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Congestive pain cured with papaya seed powder!


Has anyone on here tried this particular product from eBay? I ordered it because I thought maybe it would be better than the Bulk Supplements. But when it came today it smells pretty bad and looks different than the finely ground bulk supplements powder. It’s “homemade” so no label or packaging of any kind. Came from Sri Lanka. I’m feeling less confident about ingesting something I know so little about its origins.


I haven’t tried that exact product from that exact seller, but I have got papaya seed powder on eBay several times, including from that region of the world, and it was basically homemade to. The stuff I got from that region of the world came in a shiny silver cellophane packet. It didn’t come in a western style mega marketing package with all the bling on it.

Several guys on here have tried products from the same eBay sellers I spoke of above, especially those that ship internationally. Those seller names have been posted on this site, and perhaps in this thread many times. As of today, I’ve never read a review on this site that suggested anyone received something bad, nasty, etc.

None of the papaya seed powder I’ve ever bought smelled like something I wanted to eat, drink, etc. Even the product I reviewed as the best I ever tried didn’t smell like something I wanted to eat either. Most guys mix it into something to take the edge off.

Far as bulk supplements product, I feel pretty confident saying it’s not going to smell or taste great right out of the package either. And FYI, it’s a product of China, and to the best of my knowledge it’s a GMO product to.

Best advice I can think to give you is, buy another product, and compare them. And obviously, if you feel strongly that there’s something wrong with the product you received, don’t take it.


Thank you all for this awesome thread. I had my vasectomy 2 months ago, followed by a very serious latent infection 1 month ago that turned into sepsis.

Now I suddenly have new symptoms that are exactly as many of you have described: a sense of heavy and larger testicles, redness, overall tenderness and scrotal pain (as well as what seems to be some pelvic floor pain) and a notably swollen epididymis on one side that is very tender. My urologist couldn’t have seemed to care less and just shrugged it off with saying “anti inflammatories, rest, and time”. While I don’t disagree with him, I do want to be proactive in helping my body to heal and really appreciate these vitamin/supplement recommendations knowing it has helped others. Fingers crossed and thanks again.


Had my regretful procedure done 4 months ago. So glad for this suggestion and group!

This is definitely worth a try. Ordered some and started a 2 tsp dose of finely ground papaya seeds (mixed with a glass of water) yesterday. It seems to taste more like cocoa powder with a little spice. Will keep you posted in a few months. Keeping my fingers crossed and am going to pray that this works