Anyone had a Vasectomy Reversal?



Considering how many doctors and people on here are pushing the reversal/cure thing. Interesting words about it. thanks.



After reading so many stories here so far we can agree everyone is different, but one thing is consistent people have positive things to say about the reversal.
I had a revision done first, then the cord block, I went with the Micro de-nervation and now the reversal.
Based on my experience, I wish, I would have done the reversal first and waited out to do the other procedures. I can’t get my sparmatic cord to grow back after they shred it to pieces. What if the reversal fixes everything for me? (I’m 4 weeks out and still have some pain, but i am starting to see improvement) If you get the reversal (which is reversing the original procedure) and it does not work, then you can go for other more aggressive procedures.
Logically for me it is the best course of action… Again that is my opinion based on personal experience.
The post op pain is super intense, but like I said on another post, i had a boner the morning after post op… I hadn’t had one of those since my Vas… Maybe psychological because in my head I’m back to the way I was and if that’s the case I’m ok with it


There is a wrong assumption that if sperm flows again that the pain will go away. The doctors consider it a success if they reconnect, but I have found this has nothing to do with the pain. (My semen test after the reversal was good, but I was still in pain)
Also our male mind simplifies the problem. If we clogged it and it hurts then unclog it and it will feel better. The tube is the size of a human hair, not a clogged toilet, so the concept of back pressure does not apply.


I think you are selling us short here in our reasoning about getting a reversal. Three years after my vasectomy the back of my left testicle blew up to the size of a slug and was hard as a rock and painful. It was probably the most disgusting, painful and frightening thing that happened to me during my pre-reversal life. It resulted in an emergency ultrasound that I found out from one of the tech when she casually mentioned it “Oh yeah, we check for blood flow otherwise we would have had to remove your testicle.” That’s when I flipped out.

It is common sense that when you create a closed system from an open system that if there is any trauma to your epididymis resulting in fluid accumulation you are hosed. Where will it all go? I don’t think I had an infection. I think I may have bapped on of my epis and maybe it bled into itself. I had no symptoms of fever or infection.

After that I had discussed this condition with several urologists and was alarmed to hear the contradictory statements that you are less likely to have epididymitis with a vasectomy and it had nothing to do with it and another doctor who told me to my face it was not related but men with vasectomies are more likely to get it and his brother in law with a vasectomy got it. I was like WTF! Most urologists are clueless about congestive epididymitis. It’s like willful ingnorance that this can happen with vasectomy.

Anyway, my reasoning was like this. I NEVER wanted to have that disgusting condition happen to my balls again and I decided that it was better to try to put things back together and see what happened than more cutting, buring, removing.

In my case I had dramatic, life saving pain reduction that I think mostly had to do with getting the scarred ends and damaged nerves in my vas removed. The cleanout required to clear the burned, clipped, tied ends and reconnect them is all it takes with a lot of guys.

If you balls hurt then to me it is reasonable to think getting things flowing again will help. I can tell you my balls feel different/better since I reversed but my main killer was the nerve pain on the left from the scar tissue.

Also, if you are going to cut more to try to get rid of pain, why not a reversal? Why do more damage? Why remove more stuff? That’s a one way street. There is no going back. You can’t undo a denervation. You can’t undo an epididymectomy so why not try reversal first, a reconstructive rather than a destructive procedure.

Does it make you whole again? No, nothing can make you like you were before but at least you did the minimum damage to try to fix the problem.


MikeO. Sorry to sell anyone short. I hesitate to write on here because I know each person is going through their own personal. At the same time I want to share what I learned from my perspective.
When I was told that I had a sperm count after the reversal in the millions and that the clog was gone but stiil had the pain, I concluded that had been a mistake. All it did was add cutting and associated disruption and pain to my scrotum for no good.
Also, reversals can close up again after a period of time. For those that do reversals to have more children, they are advised to get it done within a certain period. So even as a long term solution to “congestive” pain, it is not ideal.
Anyone making these hard decisions needs to hear all the experiences and decide for themselves.
When I hear doctors advocating reversals that worries me too. My doc probably counts me as a success because he achieved a successful reversal (he quotes a 90-something success rate) which is misleading for guys with pain.
I did have the impression that the process of cutting some scar tissue out and resetting/re - healing the area during a reversal could by chance fix the pain. But I think that is a calculated chance you can take.
To everyone on here with pain, hang in there.


Reversal is a major operation and there is a lot of tissue disruption and disturbance. For me it was a good decision. It was not perfect but I think it gave me about as much of my life back as I could have hoped. Leaving things the way they were was not an option for me as I was pretty much disabled. I could not sleep, sit for any period of time. I dreaded going to sleep, I could not work much. Surgery was the only thing that was going to fix me. I decided to do the only one that was not destructive and it worked fairly well. I have burning pain in my left groin but I am not convinced it’s coming from my spermatic cord. The horrific burning pain has left me and I don’t have urgency issues and constant prostatitis anymore as well.


