Considering a Epididymectomy next year


Hi guys.

I’m at another crossroads. reversal 21 months ago helped a bit (I suffered from nerve pain and stomach pain post vasectomact 4 years prior.

my reversal urologist Dr Harriss (a top reversal guy in the uk) advised me at time of reversal that following a reversal if I had another blowout in the tubes he would recommend a Epididymectomy.

I know there is not many cases (if any) of this helping but I have a feeling it will help me to take the tube out. I have no plans for any more kids (I’m 42). The medication I’m on (duloxetine) has taken away most of nerve pain but the stomach pain and general pain in my left tube is 24 hours a day.

I’m going to get another examination by Dr Harriss before I proceed.

Any advice would be greatly received. All the best in your pain solving journey…


I’m desperately asking for a bilateral epididymectomy but can’t find someone who is willing to it. Neither someone who is willing to do a reversal. I’m 28 and I don’t have any effect from the cord block I had.

So I’m also looking for some experience and advice.

I found a dutch guy who whas very happy with his bilateral epididymectomy but that seems to be the only one…


Do either of you guys have any small, hard, painful nodules within your epididymis’s? Is the pain worse after you ejaculate?

I don’t feel around a whole lot anymore, but I do examine myself every now and then, especially when I get on a roll of post ejaculate pain.

I’ve been on a pretty good roll of post ejaculate pain lately, and have been wondering if I have multiple blowouts myself. I have as many as 3-4 spots on my bad, worst side.

Unfortunately, I don’t even have a tub, or anything of the sorts to try and kill off a ton of sperm with heat. My main options are taking something such as papaya seed powder, or testosterone therapy.

I live in a very hot climate, and I always trend better when it’s hot outside (I work in the heat as well). I’ve actually been wondering if the cooler temperatures lately have me building up higher concentrations of sperm again, but idk.

I’ve actually considered putting a disposable heat pack down there to try and kill a bunch of sperm off. I suppose I could try a heating pad in the evenings to do the same.

I can’t comment far as the epididymectomy goes. Tearing myself apart further is the last thing I want to consider. Fun times.


Epididymisis on left side is often swolen. right feels fine. seems to be a lot more scar/hard masses on the left.

definitely got worse now it’s winter time.

yes I get pain after ejaculation.

I think the plumbing on the left is knackered and causes all sorts of blockages and pain.

Roll on 2018…


That’s interesting, and sounds similar to what I’m experiencing. The mass majority of my issues are on my left side as well.

Yea, I’m not sure what these small, hard spots are. Could be scarring, could be pressure, idk.

I’ve actually had at least one of these small, hard spots for many years, but the pain, and symptoms change over the seasons. I’d been thinking I had a tini hydrocele there for many years, but I’m beginning to think otherwise as I have several others now.

I’m going to get on the ball (no pun intended), and try the heating pad idea out, and see if it helps. I will try conservative treatments before surgery any day.


I have a hard and painfull knob in the head of both epydidimi. I can’t really tell but driving with 0 degrees celcius on my motorcycle does hurt more.


You guys might try out the heating pad idea while at home, and/or at work (if you have an office job). I need a pair of heating pad lined boxer briefs to lounge around the house in, lol.

I discussed the epididymectomy option with my wife this morning, and like myself, she’s totally against the idea. Me ending up worse off isn’t an option.

Conservative treatments have got me by since 2013, and I generally trend pretty well as long as I don’t ejaculate before evening, and/or daily.

Frequent ejaculations is what brought on the bad run I’m on again, but I have a feeling the cool weather is playing a role in higher concentrations of sperm within my epididymal tubes, and vas/s. Idk for sure tho.

I’m going to keep on with my heating pad idea for a while. I did about 45 minutes of it this morning on high.


I’ve got the nodules but I had an epididymal cyst pre-vasectomy. Its still there and it’s tender. I don’t think this is the same as what you are referring to. However, this is my most sensitive part of my testicle.

Perhaps I don’t understand the procedure, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why a epi-ectomy would be a positive thing. I’d seriously consider orchiectomy before epi-ectomy.


It seems like the epi is the one that gets the inflammations. The pro part is that you still make enough testosteron to be able to live without surrogates.


Yea, I’m with you brother. I’d have my left boy removed before I had an epididymectomy.

I have more than just congestive epididymis pains, etc going on here from time to time. I have this damn pre-existing varicocele pain stuff on the same side, and even if I did have any faith at all that an epididymectomy would help my congestive issues, I definitely fear it causing more problems for me imperticularly.

These hard, and sometimes painful nodules I have could very well be epididymal cysts as well. If that’s what they are, they didn’t show up on any ultrasound I’ve ever had. I’ve had ultrasounds pre vas, post vas, post varicocele embolization, etc.


The problem, as I see, is the underlying cause of the inflammation. If it’s the epi itself that is the source of the pain, then fine, remove it. I don’t think it’s the epi that’s hurts. I would guess for most of us it’s the testicle. Epi-extort essentially is a dissection if the testicle. Further, it only limits the amount of sperm that can be held at any one time and this should further increase pressure.

I compare it to leg swelling after you tourniquet the ankle. The idea that raising the tourniquet to the knee is going to solve the issue doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t help but think about the stress this would put on the testicle as well.


I will double check my records for any epididymal cysts when I get a chance. I said I didn’t recall any record of this earlier, but something tells me to double check.

Either way, my left boy has multiple issues to say the least. Epididymal cysts on my left side wouldn’t be positive news by any means.

Whatever is going on, I definitely have some “new” stuff happening. I don’t recall multiple small, hard spots on my left epi ever before.


sounds like a plan. what sort of heat pad do you use?


This might be good news (to have an epididectomy) my pain is 95% in my left tube not my testicle.


In that case, I’d bet good money the pain isn’t coming from you epi or your vas deferens. Highly likely it’s nerve damage, probably from scar tissue


True. but if the tube (where most scar tissue is) is cut out maybe it will help. Idk.


I just use a soft, flexible heating pad that’s approximately 1/3-1/2 meter sq2.

I primarily use it for my lower back when it’s going crazy, but it seems I have found another odd use for it. Not sure if this will work, but I’m willing to give it a try.


Sounds like your situation is similar to mine. I’m 43 and 14½ months post-reversal, which I had 3½ years after vasectomy. My surgeon cautioned against epididymectomy after feeling my epididymis. I guess mine wasn’t puffed up enough and wasn’t painful enough. So I’m thinking my next options are (1) spermatic cord denervation, and if that doesn’t work (2) inguinal orchiectomy. Not sure if these are common in the UK.


I’m from the UK. I was advised the nhs will do an epididectomy. for denervation I think we have to go private. it seems America is more advanced in this area currently, I could be wrong though. It’s such a head wreck not knowing the right moves to make…

All the best on your next decision.

Do you have permanent stomach pain as well?


no stomach pain, I have scrotal pain, which I think is cord pain, and I have a left hip problem, which I think is nerve related. (PVPS is on the left side)