Anyone had a Vasectomy Reversal?


Very hard to describe but I think, in retrospect, most of my pains were nerve/neuropathic pain, not congestive. My left epi does seem to me to be tender, but every uro that’s examined me in the last two years has said it’s flat and not filled up compared with others they’ve seen. All 3 uros I’ve seen believe my pain is nerve related. Nonetheless, I don’t regret having the reversal back in 2006. I was pain-free for nearly 9 years.

Based on what I’ve read, reversal is best prescribed when the pain is centered in the epi’s.


For the reversal guys dont think for a moment its a magic cure it takes time long time. At least 6/12 months then make judgement. I am 9 months post reversal and still in pain. But i hold on to hope after 12/24 months i will get better its our best shot we have reversal but not instant fix. i am same as Mike the gut problems this monster has created is brutal.


And I still have nerve pain on the left side. It’s no longer in the 8-10 range but it is rarely in the 0-1 range. I traded excruciating pain for steady low level discomfort.


The gut issue makes sense to me because the gonads start in the abdomen and then descend through the pelvis for males. This means the testes are wired in with things much higher and it’s why getting kicked affects your stomach.


Sounds like you got a hudrocele… I presume docs ruled that out but it sounds like it.


HI, I’m happy with my reversal compared with post vasectomy. The pain is less and I don’t regret it .It’s a costly procedure and like some say on this forum there is no guarantee it will help .


Hi, how do you assess that your pain is mostly nerve related, not congestive?
I have had pain since the vasectomy itself, so I believe mine is nerve related.
But all I feel is a dull pain somewhere deep. I am thinking about reversal, but can’t get my head around WHY that should help, in principle, with nerve damage? Because of the scar tissue removal? But then again, new scar tissue will be created.
What’s your pain story over time (vasectomy, post vas, reversal, post rev, today)? Are you taking any medication?