Considering a Epididymectomy next year


I just rechecked my records. Ultrasounds have never found any epididymal cysts in my history.

I’ve had three ultrasounds in my life.

First was 4+ years pre vas. Findings were left varicocele, and bilateral hydrocele’s.

Second was 7-8 months after my first reversal. Findings were left varicocele only.

Third was 7 months after my second reversal, and 30 days post varicocele embolization. Findings were, left varicocele only.

I have no idea what it is I am feeling. The main tini one that gives me grief fairly regularly seems more like a cyst (more homework required). It resides mid to high point left epi.

I’d been thinking this was a tini hydrocele for many years now, but I’ve questioned my reasoning about what this is in the past, and I’m not thinking it’s a hydrocele anymore. I did not have this tini hotspot pre vas.

As of more recently, I am noticing several other tini, hard objects that are not in the same area of my epi.

I do get pressure pains, and what feels like a swollen epididymal head on the top of the same testicle sometimes, and have for years post vas. It’s never shown up on ultrasound as anything out if the ordinary, which is quite common for guys with congestive pvps.

A varicocele can give off sensations, and pains similar to congestion, which further complicates my story. I don’t recall experiencing anything like congestion pre vas, and I was pretty much pain free for several years pre vas.

Meh, I’ve always had a complicated story, and these new lumps, n bumps are making it more complicated :disappointed:


@Pvps75 It’s a valid point and shouldn’t be overlooked. The removal of scar tissue has been proposed as the main benefit from getting a reversal. However, you don’t need an epi-ectomy to do this. Open ended conversion would do the same with significantly less risk


I can do an open ended conversion after my reversal (Had reversal Feb 16)?. I’m so confused :persevere:


You can’t do an open ended conversion on a reattached vas, since that would undo your reversal.


Sure you could. It would be like getting a vasectomy again, which beleive it or not, some men actually do this after a reversal for fertility. I’ve seriously heard of this.

Far as pvp/s goes, this redo vasectomy post reversal idea sounds like a suicide mission to me. Idk tho.


I wasn’t aware you had a reversal. I personally don’t think going from a reversal to an epi-ectomy would be at all beneficial. If the pain is “in the tube” and not in the testicle, like I mentioned, it’s probably nerve damage. If the nerve was tangled in scar tissue, then removal of that scar tissue can, in some cases, be of benefit. However, reversal does the same thing and if it didn’t help, I’d check this cause off the list.

I’m not really sure why one would go from reversal to epi-ectomy. That makes no sense to me. Minimal benefit and running the risk of furthering your issues. If that’s a recommendation from a uro, I’d say he’s lost and confused and this point.


Damn. I think I have both congestion and nerve issues. not sure what to do next…


I just want everyone that may be reading this thread to understand that I am not considering a epididymectomy. I have always been against the idea, and probably always will be.

My wife, and I talk about my PvP/s here and there, and we were just talking yesterday as I told her about what was being discussed here yesterday morning (what I was saying previously^^^).

I would “like to think” that epididymectomy has worked for many guys over the years as the procedure is still being performed, but I feel confident saying it has screwed many guys up as well. I certainly wouldn’t recommend the procedure, but thats just me.

Seeing guys claim victory post epididymectomy has been an extreme rarity in these kind of forums far as what I’ve seen.


Personally, I would remove my entire testicle before I would do an epi-ectomy.

From what I’ve read, removing a testicle is like removing a kidney. You have two for a reason and when one goes, the other typically picks up the slack. Aside from the mental stigma of being “half a man,” I think orchiectomy is a strong option. Especially in the hands of an experienced surgeon. It’s sonething I’m considering strongly given the unilateral nature of my issues.


And what would you do, if you had issues on both sides???


I can’t answer that question. No one can. We’re all stuck on an island looking for a way off and at this point there aren’t many answers. Unfortunately doctors don’t have the answers either but given the position of trust we put them in, we often find ourselves at the mercy of someone’s guess. Orchiectomy seems like a severe thing to do but if it’s a full cord removal through the inguinal canal and it’s done by the right person, I think it’s a viable option.

That’s all I’m saying.


I had the chance of getting a epididymectomy 6 months in to the misery. Now we are 18 months in to misery. If the epididymectomy fails, you can still get the orchiectomy and either way the cord is gone…

I find it quite annoying that a lot of the guys here are preaching against epididymectomy with zero experience and without more than one guy here having experience in the first place. I’m not sure it’s the solution either, but for me messing around with pain killers and therapists is no solution either…


The wait, take pills and hope it gets better after years gets draining mentally and obviously physical problem doesn’t help.

I’ve got to try something next year that’s for sure…

Good luck on sorting yours out.


I just made an appointment for a bilateral epididymectomie on Monday.


I can think of at least two different guys here that had a epididymectomy. One claimed it messed him up bad, he lives in the UK.

The other guy claimed it helped him, but he moved on to more have even more surgery, which messed him up badly.

We’ve got at least a 50/50 representation far as pain relief here on this forum.

I apologize if any of my thoughts regarding epididymectomy annoy anyone. There are quite a few threads on getting, considering, etc a epididymectomy on this forum already, and it’s always the same people chiming in about it. It’s always the same thoughts, and same advise.

Remember what I said earlier, I would 'like to think" this procedure has helped many men over time, but idk.

Hope it helps. Good luck.


Hope it goes great for you. all the best.


I’m gone try this:
Using hyaleronic Acid and carboxymethylcellulose to prevent extra scartissue from appearing


Good luck @derberlinersmurf. Please keep us posted.


Hi Mate I had an Epididymectomy on my right testicle, I can say it relieved my pain, but was not a great decision
my right testes has shrunk. it is a lot smaller than the other, read up on them.


@Pvps75 I had epididymectomy, and ended up worse off. Its a one way street, looking back I’d not have this procedure. I’m UK based too. Message me if you want more details