Are there any detailed statistics on recovery time?


All I can find is very vague and generic statistics such as:
“Up to 15% of men experience long-term pain following a vasectomy, and up to 2% describe the pain as significantly affecting their quality of life.”

What I’m looking for is something more detailed regarding the amount of time it takes to recover (the numbers below are COMPLETELY made up… I’m just using them as an example of what I’m trying to find.)

  • 50% of men fully recover within 1 week
  • 60% of men fully recover within 2 weeks
  • 70% of men fully recover within 1 month
  • 80% of men fully recover within 3 months
  • 85% of men fully recover within 1 year
  • 15% of men will have chronic pain
  • 2% of men will have severe chronic pain

The reason I ask is this: As I sit here nearly 3 weeks post-operation, feeling like I was kicked in the groin just this morning, I’m wondering what the odds are that I am going to experience long-term pain compared to my odds 3 weeks ago.

Using the hypothetical numbers above, three weeks ago I had an 85% chance of full recovery. But if I’m still experiencing pain at the 1-month point (which is quickly approaching) then I’ll only have a 50% chance of a full recovery. As each day passes, the odds of landing in that “Chronic Pain” category goes up.

The distribution of those statistics would determine just how quickly the odds worsen with each passing day.


@jerm138, I’m not aware of any such statistical data that you are inquiring about, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and if there were such data, it would likely vary surgeon to surgeon, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, recovery timelines seem to vary man to man. If we go by what urologists like to tell/sell people, pain, typical complications, etc could take up to 3 months to resolve themselves.

Some urologists that are more experienced with pvps will bump the 3 months up to 6, but I do know of many stories where men didn’t get better until a year, or better into their recovery. It’s also true that some men have had pain out many years that resolved itself eventually.

If you ask vasectomy/reversal/etc gurus, they will likely tell you that most men that are experiencing issues 6 months post vas are in the bottom tier, and may not get better without intervention, but like I said above, I’ve personally read many stories where men did get better beyond the 6 months post vas mark.

Sorry you are here, and even have to ask these questions.


Thanks, Ringo.

Prior to my operation, I had only spoke to three friends who had it done. All of them were 100% “back to normal” within 1 week with zero pain and said that it was the best thing they’d ever done.

So, once I passed the 1-week point with no real improvements, I started to panic. I made a post here on day 10 and started reading everything that I SHOULD have read before having the surgery done. At my 2-week point, I spoke to a co-worker who said he took a month to fully recover (and has zero pain now.) That improved my mental state significantly. I was really headed to a dark place.

Then today I realized that I only have a week left before I’m at that 1-month point and started wondering about the statistics of men being in pain for over a month, but ultimately having a full recovery. Your post will keep my hopes up. I’m not looking forward to a potential year (or more) until recovery, but if that’s what it takes, I’ll still count myself lucky compared to some of the horror stories I’ve read on here.

I normally research things to the extreme before making decisions. The sad truth is that I felt confident that there was nothing to worry about or to bother researching. Also, I was afraid that if I researched too much, I’d talk myself out of it and end up with an unwanted/accidental child, or that my wife’s health would suffer if she continued taking the birth control pills she’s been on for 17 years now. Even if I do fully recover, I’ll always remain bitter about the misleading “advertising” you hear about the procedure’s simplicity and safety.


I hear you brother. A lot of what you are going through is pretty typical far as the anxiety, stress, worry, etc, etc, so don’t feel alone, ashamed, etc.

I would recommend the typical stuff for guys like yourself providing things aren’t going completely haywire. If things seem to be going completely haywire, go back to your vasectomist, and get a physical examination asap, perhaps an ultrasound, etc.

The typical stuff involves rest, hot soaks, NSAID’s, the proper support down there (everyone is different). If those things don’t help, perhaps try papaya seed powder to get congestion under control, perhaps alpha lipoic acid for any sort of neuropathic pain, even if it’s related to congestion.

Theres a lot of conservative treatments listed all over this site for all kinds of issues. If your having problems finding them, go ahead and give a holler, and someone will likely give you some assistance.

Best of luck


Thanks. I wouldn’t say things are going “haywire”… it’s just a lot more sore and sensitive than I expected at this point in the game.

I took all last week off of work and really felt like I was making progress by Sunday morning. But after being back at work for 3 days, I feel like I’m slipping back a little and regaining some soreness that had started to fade.

I have a 3-day weekend coming up and I’m hoping to gain some more ground on the pain.

I did return to the doctor at the 10-day point because I woke up with terrible shooting pains in the testicle/epi area. He gave me a shot of lidocane which seems to have stopped the shooting pains (although I’m starting to feel them very faintly again today… not as intense as before, but a similar sensation.)


Yea, this sounds pretty typical as well far as the ups, and downs, and it’s hard to say if they mean a whole lot.

I’m not sure how often you’ve had to take OTC, or prescription meds, but now is probably a good time. Some people get quite a bit if relief from a mix of NSAID’s, and a neuropathic pain (pain) med such as Tylenol. Everyone is a bit different.

Time will tell the rest of your story.

Keep us posted


I would doubt any of those statistics exist. Honestly, that information may or may not be very comforting at this point anyway. We’ve all been were you have been and know it’s a terrifying place. The anxiety and fear was overwhelming for me at 3-4 weeks. Regardless of exact numbers, the odds are in your favor you’ll be fine. Even if it takes awhile. It seems there have been a couple of posters recently that actually improved after the first year. I’m holding onto hope that I will get to a point I’m good with eventually and I hit my one year post vas anniversary next week.


I’ve been on Celebrex (NSAID) since the surgery. I have enough pills for another week or two (one per day.)

The crappy thing is that I usually take Aspirin daily for a heart issue (A-fib). I had to come off of the Aspirin for the surgery and NSAIDs. If I don’t take the Aspirin, I have a much greater risk of having a stroke. So, before long I’ll have to decide between pain relief, or stroke risk reduction. I had assumed I would only need the NSAIDs for a week, so it was not that big of a risk.

Another crappy thing about the NSAIDs is that I can’t drink. I’m not a raging alcoholic or anything, but I love good craft beer or the occasional Old Fashioned. That’s really the least of my worries right now… it’s just an extra little turn of the knife, I guess.


Also, I wouldn’t beat yourself up about not researching the procedure enough. I did some research and actually visited this site. I made up all kinds of reasons as to why PVPS wouldn’t happen to me. In reality, only the urologist could have talked me out of it if only he had been completely open and honest about the risks. I will harbor some ill-will towards the misleading “advertising” for awhile, but I’m not angry at my wife or myself because I thought it was safe and complications low. Men shouldn’t have to come to a small forum on the internet to find out that’s not entirely true.


You sound 100% like my situation…friends all were better in a week…except one took a month. I did not want to read internet stories as I would then probably not go for the surgery. I too am 3 week post surgery and still have soreness in my left nut. I went back to the urologist who said this will probably never go away. I basically feel like I F#$Ked my life. I had no issues down there before, I had an amazing sex life with my wife…and now I elected to screw that all to hell.


He said it would “probably never go away”?

It seems like it’s a bit early for him to be saying that, based on things I’ve read here and what my doctor said.


Well man you sound alot like me. I am now 7 months post vas. Troublesome pain from
2 months to 5 1/2. Thought I was better then for few weeks and bang pain comes back. I will have a good week or 2 and think everything is healed and then the next week pain again. I presume when the pain is fading a week or so at a time the healing is improving?Well that’s what I’m hoping. What a fu@k up this shit is.