I have to agree with MikeO

“Recovered” Like you said, you started with the reversal and then went onto other procedures. I wish, I would have done it that way and saved myself money and heartache. If the reversal does not work, then you can move into other procedures, but why not start undoing what was done first? I had the cord block the mircro denrvation and was on my way to get other nerves frozen, but I asked my doctor to put the brakes on cutting more nerves and let’s just do the reversal… I am 4 weeks post op, yes I am a little sensitive down there, but man I feel much better about my self.
It’s basic troubleshooting if you ask me undoing what was done and then keep trouble shooting until you find a solution.


Is it more your mind set? Or you actually feel less pain…


I think the Mind is powerful and I cannot discard that… But I had trouble sleeping, had the 1000 yard stare, no drive and sex was more of a choir than a pleasure. My left side has always been the one that hurts. Post reversal, I have noticed a reduction in pain and the pain has changed. Before it was shooting into my stomach and legs now it is just in my sac. the last two days there been instances where I don’t even notice the pain, think the pain is from the surgery and all the crap that I’ve gone through on that side. Plus I still have a tender lump from the MicroDenervation and it hurts. I think in a few months, i will be good to go with the sac pain.

Bro, i had a boner the morning post op… I hadn’t seen one of those since my VAS… As far as tubes closing, I believe you have to ejaculate daily or every other day to keep the pipes flowing. Once you have healed up there is no reason for the pipes to close up…
Think of your body once you get a cut and it closes it doesn’t re-open or you suddenly develop another scar… Once your tubes are healed there is no reason for them to close back up…
This is all based on reading and researching… Yes there are guys that they scar over, but I suspect they don’t keep up with a regimen of ejaculations and Vitamin C antioxidants etc.
Dr. Turek recommends antioxidants vitamins (A, C and E) or other supplements after vasectomy reversal surgery. Most patients will gradually recover from epididymal dysfunction. <— I didn’t get my reversal from thsi Dr. but found his site doing research.


hey rob

I am favouring more towards the reversal side of things too. I am in the process of talking to 3 reversal consultants for a getting a reversal (i live in england).

I am nearly 3 years post vasectomy (january 2014 & was aged 29 at the time) ( im now 32). Initially i had no pain, but had an onset of ed/weak erections 3 months post vas. Which became more severe 10 months post vas, to the point of not being able to get a boner at times. Then to top that off i started getting discomfort in my testicles 18 months post vas. Which has now turned into pain. I now have intermittent pain which is happening more frequently and lasting for longer periods of flair ups. My testies are tender to touch most of the time, and touching them during a flare makes the pain worse.

So over the nearly 3 years like alot on here have experienced pain and erectile dysfunction. I do have bi lateral varicoceles, my nhs uro has offered me immobilisation, for this week friday 16/09/16) but im calling in to postpone it. As i believe my issues stem from the original vas, given my ed/ weak boners came into existence 3 months post vas then pain soon followed. My nhs uro even said i could be having more pvps than issues from the varicocele, he said the immobilization could make things worse! and he’s just guessing whether it will help my issues. He also added that the ed/weak erections are more likely coming from some other issue. I think he was indirectly trying to say off the record my ed/weak boners are from the original vas. I had my t-levels checked nearly 2 years back, at the peak of the ed starting, all came back within normal ranges. but i question whether my t levels were through the roof to begin with. My libido isnt affected at all, in fact im just as mad for sex as ive always been, its just my penis cant perform the way i want it to. This is frustrating for me as i was fine post vas with no issues at all. Furthermore, i do weight bearing exercises / calisthenics, which would help maintain high tests-levels. Plus i eat well and dont drink that much or smoke.

So due to the weak boners and now more frequent and intense pain im going to take the plunge for a reversal as i believe that going back to the way nature intended us to be will HOPFULLY alleviate my ed and pain.

As you mentioned with your reversal, you noticed an immediate improvement with erections. That’s awesome. I too cannot remember waking up to a spontaneous, rock hard morning wood. My erections are weak and floppy. Do you believe the cutting of the vas directly affects the quality of hormone production to aid in getting a quality boner?
as thats my theory on it, since the vas my erections became limp / weak which has left me thinking for years that the whole processes involved in getting quality erections is impeded.

Are your erections still present, consistently every time etc?

Hows your pain levels now?

thanks in advance mate


So English is my second Language although, I am an american, my first language was Spanish… With this said, barew with my grammatical errors as I explain my situation.

I had the vasecotmy on May 27 2015 Post op the first few days were painful but seemed normal for a guy that just had his Jewels messed around with.

About a week later while driving and seating down for extended periods of time, I notice sharp pains that would shoot into my stomach and legs… I called the asshole that did my procedures and told him, I wanted it re-versed and that in no way i will go through this pain one more day. He fed me the same bull shit that it was very unlikely anything was wrong and that it affected 1 in 2000 but he believed this was something temporarily, so he gave me some steroid anti inflammatory and a depression med. Amitriptyline or something like that,.

Needles to say nothing wok, erections degraded, I started to get depressed wondering if I made the right decision my morning woods disappeared and my sex drive was gone.

