Consent Form from my vas


Hi All,so I received my consent form from the surgeon who done my vasectomy.I taught I’d post this as I’m sure like me many guys didn’t properly read it on the day or have never been able to get hold of the original.

So here it goes.

It is your right to make informed decisions about your healthcare and it’s our intention to provide you with complete information about a vasectomy.It is then your responsibility to consider all the available options to you,including the risks and benefits,and then make what you believe is the best choice for you.

1.I the undersigned request that (doctors name)perform a vasectomy on me.It has been explained to me that the purpose of a vasectomy is to provide permanent sterility and that I will no longer be able to father a child after effective vasectomy.

2 I am aware that a vasectomy is not immediately effective and that I must continue to use other forms of contraception until a semen test has proven my vasectomy has been a success.

3 I am aware that I may have to provide a second semen sample if sperm are present in the first and that I may have to do a third sample.

4 It has been explained to me that the risk of early failure exists,approximately 1 in 1500 cases.In this case my vasectomy would have to be redone at no cost to me.

5 it has been explained to me that despite having a successful vasectomy a small risk of late failure exists.This occurs in approximately 1 in 2000 to 3000 cases.

6 I am aware that small metal clips will be left in my scrotum as part of the procedure.

7 I am aware that with any operation there are risks.In the case of vasectomy possible complications include,but are not limited to the following:

Inflammation in the testicle/Epididymis/Vas deferens (1 in 20)

Chronic Post Vasectomy Pain (1 in 2000 will be severe enough to require intervention)

Nodule formation-sperm granuloma (1 in 4 )

Bleeding in the scrotum that may require drainage in hospital (<1 in 1000)

Infection (Uncommon)

Impaired blood flow resulting in loss of testicle (rare)

Failure to achieve sterility

Emotional reactions that may interfere with sexual function (rare)

I understand and accept the risks that accompany a vasectomy.I am aware that these or other conditions may require further tests or procedures that are not covered as part of my vasectomy fee and they will be at my expense.


If only I had of read this on the day instead I’m sure like most just wanting to get in and out as quick as possible!!

I know this is only from my particular vas guy but just taught it was an interesting read.

1 in 2000 for PVPS Bullshit lying bastard


@Cannon83, Your informed consent paperwork is actually fairly good considering what some people are saying they got beforehand. I’m not saying your paperwork is “great, or good”, but it’s not terrible.

I posted my informed consent paperwork to this forum as well, and yours is actually fairly equal to mine, but I would say yours is actually better.

I think the real problem is “we”, as in the mass majority of people do not understand what we are getting ourselves into. The mass majority of people simply cannot relate to a lot of the terminology, or what it will be like if your number comes up. The mass majority of people have never experienced anything like this stuff, and don’t know anything about it.

Another biggie is, I don’t think the mass majority of people in this world would think, or beleive that doctors, even highly decorated ones would be selling anyone something that came with these kinds of risks. Risks to the patient, his family, his life as he knew it, etc, etc.

From the physical risks, to the mental risks, urology should not be selling vasectomy like it was no big deal. It’s definitely a big deal, and very risky on many levels. Risky on way more levels than urology is qualified to treat, and deal with, that’s for sure.


@RingoStar I agree it is fairly well worded and does explain everything to an extent.

You have hit the nail on the head with a couple of things you have said.

Ie it’s hard to believe that we are sold something by these so called highly educated pillars of society (as they are seen in my country anyways)in white suits that as you mention has these risks.Lets call a spade a spade ultimately money is what makes these guys do this for living.

But you just don’t expect it from the medical professionals when the bankers screw you you expect it,or the lawyer,car sales man etc.Its just something you don’t expect from these guys.

On the 1 in 2000 pvps can this guy get away with this even though we know it’s frankly not true,also pvps is not described as anything ie what is it exactly maybe it should be made more clearer to what you can potentially go through with this which isn’t the case.

To me the higher western world (ie white collar) has just become far too greedy but maybe I’m just ranting!!


Where did they get 1 in 2000? That is an arbitrary phony number. You should ask them to provide you with the medical research for where that came from or if they can support that with their own records. I would also ask why it is so much lower than the AUA, CUA and NHS numbers.


@Cannon83, urologists do not have to site anyone’s guidelines such as the AUA, CUA, NHS, other studies, nothing. There is no law that legally binds them to tell you anything.

I’ve read of countless stories regarding pvp/s lawsuits, and pretty much all of them are losses. Nobody seems to care if you get told about anything, including pvp/s.

The vast majority of stories I know of regarding lost lawsuits boil down to, “you assumed the risks” involved. It’s BS, I know, but that’s the modern world of medicine we live in.

Urology, amongst many other practices are in bed with the legal system/s, government’s, other systems such as insurance, and so on.

Modern medicine is a bit of a joke on many levels. If your experience with vasectomy didn’t clue you into this, I’m not sure what will.

Modern medicine is more about the bottom line of $. They only have to tell their clients so much from a legal standpoint, and they move on to the masses to make profit.

I beleive a lot of it starts when these people are in college, what they are indoctrinated into believing themselves, and in turn teaching the public.

I’m not thinking they are teaching ethics in college medicine courses. Modern medicine, and ethics don’t seem to go together so well anymore in western medicine.

Whatever the case, this stuff is everywhere, and many people don’t believe that either. They are oblivious to all of it.

FYI, I was never warned about PvP/s. I’d never heard of it. I called my vas urologist out for never warning me before hand. He quoted the 1-1000 number at that point, like it was nothing to be concerned about.

