Confused - could it really be a hernia?


My husband saw Dr. Jarvi in Toronto yesterday. I was hopeful that he would have some insight on what is causing my husband’s issues since having his vasectomy 2 months ago.

He started the exam on my husband and within 20 seconds, found the spot that my husband’s pains are coming from. He said right away my husband has a hernia and that is his issue.

As a background, he is the third doctor who believes his issues are hernia related; however, we had an ultrasound 2.5 weeks ago that came back negative. Jarvi’s words was that it was a substantial hernia. To me, that doesn’t mean it’s small.

My husband has no testicular congestion. No pains during or after sex/erections. He has no other pains besides on the left side that is higher up but does radiate down. He does get pain his abdomen as well. He is in construction so does lift heavy things but had no issues previous to the vasectomy. He doesn’t have pains when he is walking or standing but has a lot of pain during exertion (lifting) and sitting. He describes it like burning and aching and finds that if he puts pressure on the area, it feels better.

I know some of you have been given hernia diagnosis in the past. I’m worried he will get it fixed, be off for 6 or so weeks without the pain being fixed. I don’t know if I should trust the doctors at this point. From what I’ve read, hernias aren’t that painful and as stated, he never had one that he knew about prevas. I’m trying not to be skeptical but I’m scared too.


I don’t know much about hernias but if you’re 3 for 3 on doctors saying it’s a hernia, how out of the way would it be to see someone who is a true specialist with them?

Not saying to rush into surgery of course but if you where to find someone who would listen and you state your case very clearly, this could be the answer to your husbands problems. It’s my understanding there are many different imaging techniques that can be used as well as even the smallest of inguinal hernias being known to cause all sorts of pain throughout the pelvis. I would seek an absolute answer before doing anything major…

Maybe he had a hernia for a long time, years even and never knew about it since it never bothered him. Maybe when there was disturbance from the vasectomy it set things in motion. This is a scenario I have began to consider for myself.

I read all of your posts but usually don’t have anything to contribute. Sorry you’re here. I wish you and your husband all the best. Stay positive, don’t stop searching and let us know what happens.


Yea, it’s a “maybe”, but these are my thoughts as well.

I would echo much of what you said above @John1.


Having pain in the abdomen or pelvis, that is reducible with external pressure, is highly indicative of a hernia. Pain with lifting is also very indicative. The vasectomy could easily have irritated a nerve that transects the hernia, or caused the muscles to tense up creating pain that wasn’t there before. It would be of benefit to find a hernia specialist to tell you one way or the other. In all honesty a hernia would probably a better scenario if one can be found. They can with their own risks but it is often an easily fixed problem. Good luck.


DON’T trust the doctors. There should be a way to definitively tell if it’s a hernia or not. I’ve had two hernia operations. In one case I knew I had one due to pain, the other was discovered during another surgery.

Seems unbelievably coincidental that a hernia occurred at the same time as the vasectomy…just saying.


@Wolverine1918 I concur. He will be going to a hernia specialist next week and I want him assessed. He definitely has a soft spot in his inguinal canal but I can’t see him having these issues all of a sudden. It doesn’t make sense to me at all.

I’m hoping this is his issue in a way because it will “fix” it but I find it just too coincidental.


I’ve been there-no issues prevas and major pain after- I had two doctors tell me hernia-and was even told that it showed up on ultrasound. I went to a well respected surgeon and he said after feeling me -no way I am operating on you because there is no way I can feel anything and you should not be in this much pain. I too actually hoped I had a hernia. My advice is just be cautious. His pain does sound different than mine but I would want to see clear evidence of a hernia on ultrasound etc to consider the surgery. This is difficult and my prayers are with you…in the end I opted for reversal


This does make it all so much more complicated. Can I ask what pain you had? I agree that he is in too much pain for it to be a hernia as well. It’s all pelvic/groin


My pain was fine in morning but gradually got worse as day went on. No difference if pain level if I ran, lifted weights had sex etc- every night I propped my leg up in an attempt to find reilef-a pain level about the same as if I squeezed my arm as hard as I could. I just could not get around no pain pre vas huge pain afterwards…


@Jason did the reversal help you


reversal helped me-I had one with dr P at Pur clinic 2014 and it sealed up after about 6 months so in 2016 I had a second with dr marks in arizona. Costly on a teachers salary but I would have burnt my house to the ground if it would have helped me. I find that I no longer sit with my leg propped up and I don’t think I’ll ever be normal again but it does not have the constant ache that is maddening. No real advice but see several doctors and get felt by several as they search for a hernia. I remember hoping I had a hernia. I did not have the classic pain after sex-mine just hurt more every day as the day went on. I did everything I ever did but it was with the constant thought of “my nuts hurt”. I waited 1 1/2 years to get reversal and I wish I had done it sooner. Nothing has hurt me like that vasectomy. One of the things that is so frustrating is that no doctor can really tell you what is wrong or how to fix you. This sight was a godsend to me-in the end I felt like I only had two choices-reversal or denervation. I kept waiting for pain to get better but it never did.



I figured it was time to update this thread. My husband did in fact have an Inguinal hernia on his left side where he was getting the groin pain. He went to a popular hernia centre in our area where they finally diagnosed him (even though he had an ultrasound that came back negative a month or so earlier). He had the surgery around 3 months ago. Just to repeat from my original post, he had no symptoms of a hernia before the vasectomy. The coincidence is still mind blowing. I feel like the vas definitely had something to do with the hernia coming to light, even if it was just my husband moving and lifting differently after the procedure. He also had vas procedure pain right out of the gate and had an infection at his incision site.

