Blood test Results


In the last 3-4 years post reversal I have had a lot of health problems I did not have prior to reversal.

I don’t know if it’s age or related to secondary issues but I am having blood sugar issues and my T levels are in the tank.

My latest Total Testoterone level came back at 365. That’s not even 20 points above the old Labcorp level for clinical hypogonadism. Labcorp, at the guidance of the CDC, lowered their reference range last summer. You now have to have a Total T level below 264 (AT ANY AGE!!!) to be considered as having hypogonadism. It used to be 348. What a crock of shit. You can’t tell me that wasn’t driven by Insurance companies and the ACA/controlling healthcare costs.

My symptoms:
Low to no libido
Poor concentration/brain fog
Fatigue even after a full nights sleep
Problems sleeping
Hot flushes

My blood sugar is usually at 100 or above in the morning as well.

I can jump in a pool and swim a mile with little difficulty. I am 6’ 2" and weigh 211 lbs.

What is going on? Anyone out there have any theories.

I will say that after my severe gut infections, which both lasted 3 days and since developing gut issues post reversal (that I think are attributable to NSAID use post reversal and years of antibiotics for PVPS) I have not felt quite right. I had a bout of Salmonella in there too. I feel like those episodes threw some switches in my body/brain.

I have all the symptoms of low T but I think it may be secondary and am frustrated with my GP. I just want to feel better, have more energy and be interested in doing things again. The pain sucks but having no energy or drive is worse.


Very interesting about blood sugar. Mine was a little funky as well. Not full blown diabetes but off enough that it required further testing. After two weeks with a libre they told me I didn’t have diabetes and sent me home. I’ve also had chronic low AM cortisol and was diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency. My T hovers around 300. I’m 35, 6’0 165lbs.


Something bigger going on here. Doc have any ideas?

I wonder if T therapy would raise levels and provide pain relief. Worth a shot???


I took T for 6 months. Libido went up but nothing earth shattering as far as overall health is concerned


I think the low T may be secondary.

A year after my reversal I developed diverticulitis and within a year got Salmonella poisoning and then with in about 6 months I had two 3 day 102 degree fevers, the second one I went to the ER.

I think it’s possible the infections and fevers I had have altered my immune system/triggered auto-immunity. I have had run-away inflammation since then. I threw a hail mary and dosed myself with 50 hookworms and the bouts of extreme focal inflammation stopped but my gut is still damaged. I know that sounds crazy but sometimes you have to take your health into your own hands and my gastroenterologist was 100% on board with what I did. He was like “more power to you”. I had one ER doctor tell me that I needed to do EVERYTHING I could to NOT have a bowel resection because that was a serious life altering surgery with potential complications and no guarantee I would not keep having attacks.

I am going to get some tests for some other hormones to make sure I don’t have other issues. I think prolactin and fsh or something like that.

I will confess here that when I was training for a race this fall I let my former gym owner buddy dose me 3 times with a low dose of T. I didn’t feel like superman but my libido went up and I had more initiative. This was over a 3 week period. I then decided to lay off for 6 weeks and get tested proper because if my T is low I want to fix it if possible or get a script.

I have not changed my lifestyle drastically. I exercise at least 2 times a week. 3-4 in the summer. 40 minutes of swimming and at least a mile a shot. So I’m not a complete turd. I have just gotten profoundly weaker in the last couple years. It’s really profound. I was pretty strong even 4 years ago.


Really bizarre Mike. I knew you had done the hookworm therapy from prior discussions. I think you’re probably onto something with the immune system. That seems like no-man’s land for the medical community.

I wish I knew how to advise, but you’ve been through some things that I can’t fathom and anything I suggest would be idiocy.

Amazing how much we depend on each organ for our health. Your heart, head, and everything else can be fine, but if your colon is bad, it’s brutal. Summer of 2016, shortly after my PVPS return, I got hemorrhoids and they made me forget about PVPS.


Yeah you tend to take digesting and shitting healthy for granted, lol.

I have bad genes on my Mom’s side. She had horrible bowel problems after her hysterectomy and ended up with several resections. My poor mother was never the same after her hysterectomy. I always blamed her for her declining health thinking she was not active enough etc… We tend to do that in this country, blame the sick for their ailments. I understand now it was not her fault she felt horrible all the time.

I think the anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories weakened my gut lining and wiped out my protective gut flora/fauna and that set me up for issues. Then all the bad genes that might otherwise have not expressed themselves turned on.

Anyway, I am going to try to get my T levels up because I want to have some initiative and strength. I would like to do it for an extended period, like 6 months but of course then my nuts would shut down and coming off it would suck. Nothing is easy right?


I can relate to you about guilt for blaming parents for their health problems. My father had a heart attack at 50 which scared him into stopping smoking. He put on 50 pounds but no ok NE thought anything of it. 6’ and 250 isn’t horrible in America these days. But he slowly kept going adding 10-20 pounfs per year til he was at 350-400 pounds in his mid 60s.
When he was 74, about 10 months before he died, they found hormone-secreting pituitary tumors that they figure had been there 10-15 years. He had no control over his appetite because he had excess production of the hunger hormone and never felt full. I thought so many bad things about him even though he was my best friend. Now I know it wasn’t his fault.
I know exactly the grief you feel about your mother.


Wow. He had a tumor and he didn’t even know it. I think because of what I’ve gone through I’m very in tune with my body. I know things aren’t right now. People get sick of hearing about it and there is a temptation to blame your self and stop trying. I’m not going to do that. I was fine, better than fine, then I got snipped and without even knowing why was in horrific pain for 3 years. Even after I realized it was the vasectomy it took me 2 years to get the courage to get a reversal.

I am envious of guys that know immediately their vasectomies f’d them up. In that time after my vasectomy for me (3 years) while it got harder to sit and work etc… I got a lot of grief and thought I was losing my mind. Fortunately I was able to alleviate the worst of the pain with reversal but prior… dude it was bad. I was in hell for close to 5 years. Can you imagine? I was afraid to go to sleep for a couple of years because I knew I would wake at 2 or 3 in the worst pain you can imagine. Like someone put a fish hook in my spermatic cord/groin and was twisting it. Jeezus H Cripes… I can’t believe I lived like that for so long. It’s because I didn’t have immediate horrible pain.

I will keep you updated as to what’s going on. I called Johns Hopkins Pain Center last week and when they asked me for my insurance card I didn’t have it because the woman at LabCorp had made a copy of mine a day earlier because mine was almost lint and I had not cut it down yet and put it back in my wallet…DOH!. I will make that call this week. Like You I am going to go for another pudendal block if I can convince someone to do one and am going to look for someone that can do the GF ablation.

How’s your GF ablation working out?