Some urologists here in the states actually site the AUA guidelines, but they describe pvp/s as minor aches, and pains. Nothing to be very concerned about etc, etc.

Some urologists site the guidelines, but say a reversal will fix the majority of them men. They don’t speak much, or anything alarming about reversal failures, de-nervation, and all the other crap they have lined up for you already if you end up with complications. This includes denying you are in pain, and tell you its all in your head, live with it, etc, etc.

If urologists told the entire truth beforehand, the majority of sane, rational, and reasonable people would walk away from it.

Sorry you are here brother, and welcome to the club. We all share many of the same sentiments.


It’s funny that this was posted. I’ve really been contemplating trying to sue my original Uro- the one who did my vasectomy. I really want to tape my consult I have soon where the doc is gonna say that I need a reversal to stop my PVPS. I really want my OU to pay now. Super pissed/tired of this.


Did your wife have to sign consent for you to get one? Ohio has a law that wives have to give consent to a vasectomy.


It’s actually a creative consent form. Based on the way it’s worded, I’d say 1 in 2000 is accurate. It doesn’t say 1 in 2000 will have pain but rather 1 in 2000 will require intervention. “Requiring intervention” is very very gray and even more subjective. That’s a very smart and deceptive statement.

Mine says something like “this procedure may leave you permanently disabled.” Hard to imagine I’m through first guy to have serious issues with wording like that.


@Cartman No my wife didn’t have to sign as there is no such law here.


Are you kidding me? Your informed consent really said that?

Well at least if you end up having problems you can use that to get disability. When they try to fuck you on the other end you would be able to say, here is the doctor himself saying I may end up disabled.


Some informed consent paperwork say things like, the anesthetic used during the procedure can cause death.

You will find this kind of wording all over the place in modern medicine. From urology, to dentistry, it’s everywhere. Unfortunately, I’d say the majority of people aren’t even aware of how real these risks truely are.

I remember a guy that sued for pvps, and he lost his case because he assumed the risk of death via anesthetic (there was a small blurb about it in his paperwork). Because of this alone, it was like nothing that happened to him post vas even mattered.

Following the lawsuit, that huge urology practice imperticularly immediately changed its paperwork to get a better upper hand far as their creative/deceptive wording of their informed consent paperwork.


Consent forms are all over the place. I pass one out 3-4x a day. Personally, I think there should be a limit on what’s on there. No one should have the right to consent to death by a doctor unless it’s brain surgery or something. I’ll dig mine out and post it.

Anything is possible if you think about it. Malpractice is tricky because you have to prove intent or negligence. The fact that chronic pain is a known consequence of vasectomy let’s most of these guys off the hook.

The car dealership doesn’t have to document the possibility of you dying in a fireball of fury going down the highway but that too is a possibility. The cards are really stacked against the patient, especially at the hands of a specialist because they can prove the necessary training.

Furthermore, say you win the lawsuit. You’re looking at maybe 1-2 million dollars. Your attorney take 2/3rds of it and now what? You might have proved a point but you can do that with a board complaint if you really want to.


Yea, I hear you on a lot of that. I’m certainly not suggesting you are jacking unsuspecting individuals over in a way like many vasectomist’s do far as informed consent goes.

I’m not into writing a long speil about informed consent anymore than I already have.

Many of us learned the hard way far as understanding medical informed consent, the paperwork, and how people can legally sell potentially dangerous stuff to unsuspecting individuals.

This un/informed consent stuff has been an ongoing topic since I started posting in 2010. I’m beyond much of this these days, where as new victims are just beginning to understand what they got themselves involved in.


The problem with consent forms is that a lot of people don’t read them anyways or don’t think the things in them can happen to them, especially with vasectomy being sold as such a safe and simple procedure. People believe the word of mouth from the doctor as well, regardless of the paperwork. I’ve read lots of posts from people saying the doctors told them the worst thing that can happen is an infection or additional swelling and that post vasectomy issues are fixable. Nothing is said about chronic lifelong pain and especially about nerve damage. The nerve damage thing is what really makes me mad (probably because it hits close to home) but this comes down to the doctors’ error in my mind. This just shouldn’t happen.


Vas consent.pdf (1.2 MB)

There is my consent form.

“The risk can be serious…and can possibly lead to disability or death.”

Sign away!! I hate condoms!! So STUPID.


I did not read it. I relied on my oral consult with the urologist who I had seen for 14 years. You think you can trust after that amount of time. You really can’t when it comes to this procedure. There is kind of a willful ignorance and refusal to accept that people can have their lives ruined by the procedure. It won’t change without incentive/coercion. I have said for a long time if we people just mention their provider here. Send letters to the state medical board…get it on records that you have had a bad outcome with a guy. A notarized letter to the state medical board and to the provider along with the AUA guidelines would do it. Then the next guy that comes along has something to work with.


Yep, you can tell your vas physicians have their legal paperwork in order. Looks like they’ve seen and heard it all, and are well prepared for legal recourse. This paperwork is far more bulletproof than what I received.

I’d say you definitely signed your life away.


Nerve damage is definitely a risk, and nerve damage is not all about surgical error either.

Nerve damage comes with the territory when it comes to vasectomy, reversal, de-nervation, and pvp/s corrective procedures in general.


This is true. I don’t fault the providers for their skill, I think bad outcomes are not avoidable, it’s the failure to disclose risk or to have accountability for that lack of disclosure and it’s consequences. If I thought there was a 1 in 100 chance of getting messed up bad I would not have done it and I suspect many men would choose the same. The risk is not conveyed.