Chronic testicular pain after surgery for testicular torsion


Great news. I hope your son heals.

I’m planning to see Dr. Williams next month.


We think that it’s just post op pain, but we’d like to give it more time to be sure. Are you considering surgery? I still can’t believe my son’s surgery involved 3 nerves, but that is what we confirmed with the MRI guided nerve blocks at Johns Hopkins.


Thanks. We really hope this is it. What an exhausting 3 years. We really like Dr. Williams. I hope that he can help you!


Oh God that is so hopeful to me. So hope your son is doing well really hope so xxx

#45 is my email. I would love update and Dr details. Would so appreciate it. Also the Aussie doctor who was trainings name. But if I have to fly my son to U S I will do it.


@Jemima I am going to send you an e-mail, so please check your spam folder if you have one.


My son is now 3 weeks out of nerve resection surgery for right testicular pain. He is still glad that he had this surgery. Last week he had an allergic reaction to the surgical glue used to close the incisions. He had to take hydoxcizine (a prescription antihistamine) to slow down the itching. He has gotten through that. He is going to continue on Lyrica for a couple more months but hopefully wean off the oxycodone. His nausea and anxiety issues have improved.:+1:t2::+1:t2: His testicular pain seems to be gone :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:. His remaining issue is the intermittent swelling of something above the testicle that causes pain in the 3-5 range. We need to see a urologist to get that checked out. It might be the epididymis? It seems to swell when he walks. One idea is a lymph node? Are lymph nodes in the scrotum? I doubt that it is a hernia. Prior to surgery he had several ultrasounds of the scrotum that didn’t show anything. I wish he were totally well before we move him into his dorm in 17 days.


Sounds like a big step forward despite the intermittent swelling. Frankly, given that he’s 3 weeks out, I would expect walking and activities to cause some swelling. Could be normal post-op inflammation and hopefully something that’ll settle down with time.

He’s been through a lot, vasectomy or no vasectomy, we can all relate. Pain in the scrotum is unimaginable. I had spinal fusion at L5/S1 in 2012. The docs and nurses were amazed at how little I complained and how well I responded. I told that while spinal fusion is painful, it pales in comparison to PVPS and asked them to read through my chart from 2006-2009.


@raising4girls. Thanks for your thoughts. I didn’t realize that you had been through a spinal fusion too. So sorry that you have been through so much! We’ve decided to take my son to see a urologist on Tuesday to start a dialogue on my son’s swelling. He goes to college in two weeks, so we decided not to wait.


@Jemima. Did you receive my email to you?


Hope things are going well for him and he can move on and start living his life again :pray:


Hi Scott! He came home from college this weekend for Labor Day. He told me that his pain level is down to a 3. Much better than before his surgery in July. He still has some swelling, but he is glad that he had the surgery. I am not sure what is next. We saw a good urologist who ruled out a varicocele. How are you doing?


That’s good to hear. Go for pudendal injection next week. Overall everything is about the same. I’m interested to see how he does because I know mine is ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric, and LFCN nerves also and I’ve stayed away from those nerves because I had read to many horror stories on triple neurectomies on hernia boards and I know a lot of docs won’t go near the ilioinguinal nerve. But the abdominal procedure you described on Reed seems promising. Hope he continues to get better.


hi @SPEDRED read through your story and other similar ones about their son’s and my heart goes out to all of you. Especially when i heard he was an avid soccer player it just struck a chord with me. I hope he continues to trend better and continue recovering so one day he can get back onto that pitch!! :slight_smile:


Hi @nc79, thanks for your kind words. My son got to play soccer in only 3-4 high school JV games in 9th grade when he got kicked in the head and had a horrible concussion. He was a goalkeeper. Six months later he had the testicular torsion and surgery. My heart was broken to never see him play again in high school. He started playing when he was 3. His pain levels are down to 3 out of 10, but he is not well enough to play soccer or run yet.


@Acschiro let us know how your pudendal injection goes. Dr. Dellon mentioned that a paper would be published about the surgery my son had. Not sure when. Dr. Franklin said that he and Dr. Williams were having a better success rate then others. I think I mentioned that my son had a MRI guided pudendal nerve block at John’s Hopkins prior to surgery to rule out pudendal nerve involvement.