Congestive pain cured with papaya seed powder!


Took me a while to get this stuff,bulk supplements didn’t deliver to my neck of the woods so I got it on Amazon from "Herbal Papaya"but I’m also starting it today,not easily mixed with a spoon & water I’ll agree!

Yogurt sounds like a good idea :+1:t2:


I just started it too. Going for 1/2 tsp 2x a day. I have the Herbal Papaya as well. Quite tough to mix indeed!

I opted for the Herbal Papaya mainly bc it was non-GMO which I thought was important for this. Anyone have success with a cheaper version that likely is GMO?


Hi all, I had vas. 3 months ago. The procedure went ok one side but on the other side the doc has difficulties finding the right tube to cut (!) He was therefore rummaging around down there for longer than normal resulting in a lot of swelling which took the best part of 6 weeks to subside. Things were ok for about two weeks and I went back to cycling and normal activities. Then one morning right testicle swells up and I am in pain. Got diagnosed with Epididymitis and took antibiotics. After one week right ball improved but infection spread to left side too. After two weeks things had improved, and I’d finished the antibiotics. About two days later left ball swelled again but not as bad - seemed like head of the epididymis only. This went away but started getting pain in the right side again. Hard to pinpoint but I think it’s in the epididymis, near the top on the back of the ball. It’s like a constant dull ache. Doc has put me back on antibiotics but I’m not sure they are doing anything now. My epididymis feels enlarged on the right side (where the pain is) but it’s not painful to touch like it was when the ball swelled up. I’m wondering if this is congestion and am considering getting some papaya seed powder to see if this helps. Does this type of pain/description sound Similar to what others on here have experienced? Ps Thanks all for sharing your stories, it’s reassuring to know others are going through the same sh!t as me!!


Sorry you’re here. It’s pretty standard to be put on antibiotics when you first have issues. Your issues sound like congestion so trying papaya seed is a reasonable option. Some have also found relief from herbal teas, specifically yarrow and marshmallow root. Good luck. You can do a search for epididymitis on here and read what else has helped me with the same issue.


@Kyvas thanks for your reply, I bet no-one on here thought they would end up here! I’ll definitely look those up and plan to get some papaya seeds soon.


Good to now, I may give it a try.


So, do you need to continue to take the powder for ever? Or did you stop after the pain was gone?


I’ve been on it for about 5 weeks. I’m planning on taking for at least another 4-5 months. I may eventually just go to 1 tsp once a day at some point. I think some guys eventually got off of it and they felt fine still. I personally don’t like the idea of sperm floating around my system (after I’ve done all the research) so I’ll probably be on it forever unless I notice any major side effects.


I take the papaya seed powder and very hot baths. This has seemed to help! Also, go get a second opinion or talk to another doctor. Your doctor might just be not the smartest guy out there. I’m on week 3 post vas. Keep the faith man. I think you’ll be ok


How intense is this effect? I’m 3 weeks post-surgery and I don’t feel like I’m improving. The right side is fine but the epi on the left side feels slightly swollen and very tender. Ejaculation does not seem to help or hurt matters, it’s just constantly like this.

I want to give papaya seed a shot, but I’ve had heart rhythm issues in the past (one episode of A-fib about 5 years ago, plus some ongoing palpatations.) If it’s no worse than having a cup or two of coffee, I’m not worried. But if it’s like taking speed, this won’t be an option for me.


@jerm138, I’m not sure how, or why papaya seed powder seems to increase heart rate in some of us, and I’m not sure why more people don’t report that side effect. Perhaps it won’t have that effect on you.

I think the only way to know just how it affects you is to give it a trial run, and start out low on your dosage. Perhaps 1/2 tsp per day to start, and take it after you have a belly full of food.

I certainly didn’t feel like I did some speed while I was in it, but I do drink products with caffeine in them in the morning, and perhaps that compounded the issue. Idk.

I still see people claiming this product cured them in a matter of a week, or two, and I’m still skeptical because I’ve seen so much skeptical stuff posted in regard pvps since 2010 to make my head spin, and I’m pretty used to it by now. I know of others that used it for the same symptoms, and it had little to no effect.


Thanks. I just ordered a pack of the bulk supplements version.

Even if it works on a placebo effect, I’ll be fine with that. So long as I get relief. I don’t even know for fact that it’s a congestion issue, so it may be a wasted effort.

It’s not like I’m in constant excruciating pain. I’m just so frustrated that I can’t really do anything except lie around watching TV or reading books. I have SO MANY things around the house that I need to get done. We just moved to a new city recently and the weather is beautiful, but my wife and I can’t enjoy it because of this damn pain.


No problem brother.

I’m thinking that the bulk supplements stuff is likely a GMO product as it’s manufactured, and/or a product of China. I doubt it’s organic either, but what I’m saying doesn’t mean it can’t work as many others have posted success with it.

The only thing that would make me less of a skeptic about papaya seed powder is an actual controlled study with the product. Mize well have some guys take the GMO version in the study as well, and test them every week for approximately 3 months.

I have become very skeptical about so much regarding pvps over the years because I’ve seen, and heard to much over time.

Being a skeptic is actually a good thing. If we had all been a bit more skeptical about vasectomy, many of us wouldn’t be in the boat we are in now.

Being a skeptic goes hand in hand all over life itself. If we always believe in what we are told, or told to beleive in, we are as much as blank hard drives being programed into what someone else wants us to be, or beleive in.

Good luck with the trials, I hope it helps you.


@Rodger hi, I’ve read your post about the Papaya seeds with interest and wondered have you had to continue taking them to alleviate your pressure pains, or did one course do the trick?


I have reached out to Rodger before but he’s no longer active on here. Another user that goes by ‘Wireman’ posted his story and I believe he only used it for a month or two and has been off of it since early this year. He also keeps up with trips to a spa that may also be a factor. Try the search feature and you should be able to find his post.

You can always test how you feel after a couple of months and see what works.


Thanks, after I posted earlier I noticed Rodger hadn’t posted for a while. I’ve got some papaya on order and am looking forward to giving it a try.