Congestive pain cured with papaya seed powder!


Vas was about 2 years ago. I started having issues about 1 month ago. I opened up separate thread with the details here a couple weeks ago: Pain started about 2 years after open-ended vasectomy


Great, thanks! This is purely a guess, but thinking it’ll just take you longer for the papaya to fight it off as your congestion was likely building up for quite some time. My situation was very different, began taking the papaya about 3 weeks after my vasectomy.

Good luck!


Thanks. Yes even though my vas was open-ended, I have heard that the ends can close on their own afterwards. So there’s no telling how long it was building up. I hope that the papaya starts to kick in soon since my good side is now starting to bother me too with same symptoms.


Do you guys know of papaya seeds pills? How about papaya seed extract oil? Would that be the same?


This has been discussed before and the concensus was that it had to be powder. I am based in the UK and bought some from eBay seller ‘sharmaynr’ it was £12 and came from India. Definitely felt like it shrunk my epi’s after about a week.


Hi Guys

Would chewing and swallowing fresh seeds have same effects the powder is hard to get hold of
in my area but the fruit is full up



I think it would. However you’d probably need a lot of seeds to get the required dose.


Seems I already told you that there are places online (eBay, etc) that have sellers that ship worldwide (free shipping), including to south america.

If you have an abundance of non GMO green papaya fruit in your area, there’s no doubt that you could collect a bunch of seed, dry it out, grind it up in a cheap coffee grinder (or the equivalent), and be sitting on a whole bunch of high quality product. The typical 1/2 tsp twice daily dosage would remain the same.


A few weeks ago, I saw a post from@spurs1982 where he talked about the supplements he was taking that had helped him see improvement.

[Quick summary of my situation - vasectomy 9/27/17. 6 - 8 pain level for 8 months. I tried everything. Couldn’t get over significant congestion pain and what felt like nerve damage. Finally had enough and got a reversal on 3/27/18. It’s almost been two months since my reversal and during the first 6 weeks, I wasn’t seeing much improvement at all. I was starting to get worried that the reversal was a another mistake.]

I decided to try the majority of spurs1982 suggestions and have been doing so for roughly 2 weeks.

Here is what I’ve been taking (see image) on a daily basis…

  • (1) Daily multi vitamin

  • 1/2 tsp of Papaya Seed powder, twice per day

  • 2 fish oil pills (1000 mg)

  • 2 Vitamin E pills (400 I.U.)

  • 2 Garlic Extract pills

  • 1 Vitamin C (1000 mg)

  • 1 Vitamin D (1000 I.U.)

I don’t claim to know exactly why all of this is working…but I’ve had a really good week compared to where I’ve been for the last 8+ months. I have had 5 straight days of 2 - 4 pain instead of 6 - 8 and my left side epi has definitely settled down. I’m not completely in the clear and I wouldn’t say I’m healed, but I have hope. My left side is still sensitive to the touch but it isn’t throbbing and constantly on my mind. Sitting is still an issue but I’ve been able to walk this week without a noticeable limp. My body is still completely out of alignment from protecting everything for so long but I’m working on that with a massage therapist. Just thought I would share.

THANK YOU @spurs1982 !!!


@ncr that’s great news! I’m really pleased that this has helped you. It’s good to know that by being on here we can share stuff like this and hopefully help eachother get over this terrible situation we all find ourselves in. Please post another update in a couple of weeks, I hope things continue to get better for you.


While I’m here I thought I’d post another update on my recovery. So after the congestion pain went away I started exercising and had significant pelvic/cord pain on one side. My doc said all the muscles and scar tissue were being stretched after what is effectively an injury. He said to keep going and not to worry about the pain. I took his advice and slowly things have improved. I’m cycling twice a week and sitting at a desk/driving is no longer an issue. I do still have a mild ache after exercise but it’s nothing compared to where a started from. I’m still taking fish oil but I took this before the VAS anyway. I’ve stopped the other supplements for the moment.


@spurs1982 how did your congestion pain feel like? My testicle is extremely tender to touch, can see that epididymis is enlarged. Is this similar to what you experienced?


@SomeGreyBIoke both Epi’s were enlarged from top to bottom. The head at the top was worst. Very tender to the touch and exercise/sex made it worse. Sitting and driving was also difficult as this put pressure on them and was painful - they basically felt full up. They are still larger than before the VAS but I don’t have pain now, apart from an occasional twinge here and there but it’s not very often. I also had orchitis which caused pain inside the testicles, and the testicles swelled up.