Can Reversal cause nerve pain/damage?


Can reversal cause nerve damage? I just want to know as much as I can to help make more educated decisions. Would it be worth it to risk nerve damage or should I wait it out?


Don’t do anything for 6 months unless you are in unbearable pain. I would suggest getting help coping. Warm baths, and over the counter NSAIDS.


Sure, its a surgery, and not a minor one at that. Anything is possible. There are tons of nerves in the scrotum.


Yes but I would not let that scare you off- I can’t recall anyone on this board doing reversal and being worse off (I’m sure there are exceptions but none come to mind). Some no better but its rare to see someone worse off-just find the best doctor- I’ve had a reversal with Dr P at PUR clinic and Dr Marks- no regrets here BUT I would wait a few months if possible to see if you improve- I know you are early out of vas.


@Ezekiel, There are definitely several members on this forum that were considerably worse off post reversal for a long time. They literally regretted having a reversal.

I agree that being considerably worse off post reversal is not the norm, but it definitely does happen.

I can think of at least 3 different members in the last 8-12 months that this has happened to, and this is in less than 8~ guys that have openly posted their story’s here.

If we go all the way back to the beginning of this forum, I’d say the number of members that posted they regretted their reversals (or the equivalent of it) is approximately 6-8~ guy’s.

In all my years watching forums like this one, I certainly havent seen the proclaimed 70%~ get better post reversal.

I see another top tier pvps reversal surgeon claiming he gets 93%~ resolution. I certainly haven’t seen anything like that in forums like this one.

I openly admit that I am more the pro reversal kind of guy, but that doesn’t mean I am going to frame reversal up with rainbows, unicorns, and overrated high hopes, and statistics. Recovery’s “can be” a bitch to say the least.


I had a Reversal a few years ago for congestive pain with Dr. Werthman. Ended up with both congestive pain and severe nerve damage after the surgery. I’m almost sure the reversal ended up closing as the congestion pain is still there and I got all new nodules and fun stuff down there now, but the nerve damage is still there 3 years later. I can exercise, but still can’t go on long hikes, and the pain is always there. I had no nerve damage during the vas. Much worse off after reversal surgery. Lots of posts with the vas closing back up years later after a completely sucessful reversal, so keep that in mind.


I will thank you man I really hope this clears up on its own


I think what is more common is guys like me that are simultaneously better and worse.

I lost the worst of my pain but picked up some other obnoxious stuff.

Pain whack-a-mole is a good analogy.

Anytime you are opening up that part of your body/cutting on the scrotum and cords you are rolling the dice.

Best way to avoid it all is to not get a vasectomy but obviously that’s not an option for 99% of the people on this board.


Try to use Papaya Seed Powder, another user on here recommended it and it did help me. Actually after a couple months the pain subsided considerably. Take it with food and a little at first, otherwise your stomach will not be happy. Should clear up your congestive pain in 2 to 3 months


My experience of reversal was that the reversal doctor (Dr Dawson, UK) took far more care and attention than the doctor who did the original vasectomy so I suspect that this would have reduced the likelihood of ‘collateral damage’.