Autoimmune response? Please help concerned wife


I’m sorry if this has been covered before… Have just put my 2 little ones to bed after a crazy day and have spent the last few hours googling… My brain is fried. Anyway, my husband had a no scalpel vasectomy last mont here in Ireland … Recovery not too bad but prolonged as he was too active too soon. The real problem isn’t scrotum pain although it is still tender and he has pain in groin /lower abdomen area but he is exhausted, has had 2 really bad bouts of extreme fatigue, chills, aches, stomach cramps, loss of appetite … Like a bad flu… My husband hasn’t moved from Couch/bed all day and has rung in sick from Work… Really not like him. He is miserable. I have quickly researched autoimmune response after vasectomy so have a very basic knowledge… My question is this… Does this just improve over time? Does the body just get used to it? Is there anything he can do to help? We have a 5 month old and 19 month old who both don’t sleep (hence the vasectomy!!!) so he is severely sleep deprived too which doesn’t help…anyway sorry for hopping on your man forum but I need help please. X


Hey there, sorry to welcome you here, and thanks for sharing your story.

Yes, many of us have experienced, and/or seen what your talking about being reported many times over many years gone by. You can even find such stories on this site. What’s going on? Hard to say, and I’d guess individual case vary. There can be many things at play, or even at play at the same time beyond the vasectomy itself down to if he felt pressured to do it to himself, depression, anxiety, low testosterone, hormonal imbalance, perhaps anti sperm antibodies, sperm being absorbed into the bloodstream, infection, and perhaps a bunch of other things.

Will he get better? Hard to say, but just about everyone here would agree that time is generally on our sides. Generally that is…


BTW, just out of curiosity, did your husband have a open ended vasectomy, or a closed ended vasectomy?

Also, don’t forget to use the search bar on this site. It can be very useful far as locating key words/symptoms your looking for.


Thanks Ringo Starr for your response… I think he had an open ended one (forgive my ignorance)… The info book says this… ’ A 1-2cm section of vas deferens on each side will be removed and following this, the ends are sealed.’ I’ll do a bit of research here on this forum and see what our options are if this continues.


No problem.

Sure sounds like he had a closed ended vasectomy to me based on that bit of information, but I wouldn’t assume that’s a fact until you verify it with his vasectomist.

What’s the difference? Closed ended is definitely a bit more of a closed - sealed thing unless he develops a sperm granuloma, which happens in both closed, and open ended vasectomys. Open ended vasectomy is intentionally left open on the testicular end as a pressure relief type thing that is left open to the elements within the scrotom, but has its drawbacks. The list of drawbacks certainly isn’t limited to just a thing or two, and scarring back closed is one of them.

Hope that helps.


Hi Mrs Mac

It’s probably more likely that it’s an infection to me (common). Get your husband to visit your local GP.

Good luck


Thanks Irish guy. Will try get him an appointment today. Would be great if that was all it was… No swelling or fever or scrotal pain but we will see what gp says… Say gp won’t know much to be honest but we will see. Thanks for your response


My GP in Cork was very knowledgeable and helpful.
The doctor who carried out my vasectomy was very good at answering questions etc. on the phone - free of charge. Probably a good idea to give him a buzz.
It’s best to keep level headed and listen to the doctor - as the overwhelming majority of post-op difficulties are easily resolved.
Infections are quite common and are treated with antibiotics.
Good luck and stay positive.


Update… Went to gp and got antibiotics… No improvement so rules out infection… Went back to vasectomy doc and he prescribed anti depressants for the groin pain… Wtf… Never even asked him did he have a history of depression which he would have a tendency towards and has family history also… Anyway he took one and slept for 3 hours… Just completely conked him… He was off work for a full week but had to go back… So 2 months post procedure (close ended if that makes a difference) he still has bearable groin pain, tender scrotum (hasn’t cycled yet), very low energy levels (exhausted after minimal work), but more concerning are the ongoing stomach cramps and diarrhoea he is experiencing… Like ibs… And he has no prior history of that. Anyway he works away from home a lot and is currently 4 hours drive away and holed up in a hotel with a dose of the shits and feeling wrecked. I searched on here for similar stories and I know there are many references to ibs and fatigue… So what is the next step? Do things generally improve after another few months?do hormones and body finally settle? I am so so worried about him as he is a real active guy and all this is killing him, any advice or support welcome. Thanks all x


A lot off us can relate to the fatigue and stomach cramps, ibs etc. it’s been 7 months since my Vas and my energy levels are still low albeit better than early days. The medicines prescribed can also make you sluggish and tired. The antibiotics wrecked my gut early and took months to recover. I feel like my hormones are better but remember the immediate depression after the VAS like a switched was flipped or something along with immediate lack of energy. It has gotten better for me but I’m nowhere near where I was PreVas. No telling what to do. I am personally considering reversal but that has its own risks. I was a active guy also before the Vas but now not so much. I would workout, golf, hunt, sex, bike, run, etc. I don’t really feel like doing any of that anymore partly due to the pain and partly due to lack of energy. I’m happy to make it through work and spend a few hours with the family. That’s a good day for me now. Use the search engine and try conservative methods which shouldn’t make things worse. Papaya seed or T therapy has worked for some with congestive and maybe autoimmune issues.


Hi @Mrsmac.

Prescribing antidepressants for vasectomy pain is pretty common and has nothing to do with depression. Some anti-depressants are powerful analgesics, particularly for neuropathic pain. The old school Tricyclic antidepressants and some of the newer ones are very helpful to some. Don’t let it stigmatize you (not that you should anyway). It’s not a mental health treatment in this case.

When you said chills I was thinking infection as well. You mentioned abdominal pain. Is it possible he had a gut infection? Diverticulitis maybe?