Constant abdomenal pain


Hi guys!

First, let me say thanks for all of your posts. I have been reading for about a week, just trying to see if my experience is “normal”.

I am two weeks post-vas today, and I haven’t had a good day yet. Even though I followed all instructions, my scrotum swelled to about the size of a baseball, and felt like I had a cinderblock tied to my testicles if I took of the jockstrap - even just to pee.

I went back to the Dr after 10 days because I had nearly constant pain and nausea, only helped some by hydrocodine (not provided for this procedure). Thankfully, on day 9, my swelling went down some, and my testicular/scrotal pain mostly subsided (still have some, but minor by comparison). Instead, I have constant pain radiating into my abdomen. It started only on the right side, but is now on both sides. The doctor said it is likely from inflammation, and could take 3-6 months to resolve.

Here is my question - Have any of you found anything that makes a difference in the pain besides narcotics or surgical procedures? The Dr has me on ibuprofen for another week, along with soaking in a hot bath in the morning, and ice in the evening. This seems to do nothing for me.

Any suggestions are really welcomed! Thanks, guys!


Hi welcome to the forum. You are early days and may get better with time allow up to 6 months. The abdominal pains are horrible i have them nothing fixed mine. Stay positive time may heal you.


Same deal here constant abdominal cramping type pain 10 months down the line. Finally found someone who took it seriously diagnosed vasitis nodosa, having op to hopefully resolve on the 3rd of June


I’ve had abdominal pain off and on since my vas about 8 months ago.

Although, I haven’t had any abdominal pain for the past 2 weeks, so maybe mine are going away. Hopefully.

You’re still in the early days and might be totally fine. Hang in there.


What is involved in the corrective procedure? Please let me know how it goes. Googling the term vasitis nodosa does not provide any helpful information


Had the op to resolve the suspected vasitis nodosa yesterday. Surgeon said the vas ends were a real mess and are now tidied up… he seemed confident that this was causing my abdominal issues so fingers crossed, still pretty tender and on cocodomal and tramadol so hard to tell, will keep you updated


3.5 wks post surgery… still recovering i think, intermittent pain in left nut and vas end still swollen. Still wearing scrotal support at work. Still have abdominal discomfort. Surgeon said it will be another 2.5 wks before we will know if my abdominal issues are fixed. Must admit not feeling confident and feeling a little down but hopefully this will pass,fingers crossed!


Hopefully it will improve faster for you. I am almost 7 weeks post-op now, and still having some pain. Around 3 weeks post-op, I ended up back at the doctor’s office in excruciating pain, and he felt it was probably nerve pain from infection. I took 10 days of antibiotics, which seemed to make a noticeable improvement after the first three days.

I am still getting thing pains in my testicles, and will have groin and abdominal pain that comes on and stays for hours at a time. Not nearly as bad as before, but a 3 or 4 on a painscale of 10, sometimes hitting a 6.

I was also given narcotic pain killers and told that it wasn’t extremely unusual for it to take up to 8 weeks for this to resolve itself. I am going to give it another week or so and then head back to the doctor if it doesn’t improve.

Also, I have a constant ache like I have a full bladder, even when my bladder is empty. Has anyone else experienced this?


I’ve experienced that in the past. If all goes well, I think there’s a good chance it will resolve itself in time.


Glad to hear it! I am still hoping for everything to clear up without any further procedures.


@Joshua_Pettijohn I am 4 months out. I’ve had the bladder sensation. That particular pain has decreased but i make sure not to let my bladder get to full and that has helped. Anytime i get too full the pain increases and takes some time to go away even after urinating.


@Kyvas Thanks! I will give that a shot.


Hey guys, just wanted to share an update with you. I am now 5 months post-op, and still in pain. At 3 1/2 months post-op, my doctor (who has been very supportive) confirmed the presence of a sperm granuloma, and prescribed antibiotics to rule out infection as the cause. I took the antibiotics, but did not improve. Also, at the same time, I started to connect the dots with other symptoms that I might be having issues caused by low testosterone (not related to surgery), and discussed it with my doctor. After his referral, I was tested and began testosterone replacement therapy.

