Approved long term disability?


Has anyone here or know of anyone who has ever been approved for long term disability in canada for this horrible shit?? I like my job but standing on cement floors and lifting sure make for a miserable life… there is people out there claiming disability because they get anxious around people… but yet getting kicked in the balls every five minutes is no biggy


If you find out, let us know! It would be great to have that happen here in the states.


If you’re referring to ontario disability (odsp) then it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Basically theyll treat you as if you’re scamming the system, and if you are approved, god forbid if you forget to send in whatever random form they send you, otherwise you’ll be cut off and have to fight them to get back on. I’ve seen this happen to too many people.

Yet, if you’re a drug addict or alcoholic or have agoraphobia, you’re set! But if you suffer from pain, you’re just a scammer to them.

Also, Ontario disability only pays $1100 per month. Who the f can live on that? Sure if you have a wife and kids you’ll get more, but your spouse’s income will be used to claw back you payments

Any assets you have, other than your house, car or furniture (IE savings or retirement funds) will have to be cashed in.

I thought about disability, but for now I’m just going to tough it out until I can’t anymore, since disabled people are treated like garbage here.

There should really be some kind of compensation fund for people who get messed up by shitty docs, but nooo you’ve gotta fight them for years in court, possibly lose and have to pay their legal bills. Hell, there’s even a law in Ontario that doctors can apologize for messing you up, but it can’t be used as evidence against them!!! WTF??

Sorry for the long rant, but if you’re in Ontario, don’t become disabled


@vasregret I’m assuming you are from Ontario too. I was thinking about long term and short term disability for my husband since he’s in construction. I don’t know how serious they would take a pvps diagnosis though.


Yes, I’m in Ontario. I may be applying for disability soon. This is not a road that I want to go down, but I don’t know how much more I can work. I just grit my teeth all day and try to do what I can, but I think that’s coming to a close.

I’m sure some scumbag government doctor will tell me it’s in my head or I’m playing it up or something, but at least I’ll be able to get a letter from Dr. Jarvi, the director or urology at Mt. Sinai - he’s kind of a force to be reckoned with and he’s also an advisor to the government of Canada so yeah, we’ll see how this goes.

I’d have better luck getting disability if I were a drug addict that’s for sure.