Care tips after reversal


Hello guys,

I’m having my vasectomy reversal in the hopes that it would help with my testicular pressure and pain. I wanted to know if you guys have any tips or recommendation for helping with the recovery after the surgery? Here is what I have thus far.

  1. No ejaculation (sex or masturbation) for at least 2 weeks
  2. No exercising, heavy weight lifting, bending, jumping, or stretching 4 weeks
  3. Resume work after 2 weeks (desk job)
  4. Sleep with feet elevated to help inflammation and circulation
  5. Healthy diet, vegetables, protein, fruit, no sugar, low salt, vitamin C, lots of water
  6. Sun bathing
  7. Light walking and exercises after 4 weeks
  8. What else am I missing?

Thank you


From what I’ve been reading, apart for anti inflammatories, icing and supportive undies, looks like you covered everything @delmiro


i think that covers it, i’m not sure what sunbathing has to do with anything. generally you’ll want to just take it easy for a while, although given my track record, you may want to ignore all my advice. I iced a lot, i mean a LOT. I really avoided any bruising or swelling probably because of that, so you might want to look into regular ice in the jock strap, etc. When is your surgery?


I was able to do some work from home the following day. You might be able to return to work in less than 2 weeks. Don’t forget about ice and a pain prescription from your doc.