Bumps Connected to Skin Near Incisions


My entire background can be found here, but I have a more specific question that I thought deserves it’s own thread.

After about 11 weeks, I’ve become convinced that the lumps that are causing my pain are connected to the skin near the incision on both sides. I try to move the skin around and the lumps just move with the skin. I was wondering if anyone has heard of this before. Both sides have gotten bigger and smaller a couple of times.

I’ve been told it was a spermatocele by one urologist and another said it was a granuloma. It seems weird for it to be either of those since it happened so soon after the procedure (1-3 weeks I think), and I think it would also be weird to have the same issue on both sides. I thought it might be an infection, but I don’t have a fever, so that seems unlikely. My latest theory (more like a guess) is that maybe I’m having some sort of reaction to the 2-0 chromic sutures. The incisions were pretty uncomfortable as they healed and me having a reaction to the sutures would explain both my discomfort and my continued issue. Of course, this is all just me guessing and pretending I know what I’m talking about.