Burning prostatitis like symptoms


Did you have urinary issues too?

I have some prostatitis/IC symptoms, but I don’t have urgency or difficulty urinating, so I’m not sure what’s going on personally.


My entire life I’ve had this weird, sorta numb feeling in my lower abdomen, in the middle, a few inches below my belly button. I remember as a child my mom spent thousands going from doctor to doctor trying to figure out why. Apparently I complained about the feeling quite a bit. I would only wear sweatpants, never anything with a tight waist band. As I grew up I realized my single parent was killing herself in the workplace and the medical bills where not helping so I told her I was better and just hid it. Even now I still feel it, doesn’t hurt, just a weird numb/hollow/nauseous/slight tremble feeling. I very rarely had urgency to urinate but there are very specific drinks that change that and my body seems to go full on purge mode. 4-10 urinations in 15 minutes, seriously. Then all is fine. Just assumed it is an allergic type reaction. I have IBS like symptoms but this is also something I’ve had my entire life and I’ve always accepted as the norm.

I’ve always had a weak urine stream. Easy to start or stop, just low pressure and low volume. Never any pain like signs of prostatitis until I was snipped. Like someone flipped a prostatitis light switch… Over the last few months I’ve almost pissed myself several times because making it 300 yards to a bathroom was almost too far. Also not uncommon to get up 1-3 times a night to go.

Leaning more and more towards a reversal to try and put everything back the way it should be. Just giving it some time. Once bitten, twice shy. If it comes to that I will most likely be talking to Dr. Marks.


Five months today.

Burning pain 90% controlled with 50mg of Benadryl every 24 hours and 600mg of Advil liquid gels every 12 hours. Regular Advil caplets are not as effective, even at 800mg? Stretching helps some of the pain but not all.

36 hours after missing a banadryl dose the pain is overwhelming. At 48 hours, catastrophic and takes 5-7 days of usual dosage to get it back under control.

Without the burn I can still feel the pressure in my perineum and prostate area, enough so that it’s the first thing I notice when I wake even before I open my eyes. Feels like there is a tennis ball about an inch in front of my rectum, swollen enough to push On my legs/hips.

99% certain of a left side blowout. 4 days of tear inducing pressure ended with a very bad stabbing pain. 3 seconds later… absolute bliss as if someone lifted a cindeblock off my crotch. Short lived and rebuilt a bit of pressure 3 days later.

Still employed and able to make it through the day relatively well.

Came out to my family about what has happened. They did not seem happy about getting the procedure but have been excellent in understanding chronic pain and have offered to help.

Relationship is in a weird place. As with many people here, the wife pressured me into this. She doesn’t seem to be able to process what has happened and is somewhat at a loss of how to handle it. At some point she may need therapy just as much, if not more then me. I have a load of resentment but I don’t let it out, just wouldn’t improve the situation.

Still trying to find a local doctor who will at least look at me. GPs send me to Uros, Uros don’t even do an exam and just try to send me to pain clinics. Want someone to at least look for infections or something obvious before I start seeking a reversal.

@vasregret Goodluck tomorrow. Wishing you the best.


I bet a reversal or a cleanup of your original vas would help you tremendously. I was sick until I got my reversal and then any and all prostatitis-ike symptoms went away immediately. I always felt like I had a UTI and had near constant burning pain.


@MikeO Yea that’s what I’m quickly leaning into. Another appointment with a GP In 2 weeks. I really do not have any documented medical history so I was hoping to at least have some basic testing done to rule out infections or any weird abnormalities I might have. However if this one refuses to talk to me then I’m done trying with GPs and Uros. Haven’t decided which specialist to contact yet but it’s a choice I’ll have to make soon.


You’re in Michigan right? Maybe get on up to Toronto to see Dr jarvi. You can get a referral to men’s health institute, it’s run by jarvi and they have a pvps/scrotal pain clinic.

Not sure how your insurance company will deal with that, but even if you had to pay out of pocket, Canadian healthcare costs aren’t bad.


Another option for a Michigander would be the Cleveland Clinic. My reversal surgeon retired, but I’ve seen his replacement twice and think he’s outstanding. If I ever needed a re-do reversal, I wouldn’t hesitate with Dr. Sabanegh at the Cleveland Clinic.


Although I have no experience with sabanegh, I’ve read his articles and he seems to be a leader in his field for sure


Been a bit since I posted here.

The terrible burning sensation in my pelvis is mostly gone. Subtle changes in posture following excessive swelling post vas where to blame. I have been able to get away from the Benadryl almost entirely. Due to continued epi tenderness I have to consciously work everyday to keep my posture inline else it slips out of control very fast. Daily pelvic stretches are a must.

The only real problem I seem to have left is terrible congestion in both sides, more so on the left. Dabbling with papaya seed certainly helps but when I stop using it, about 8 days later the pressure returns quickly. Once pressure is high, inflammation starts in the epis, few days after that - fever and general, “flu like” feelings. As soon as I get the pressure off, everything goes (mostly) back to normal. Sex, or even arousal, is garenteed days of pain. Had a left side blowout once, which hurt really bad for a few seconds then everything was GREAT but short lived.

Besides very minor abdominal twinges on the left side and pain at the left side blowout point, the main bulk of my problems are congestion or the result of. With this being the case I have a reversal with Dr. Burrows at ICVR in about 3 weeks.

While I’m not going to flat out tell folks to stay away from vas I’m going to put this here for anyone reading who are considering the, “quick snip”. Be informed. Most folks will come out fine. I rolled the dice and lost.

•5.5 months of extreme scrotal swelling. (Imagine water balloon)
•Hips, knees and lower back now ache 24/7, even after posture corrections.
•Almost lost my life due to pelvic pain.
•Sex impossible.
•Nearly lost job.
•Hundreds of hours of overtime in the work place lost. $$$$$
•Relationship severely damaged, will never be the same - even if I become pain free.
•Over $14,000.00 in medical (including vas and reversal) in 7 months.
•Psychological trauma that may take years to heal.
•Return of chronic Depression that took 9 years to overcome earlier in life.
•All personal hobbies stopped. No social life. My life is nothing more then struggle through work and lay in bed between work.

If the reversal is succesful I’m still expecting to have annoying abdominal pain on the left side and pain at the left side blowout site for years, if not the rest of my life.

I will continue to post occasionally, successful reversal or not. Hoping your website has another success story soon…



You are not alone.

My vasectomy probably cost me close to 100K in straight lost wages and medical expenses. That’s nothing compared to the toll it has taken on my life and relationship with my wife. The sheer volume of waste, loss, pain and suffering due to a vasectomy performed by Robert J Sher of Urogical Consultants and him telling me 1 in 1000 (then 1 in 3000) chance of pain after vasectomy.

Good luck to you. If your problem is just congestion you will likely be okay after reversal.


@John1 did you ever get a reversal and how are you doing today?