At 4 months post-op, the granuloma had not changed, so the doctor put me on prednisone to see if it was effective. After a week, the granuloma had shrunk by a third, and after two weeks, was almost gone, and I was pain free. This lasted about a week and a half. The doctor told me to come back after 30 days for follow up. About week three, I was feeling so good I almost cancelled the appointment. As week four began, the granuloma grew in size, equal or a bit larger than before (I would say about the size of a lima bean), and the discomfort was back with it. The pain was mild, with a constant feeling similar to “blue balls”, if that makes any sense.

I went back to the doctor today, knowing from our previous discussions what the next step would be. When he examined me today and saw the return of the granuloma, he determined the next step was steroid injections directly into the granuloma. The injections hurt, not so much the needle as the added pressure of the injected steroid. What I didn’t expect was that I would be in more pain as the day went on. By the time I went to bed, I had to take a Vicodin to have any hope at sleeping. Seeing it is now 2:30 am, we know how that turned out.

Have any of you had the steroid injections into a granuloma? How long should I expect this pain to be worse before going back to the full ache before the injection?

If this doesn’t result in completely clearing up the granuloma, the doctor said that in 30 days he would surgically remove the granuloma with another scalpel-free procedure almost identical to the original vasectomy, but only on this left side. What experiences have any of you had with this? Is this worth doing?

Thanks in advance for your input. I have been so grateful to everyone for their openness in sharing their experiences on here through the last five months as I have been hoping for answers.


No i haven’t had steroid injections so can’t really say… may not help but good news you have managed to narrow down the cause!


My PVPS journey started about 12 years ago in Oct. 2005. By February, I finally met a PVPS conversant urologist. Long story short, after some injections, he offered to excise the granulomas on my vas tips and leave me vasectomized or put me back together. I opted for reversal. Since recovering from the reversal, I’ve been pain-free for 9 of the last 11 years, not bad all things considered.

Pre-reversal in 2006, my testosterone checked at 285-325. That was due to the vasectomy. Today, 11 years later, it’s 656.

I’m suffering a bout of nerve pain, but my advice to anyone who’s got post-vasectomy pain is to only open your scrotum again if you’re having a reversal.


There have been a few guys who have benefited from open ended conversions or revisions, but it doesn’t seem to be the norm.

Another thing, if you have a granuloma removed, what will stop a new granuloma from forming?


You’re right, some guys have benefitted from the open-end conversion. If one can ascertain that his problem is congestion and he’s dead set against restoring fertility, then I agree open-end is worth a shot.

In my case, my closed-end had converted to an open-end on its own. I was leaking from both vas tips and had formed granulomas at both vas tips.

All I know is that my T-levels ran 285-325 while vasectomized. 11 years later, I’m at 656. My PSA was over 4.0. Now it runs 0.2-0.8. I think the V and sperm spewing out was wrecking havoc with my body. I may not have solved the nerve pain permanently, but think I preserved my health with the reversal.

Tough call. No across-the-board rules. All we can do is learn from each other’s experience and try to chart the right course for ourselves.


Hello everyone. I thought I should share an update. About three weeks ago I went ahead with the injection of steroids into the granuloma. This was a very painful procedure, and had a great deal of pain for a week following the injection. It enlarged the granuloma to about three times its size, which lasted about a week. the second week things returned about the way they had been before the injection. Then last Thursday, just over two weeks after the injections, the pain intensity ramped up to the point I was doubled over in pain. I called my doctor immediately, and went back to his office. I had the granuloma surgically removed, which took about an hour and a half to complete.

I am now just over a week post-op, and the constant pain is gone! I have a great deal of soreness, swelling and bruising from the procedure, and the opening hasn’t closed up, so I am still having minor bleeding, but I am looking forward to possibly feeling normal again soon!


Thanks for posting this. Let us know if this does the trick, or if it becomes on ongoing thing.

Good luck


I forgot to post these pictures. This is the granuloma that was removed.