Congestion pain?


@KevinL I sincerely hope that your issues are resolved and I wish you and your family nothing but good luck from here in.Please keep In touch as I would be more than happy to see you with a full resolution.

On the above PDF I uploaded I actually spoke to this guy who claims he has/had pvp and was pretty sure this is what I was suffering from,a very honest and to the point guy he was a breath of fresh air.

I’m still at an early stage in all this and have made minor progress but still having issues post ejaculation but I do believe that some guys issues are caused from above.

Andrew Dawson states in a video online that highly sexed guys or guys who suffer with blue balls (frankly I taught all guys where sex crazed!)ie the need to ejaculate aren’t suited to being vasecetomized (you can find his explanation on a video he has made online)

I wish you well Kevin and please keep me posted I feel I could be at your point in the future.

Take care,



I never really had a frequent urination problem, many urologists ask that
question. Not sure about the gurgling/grumbling sounds but sometimes felt a
constipated feeling even if I had just moved my bowels. I tried explaining
it to a urologist and he just kept saying i was constipated but I think it
was the congestion ‘discomfort’ I would sometimes get - sometimes not
exactly painful but nauseating or a tightness in the lower abdomen, or
feeling sort of constipated. Sometimes I would feel like I had to take a
leak but my bladder was empty. these types of feelings would come and go
from time to time.

When I consulted with Dr. Marks he said each individual with PVPS has a
unique set of symptoms and the details are less important than the overall
picture. From what I have read the delayed pain/discomfort after
ejaculation can be associated with congestion PVPS. Everyone says to give
it time, at some point you have to decide if it is going away or not, if
you can live with it or not. Best of luck and I hope your symptoms resolve
or you find a solution. If you come to the conclusion that you do have
congestion PVPS and can’t live with it, I think the good news is it can be
cured by reversal potentially, but no guarantees sadly. I’m hoping to post
a success story after I heal from the reversal surgery.


This is the guy who did my reversal. Explained everything before hand and as you mentioned it has / does suffer from pvp himself. As I am 100% better, I cannot rate him highly enough


Can you give the dosage of Oxytocin and cialis you use every day? What was prescribed. You are sure it is oxytocin (a hormone) and Oxycontin (a pain killer)?


@derberlinersmurf I haven’t tried it but I’ve come across a guy on this that has.

Unfortunately Oxytocin isn’t available as a prescribed drug where I’m living,I’m actually starting a dose of cialis this week as it too is meant to help(here’s hoping)

The guy I spoke to said it was 100u Oxytocin with 5mg of cialis.I’m not sure what form the Oxytocin comes in if I be honest.


I got syntocinon and some syringes to inject Oxytocin myself. Taladafil is also available now for 1/3th of what Cialis costed.


Just needed to add something to this post.

So a couple of weeks ago I visited my GP and she told me my symptoms are nerve related and I am of the belief she is right.

I have been on Lyrica 150mg per day for the last 2 weeks I haven’t noticed any great difference,I still do at times get some days where I feel quite good,but I’ll be honest I don’t really know if I’ve improved a lot since day 1.

Yes my daily pain back at the start was horrible but in recent weeks I have had burning pain (probably a couple of days a week)that is quite uncomfortable.I probably have gotten better but very slowly.

Yesterday Christmas Day I didn’t have a good day with the burning (this also tends to lead to frequent urination)and today is only slightly better,I’m hoping this will subside as normally it tends too.This crap has put such a downer on things.My sex life is not great and does tend to make things worse especially frequent sex and I would tend to think that my pain after sex 24-48 hrs is probably worse than it was at the start.

I just kinda miss doing simple things with my family like today they went for a walk in the country I don’t feel up to it due to my pain,same yesterday I’m sitting there trying to put a happy face on Christmas Day of which I always love but the fucking pain was at me and basically ruined my day.

Most days I’m able to most things and haven’t missed any time from work,I’m self employed in construction and my wife works in a low paid job in the hotel industry so missing work is not an option.But I know that if this shit continues I’m gonna have to think about changing jobs as I reckon the constant moving,pulling,lifting etc can’t be good.

today was the first day I stayed in bed as I find when I have the burning the less movement the better.

My pain I would still say changes month to month.

I’m visiting a Urologist next week,I feel I have been somewhat in denial that this is happening to me,and have I left it too late I only visited my GP a few weeks ago,this was my first second opinion probably should have went earlier?My vas guy was very helpful and I taught he was on top of things he prescribed me drugs ie steriods which I taught where helping,I put a lot of trust in him and in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have,I also feel lost at times in this forum as you guys seem to know so much more about the anatomy,nerves etc of which I feel quite clueless.

I’m thinking to myself of late CAN I HAVE HOPE that I will get somewhat better in time ??it’s also disheartening where I’m living as there is literally no specialists here (this seems more common in the USA to have specialists)

Sorry for the long post I just needed to vent


I have days like yours often too. I think I’m feeling pretty good and then the pain flares up and I start questioning everything. Recently though, i’ve been able to realize that things eventually recede and I get back to lower pain levels. It’s still scary as hell, but like you I can do most things. A common theme when it comes to pain management is to try and not give up the things you enjoy doing. Often the pain will stay in the background if you’re engaged in something. I thought Christmas was going to be hard because of the stress that it brings, but I ended up focusing on my kids and the conversations and ended up having a pretty good day. A glass or 2 of wine definitely helped too. Ha.

Whatever you do though, try to keep the hope. Even if it is a nerve injury, that too can heal. It can just take a ridiculously long time to heal. Years even. Sorry things haven’t progressed for you. Good luck


Update:(I’m using this as a kinda notes page for my own records just in case people think I’m updating a bit much)

I visited a Urologist (I’d say this guy was around 60 so I presume he has some experience but idk) this morning and to be honest I’m still not any wiser.

He did admit that pvp is very real he actually stated that 15% to 20% of guys have problems up to 3 months but didn’t go any further with longer term problems.

He didn’t say an awful lot basically listened to my story so far,of which I want to add to just so other guys know I had an open ended vas and developed epydidymitis within the first few weeks basically had a very tender testicle when pressed around my epidimas all left side problems.

He examined me and reckoned I have a small granuloma on my left side when he pressed on the area it didn’t seem overly sore??but he mentioned it felt very tender

I told him about my issues with pain after sex and also PE.

He has put me on

Augmentin 375mg daily
Buscopan 60mg daily

I’m also on 200mg of Lyrica daily.

I have to take the above for the next month and revisit the Urologist.

I have my doubts on above but idk.

I would also note I’m feeling a bit sore in the area he thinks I have the granuloma in this is 5 hours later.

I would just like to add to that in my country,health insurance isn’t as common this consultation has cost me €200 & another €50 for medication.

If I go through the public system I’d be an old man before I’d get to seee anyone.Health Insurance would be financially out of reach for me and wouldn’t cover the full cost anyways of most procedures/consultations.

I don’t want to be just throwing money at this and getting nowhere but at the same time want to obviously make some ground.Ultimately I’d throw thousands at whatever if it gets me the right outcome