Recovery has been up and down. The hernia surgery went well and the majority of his most severe pains have went away (specifically his pain while lifting and discomfort when sitting). This was a very positive outcome to these symptoms but with that positive news, there is still a lot of other vas related issues he is dealing with.

He is getting aches in his left testicle that he didn’t really have issues with before. He thinks that it’s the clips rubbing on the inside even though we don’t know for sure he had clips. He is now 7 months post vas so I don’t know if congestion issues are starting OR he had issues before with this but his groin issues were covering up his dull aches in his testicles. He is having testicular pain that radiates from his left testicle up the his groin when he coughs. The pain lingers for a while. This is a fairly new issue so I’m not sure if it’s related to his hernia surgery or the vas (to be fair). The hernia centre he went to said he could have surgery pain for up to a year because his body is still recovering.

I think the psychological effects of the vas have been the most damaging to my husband thus far. Anyone who says that vasectomies don’t affect libido, ED and other sexual side effects are full of it. My husband is suffering from this big time. I personally think he’s going through a depression and has been since he got it. He didn’t want to do it and he feels his masculinity has been compromised.

Recently he has complained about the sensitivity of his penis, comparing it to a numbness. I have noticed a difference in his erections and I think he even faked having an orgasm the other day because he’s having a hard time keeping his penis hard. His sex drive is way down and I know this is not a reflection on me but I can’t help but feel deflated again that this is happening to him. This journey has been a roller coaster that seems to have more lows than highs.

I’ve urged him to seek help but at this point he’s refusing. I think his problems could even be low T because of all the issues he is experiencing but he never had it checked before so there would be no numbers to compare. He’s also gained a bit of weight since his hernia surgery and just all together is not himself.

I hope some of this resolves in time but I don’t know if it will. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I want my husband back and the vas was the worst thing that could have ever happened to him. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the guilt of this happening to him. I feel like he’s going through all of these other issues so I should be feeling something and in this case, it’s guilt and responsibility.


Congrats on getting some progress with your husband. Tough call on what to do next. Even without having a pre-vas baseline, a T-level check sounds appropriate. My GP (new since my vas in 2005) has become so interested in my case that he checks my bi-annually every March and September. He’s part of the same health system that treated me post-vas/pre-reversal and sees in black and white that my post-vas T-level was 285 and 325 at age 40 and was most recently 656 at age 52.

I don’t know a lot of anatomy, but I strongly believe your husband’s hernia is related to the vas. My guess is that the vas damaged the GF and/or II nerve which compromised his core muscle and the compromised core muscles were, thus, susceptible to a hernia (which, I believe, is nothing but a break in the core muscles that allows organs to protrude). Given that they check for hernias by squeezing our nutsack tells me there’s a relationship but, again, I have limited medical understanding.

There’s always been a theory, unproven, that men with prior hernia like me should not have a vasectomy because the spermatic cord has already been assaulted. Could be your husband had a predisposition to both. Who knows, doesn’t matter now.

I’d really consider seeing one of the uros who performs SCD or one of the peripheral nerve surgeons.


I second the testosterone check. It’s not going to hurt anything. Of course interpreting the results and being treated for low T can be rather difficult. I’d venture to guess that a large portion of us on this site have low testosterone.

This has been shared before but take a look at the link below. The comments at the end are the most intriguing part. It really feels like it’s us against urology. I just tested low T again last week for the fourth time since my vasectomy.


So this is why I’m always hesitant to post. I feel like fate hates me. My husband told me yesterday that he is getting the stabbing pain in his groin again, now along with testicular pain, all along the left side. My anxiety is once again through the roof. I feel like the hernia repair is making things so much more complicated. The repair could have failed and is now having a recurrence or it is still symptoms from the original vasectomy but why has the stabbing pain stopped for the last 3 months since the surgery and is now back.

I honestly feel like nothing can go right and hasn’t went right since the stupid vasectomy in the first place. Why didn’t I pay attention to my husband’s concerns. I’m venting right now but I’m devastated. I honestly feel like I ruined another human being, I took a great marriage and destroyed it because I was admittently being selfish.

I’m sorry for my rant guys. I’m just so frustrated.


@Worriedwife1 I understand why you feel the way you do, but there is no reason to blame yourself. All of us thought getting a vasectomy was safe because the doctors told us it was safe. Back before all of this trouble there were no reliable alarms blaring telling you about the danger. Any fear about the procedure seemed to be something that needed to be kept in the proper perspective.

Clearly you are suffering terribly, and I hope you are able to heal emotionally and not be in a continual state of remorse about this.

This website is very valuable but I always feel more distressed after I visit and read more upsetting stories. If that’s your experience, you might want to think about coming here less frequently and see whether that helps or not.


Hello @Worriedwife1 I am very interested to know how your husband is doing? I’m having identical pains, also been diagnosed with small inguinal hernia, but doubting this is the problem now.


@SomeGreyBIoke. He is still having vasectomy related pains that existed prior to the hernia surgery. The hernia surgery did help the extreme pain he was in when lifting, bending and coughing but he will still get aches in his testicles when he is driving and he still has jabbing pains in his inguinal area that we hoped would be helped by the hernia surgery.

He went with a non mesh repair also. We live in Canada and there is a great hernia repair centre in Toronto that does non mesh.


@Worriedwife1 I had a great success with Papaya seed powder, I’d say 90% in pain reduction. May be worth a try?


@Jason, Jason how are you doing? I hope you’re well as you’ve been off for a while - still good with second reversal results?