I followed up with Doug Stein (The Asshole) and he suggested to do a revision even though i told him I wanted a reversal. He was so convincing I decided to go for it… This did not help at all and it made things worse!!! After several calls, he passsed the buck and sent me to Dr Perekattil from the PUR clinic in Clermont, Fl

He said that a cord Block could help so I went ahead and schedule it. it relieve some of the pain but the discomfort quickly return and the pain became worse. He suggested a mircro deneverton because he felt i had vericose veins and this would help witha that as well. Once more just because at this point i would have done anything to get rid of the pain. A denervation is no walk in the park… It leaves you with a nasty scar and a painful tender bump for almost a year.

I followed up with him several months and told him the pain had not gone away so he suggested hydrocele and again i scheduled it…**About a week before the surgery i called and asked the nurses that i would rather go the reversal route and they tried to charge me $50.00 just to ask the doc that question. I hung up and the doctor called me back anyways and when i mentioned the reversal he said if you can pay out of pocket it was a viable option

I cleared my Credit cards and schedule the surgery.

First week was horrible, my first ejaculation felt like i had lightning running through my tubes. I’ve had some serious doubts and called the doctor because i had a really bad bout of pain his nurse said… Just stick with the meds you have and wait for the follow up in three weeks. I was so devastated… Mind you I don’t like pain pills so i had to ice up and take over the counter Motrin.

Last week i went on a cruise hoping everything would be ok and I must tell you most of the pain is gone at this time.

I try to ejaculate at least every day and in some cases every-other day, I take a multi vitamin, vitamin C and Zync to minimize scarring.

In closing, i am very happy i did the reversal and although I won’t be 100% with pain, I’ve had erections every morning i wake up and during sex they are like when i was in my teens … Libido is up and I’ve lost weight without going to the gym yet.

PS… Sorry for the delayed response, i was on a cruise for 7 days and had no internet access.


That’s great news. Like you, I had great results after my reversal. Suffering a relapse, I believe, from bicycling. Take care of yourself post-reversal, especially since you’ve already had 4 surgeries. Treasure every pain-free day you get.


Buddy… I get on my knees and thank God everyday that the pain is going down. I had a rough week before i went on the cruise and fell into depression, I told my girl I could not live with this pain and in all honesty I was being serious. I asked God to step in and take this pain away that i was sorry for having done the Vasectomy in the first place. I went on the cruise with pain and came back with much less pain. I tried the gym today for the first time since I had the Vasectomy… I was a gym rat and i gain a ton of weight. I had some discomfort but i am just glad i can back in there…

Ps.I am also taking Ginko… My dad recomended it, he is also having morning erections at 73 yrs old, I don’t know if that helps or not, but i get morning wood almost every day now… It could be a combination of the reversal and ginko


I am also taking Ginko… My Dad recomended it, he is also having morning erections at 73 yrs old, I don’t know if that helps or not, but i get morning wood almost every day now… It could be a combination of the reversal and ginko. However i was taking the ginko before the reversal and no morning wood. The day after the reversal I woke up with the strongest erection since the VAS.


I had a reversal 5 weeks ago. I’m still in a lot of pain and it doesn’t seem to have opened up the blockage or pressure I was feeling. I’m wondering if I’m still leaking sperm into my scrotum. So brutal. Did your doctor tell you that you would see an immediate improvement or did he say it would take time? With the way I’m feeling now - I can’t imagine it magically improving.


It took time for mine to work and for me to start feeling some type of relief. I have some good days and some bad days, but I am happy I got the reversal. I had bouts of depression and weight gain before the reversal.

I think it takes time for everything to start healing down there, I recommend taking vitamin C everyday to prevent scarring and you have to masturbate on a daily basis to keep things flowing.

Let me know how things work out.


It’s hard, but try and be patient. I didn’t feel much pain relief from reversal 'til about 4-5 months post-op.


The depression is real. It is so hard to process that after two procedures (vasectomy and then vasectomy reversal) that I’m actually in this place. How did I let myself get here? After 8+ months of constant pain…it starts to take a toll.

I also can’t figure out exactly what triggers my left nut to get extremely hard with intense pain. Too much sex? Not enough? Did my reversal not heal correctly? Is it leaking? I’m going back to the Doc this Wednesday.

I’ll start loading up on Vitamin C - I really appreciate your response.


Thanks for the response. What type of pain were you having that caused you to get a reversal? What pains were you having post reversal?

My issue has always been my left side. Congested. Swells up. Collects fluid. Makes it so I can’t walk, sit…do anything really. I thought for sure that a reversal would fix it fairly quickly but I’m having similar issues, post op. After 5 weeks, I’m still extremely sensitive on the left side. It swells up and it feels like fluid is still collecting…as if I’m over producing or things aren’t flowing properly.

I’m wondering if my epididymis is blown out.

I’ll hold on to hope and pray it gets better like yours has!


What was your issue prior to the reversal? I got mine 5 weeks ago and so far, it doesn’t seem to have worked. I’m still swollen on my left side and after ejaculation…I feel a lot of pressure within 8 - 12 hours and sensitivity/pain/swelling increase.

I hope to have the same experience as you…with time, it will get better.