Are you a PVPS victim of Dr. Ronald Weiss in Ottawa, Ontario?


Amen Brandon I’m in the same boat professional, very conservative, 2 beautiful kids and a wife and when the pain spikes to a 20 and I’m curled up in the fetal position my head goes into a very very dark dark place. What would be great is when the Uros that screwed us up deny deny deny if we were just allowed to kick them in the balls as hard as we could every 5 minutes for an hour and say there that’s what it feels like then maybe they’d start changing their views


I am a Weiss victim. Piss me so much not reading this forum earlier to the V. I know at least 14 guy being done by him and all went good for them.Thats is why i got there.1 in 10 000 !?.My urologist told me it is more like 2-5%.I feel like i have being lied to.Dont whant to start a legal fight cause i got enough dealing with 2 month not working ,my balls pain, loosing 1 year of my life ,gaining 40 pounds. At least a bit more than 1 year after V i am getting some pain free day.For the bad one Vimovo works ok. Starting to ride my bike again whitout too much akes spike… i will never be the same again.


That’s what I say about Dr. Christopher Reese in Cleveland Ohio. He told a friend who went in there for me, he said he’s never had anyone experience pain after a vasectomy. He refuses to talk to me now. He will cancel appts. I think that’s how and why they say it…cause they refuse to see people again.

Just a note. 40,000 vasectomies. At $800 a pop…$32,000,000!!! Yes, I know, he has bills and employees and all. But if you could made money like that for 30 minutes of work, 6-8 times a day, a couple days a week, wouldn’t you??? And that’s just vasectomy money! Think about all the other things he would do. This is a cash cow for them. They’ll never ever stop.

To the Alan Fraizer thing, fuck, if I could torture my uro a bit so he could feel the pain i’ve felt, I absolutely would. For over 2 years I had pain like I was being tasered in the balls. I would pay anything to have him feel what that’s like. Or set him up so he could get kicked in the balls all day long 24/7 for over 5 years. I’d say that makes me hard thinking of that but since I can’t get hard anymore, kind of a pointless joke.

I have a family and kids and all. I couldn’t take matters into my own hands and leave them like that. I live in a small town where everyone knows everybody else. And it’s gossip central. My kids would have to move. My wife, oh man! She would kill me all over again daily for “ruining” her life and reputation. Forget the fact my life was ruined when she pushed me into a vasectomy. But hey, that’s on me. I went and got it done. I swear, she blames me for getting it done even tho she asked me about it DAILY!!! And that she would bring up her dad and uncles who had it done. Or mention it while other people were around and they were all like, oh yeah, no big deal. no pain at all. Why are you being a pussy? she had the babies, it’s your turn. seriously. people would say that to me. and now, they shut up around me. i tell them all the time how i’m in pain. they either don’t believe me or walk away.

this is such a fucked up thing to be a part of.



Please post your informed consent document here so we can take a look. Thanks for sharing.

Bad outcomes happen. The best we can hope for is that these providers use realistic statistics for their informed consent. That’s all anyone could ask for.


I had a neurologist tell me a story about a vascular surgeon he would recommend patients too. He asked the vascular surgeon one day what his failure/bad outcome rate was and the surgeon said 0%. My neurologist never recommended patients to the guy again because after seeing him for carotid stents one of his patients “stroked out”. He looked at me and said “As a doctor, you can say you have never had any bad outcomes if you never accept that you have had bad outcomes.”.

His other piece of advice to me was that if anyone ever tells you they’ve never had a bad outcome run in the other direction.


It’s been stated here and on other threads.

  1. It SEEMS like most men don’t have problems with vasectomy, but I’ve begun to wonder if that’s even true. I certainly can’t prove it, but I strongly suspect there are other long-term affects on many men that are never related to a vasectomy 20-40 years prior.

  2. More obvious, and this is why I state what I do in #1, it’s clear that MANY urologists deny the existence of obvious, documented problems in an effort to the keep the market for vasectomy in place. They understate the risks, say they never had a bad outcome when they did, etc. They view us as acceptable risks for their high incomes.

  3. The silence from the medical community enables women, my wife and her family included, to pressure men like us into a dangerous procedure. My wife would never have pressured me into vasectomy had she known the real risks. All she knew was the mantra that she had the kids so it’s my turn. Seems like we all faced that twisted logic. Had it been framed as “your husband will mutilate his genitalia and face a life of pain”, my wife never would have supported vasectomy.

We live in a twisted world.

Patient information…still there.


Hell, my wife wouldn’t flinch in pushing me to a vasectomy even if the doctors and friends/family said they all had problems. Her whole thing was control and not having to deal with the possibility of getting pregnant. And she refused to use any kind of protection and didn’t want me too either. So there were two choices, no sex or vasectomy. Which the vasectomy led to no sex anyways! So she win again. We hadn’t had sex since the last kid was born anyways. She never wanted too. The vasectomy and my pain just gave her the perfect out.

Oh well. It is what it is.