, not white. I don’t have any white fillings in my mouth. I actually published two articles in college on this very subject. When you weigh the pros and cons, silver fillings win in every category but one – esthetics. They last longer, fit better, don’t leak bacteria like white fillings, the list is lengthy. You can make the mercury argument but it’s an alloy. I personally don’t believe you get anymore mercury from fillings than you do chlorine gas from table salt. The chemistry is the same and so is the result. The worst mercury for you is gaseous. It’s been proven that removing silver fillings is infinitely more toxic than chewing on them for 50 years. It requires special equipment that costs thousands of dollars and no one has. People like to point to the ban in Europe but that’s because their production factories were so archaic that the assemblers were at risk, not patients. Dentists won’t tell that most white fillings contain BPA. They also have an ingredient list so long it comes in a booklet. We don’t know what half that stuff is yet. It comes out like putty and turns to plastic under a blue light! And people think it’s safer? Amalgams have maybe 5 ingredients total. I spent three years testing different filling materials. We used silver fillings as the control group. Hint: for what I was testing, silver won every time and it’s considered the standard to which white fillings are compared.

If you have any specific questions, PM me. Dentists are almost as crooked as urologists.


I didn’t know silver/mercury fillings had came up here before, but this is great info, thanks.

My wife had a silver/mercury crack a couple years ago, and like you said, removal was the most dangerous part far as contamination. The dentist she found to remove it went to great lengths to not contaminate her further.

I will put an edit where I referred to the “white” as porcelain. I knew that wasn’t right, but often hear them referred to as such. I hate the spread of misinformation.

Yep, yep, your a smart dude. Kudos to you.


So Choohoo if this nerve damage is your idea of a possible cause of your abdominal issues what are your next steps in trying to resolve/mitigate the issue?


Thanks for the follow-up to this earlier. It helps clear some things up.

I’ve digested it all now, and I’d have to agree with you. Damaged nerves, hypersensitized nerves, hypersensitive nerves, I’m not sure if there’s a big difference. Nerve damage is nerve damage.

Guys that are actively leaking/congested would be exceptions to this, but some of them may have some nerve damage as well.


For me, personally, the biggest clue came when I landed on the inferior hypogastric plexus and the pelvic splanchnic nerves. These guys are key to the widespread systemic issues including brain fog, hormones, stomach pains, prostate, erection, rectum, back pains, etc. 6 months ago I was too focused on the genitofemoral and ilioinguinal nerves. The splanchnic nerves are a big deal. Huge deal. They’re basically the vagus nerve of the pelvis. It always felt like nerve pains but I couldn’t explain what was heopening to the rest of my body.

I’m not really sure where to go next. I’m headed to Mayo in April. I don’t expect many answers about my pelvis but I need to shop a neurosurgeon anyways so I hope to make good use of the trip.

If I use my imagination, I like to believe the answer lies in bioelectrics. It seems like a promising area of medicine with untapped potential. The attempt is to influence nerves directly instead of chemically through pills. Maybe in 20 years.


I spoke to my GP this morning and i was amazed to hear he thought it may be a nerve/neuroma in the hindgut… He had been of little use up till now… i have told him no more drugs i want to see a consultant so he is going to refer me to a urologist on the NHS. I am also seeing a private Urologist specialising in PVPS on the 20/3 so hopefully between the two we can at least rule some issues out. After 8 weeks on Amtriptyline i stopped taking them on Thursday as they weren’t doing anything for me… unfortunately the withdrawal symptoms have been pretty horrible, haven’t slept for 3 nights. I just assumed i could stop taking them, that was a mistake! So i am on the sleeping tablets till i can get my sleeping patterns back. My wife said she felt like committing suicide on Sunday as she feels tired and guilty for pressurising me into the vasectomy… i told her thats just what i need!!


@Choohooo, I do think you are right about this to. To what extent, I have no idea, and I’m not sure anyone really does. I came into this more in the old school far as ideas, treatments available, etc, etc, and have progressively built onto them ideas through time.

I remember a lot of guys getting hung up on these things you’re talking about, and they would indoctrinate others with the same thinking. Monkey see, monkey do.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say vasectomy doesn’t cause anyone prostate problems, ED, etc, etc, but do agree that there is a nerve - nerve damage component aggravating some men’s prostate, causing ED, etc, at minimum.

Your theory would better explain many of the hit and miss, ladin with holes story’s, and philosophy’s I have heard over many years far as reversal supposedly curing many men’s prostate issues, ED, etc.

Been thinking about this, just had to get it out there.