Congestive epididymitis after vasectomy


We didn’t talk about the details that much but the impressions I got form them were as follows:

  • mild but noticeable
  • flared up after ejaculation
  • pain was generally getting better and better


No problem thanks for your reply


You ever figure this out? I had a vasectomy 2 years ago, noticed the same thing last fall… i had pain for over 6 months after mine, sometimes it was bad, other times tolorable… noticably from the left testi. I could feel the hemotomo off my left testi for a long time, after a year or so everything seems fine now, with the exception of my lymph nodes on both sides. I only noticed one on the right thats a little smaller than yours but my doc said yesterday its both sides and all through the string of them. Last week i noticed it again and this is when i went to my doc (yesterday). He said no way is it related to a vasectomy and now i am waiting for blood tests, ct scan and a biopsy appt to be scheduled. Scary… but i feel fine and just have a hunch its related to my vasectomy. I would love to know how your situation turned out


It’s been 13 years since I had my vasectomy and I still get the pain every now and then. It flares up about 5 or more times a year, last about a week and goes away. It is a mild pain but still bothersome and it’s only on one testicle. I have learned to live with it.


@Nativmatt this actually sounds a lot like how PVPS was explained to me before I had mine. I’m not dismissing your issue, but man I wish my pain was more like yours and not constant. Sorry you’re here though.


Hey guys so I had a vasectomy 2 yrs ago. I been having pain on and off during sex or erections like someone kicked me in the balls. Today my groin area was hurting. I checked my testicles my left one is swollen. It’s not the actual testicle that’s swollen it’s the surrounding. I think it’s the epididymitis. It’s so freaking swollen. This has happened about 3 times since I go it done. I’m going to my Dr Monday. But does anyone have any ideas.


From the research I have done, it might be from your Epididymis being congested. During sex, your testicles elevate which could be putting pressure on the congested Epididymis thus resulting in pain. I believe this is one of the more common side effects of vasectomy. I’ve read a lot of guys get this feeling soon after the vasectomy, months, or even years later.


sounds very similar to what I had post-vas, except mine started soon after the vasectomy. dead sperm and inflammation in the epididimis, it gets swolen and painful. Reversal seems to be helping me, I had the reversal 2 months back.


Hey guys feel like am battling the congestive epi syndrome as well. Recovery was ok but roughly month post vas started with that dull/ache pain on the side and behind the left testie. 1st ultrasound showed nothing. Gradually the pain went from on and off and some days nothing, to some days constant. Now am 4 months post vas and its a constant dull/pain ache 2nd ultrasound showed enlarged left epi. Antiobotics didnt help, started mobicox along with tumeric, and papaya seed powder hoping this get rid of the pain which will lessen my anxiety and help with the mental aspect of this all. Does this sound similar to anyone else story on here and what was their journey been like and what helped an not helped.