Bilateral orchiectomy worked!


Please let us know how your removal feels now? I for one am very curious to know how you are doing…and if you are still doing well. I hope for your sake … That you are!


Any update? How are you feeling now, how is your mood and T-level management?


Congrats man. I just had one removed and something bad went wrong and I was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. Then another surgery this past Monday which left me on a woundvac for at least a month. I hope when this is over I’m pain free or at least less pain. I can’t handle anymore surgeries this year. 3 in 10 days is so painful.
I’m glad your pain is gone now, I hope it stays that way for ya


So sorry to hear that you’ve had a rough time with these surgeries. I hope that someone is bringing you ice and plenty of fluids and TLC that you deserve. My son had surgery on Monday to cut 3 nerves and is still experiencing a lot of post op pain.


Hello All, I know it’s been awhile. Just an update for those curious. Life continues to be pain free and good. I’m currently on self injections T once a week which has been GREAT! While it does suck not having balls anymore I try to look at the positive like I still get the benefits of worry free sex. Also, my wife could care less about the aesthetic nature of balls lol. And to be perfectly honest I might (keyword might lol) be tempted to say that I actually prefer no balls to post reversal when if I was pain free would have had to wear condoms until wife went through menopause. The only real downside to living with no balls is T therapy which really is no biggie anyway. The shot literally only takes 30 sec a week to administer and I’m good to go. No highs or lows doing once a week. Libido is great. Strangely enough even when I was really low on T I still desired sex and could still get a hard on. Go figure. I will say though that I was was experiencing horrible lows when I did once a month injections. Worst part is the fatigue and hot flashes which are abysmal. But even with that the discomfort is a fraction of what my 24/7 pvp pain was. As far as self image goes I have not had an ounce of struggle. I’ve never really cared how I look or what others think of me so that’s probably why. Another positive- learning lesson for my two sons. No doubt they would have got a vas later in life like every other male in my family. I’m glad I can save them from this mutilation. Even if they were pain free a blocked vas most likely has horrible affects on a mans health as has been shared time and time again on this site.


Hi @Thissucks, did you go through reversal first? Would you not want to keep them and take testosterone?


I did a reversal before orchiectomy but was still in pain. Orchiectomy was last resort.


Great to hear…im glad you found a way out of this hell. How long was your recovery until you could say you were pain free?