At least I brought the truth to one person


This is a message I got in Reddit. I’m happy to have shed the light on the truth for one person.


That’s what a lot of this is about. Education and awareness.


@Choohooo is right. We’ve all been lied to at one point or another by the urological community. We know that. My vasectomist told me none of his patients ever had a problem, then, when I went back, after he ran out of ideas, he referred me to another “who was where he sends his pain patients.” Gee doc, I thought you said none of your patients ever had a problem.

But, the best way to hit these liars is in the wallet by convincing their customers not to be customers in the first place.

Speaking of that, we all ought to do Google, Yahoo, Yelp, and other reviews on our urologists practices. I’ve got a big old negative post that’s 12 years old on mine. Still out there for all to see.